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Welcome to NOMADasaurus – Australia’s top adventure travel blog, run by the married couple, professional photographers, freelance writers and full-time travellers Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem.

Talking in the third person isn’t much fun. Hi, we’re Lesh and Jazza, and we’ve been exploring the world together since 2008!

After meeting in Vancouver we travelled Canada living out of a van for a few years, wandered aimlessly around Central America by land (and sea) for a while, then decided to fly to the other side of the world again to see what wonders lay in Asia.

Five years into our travels we decided to start this blog to document our experiences and show others how they could take on a life of travel as well. Three years later we are very proud to say we have grown this site to be one of the most influential blogs on the internet and turned NOMADasaurus into a global media brand.

We believe that there is no right or wrong way to travel. Everyone has their own style, desires and goals when they decide to travel the world. It doesn’t matter if you are into adventure, luxury, budget, backpacking, cruising, culture, history or off-the-beaten-path experiences – all that matters is that you take that first step to see what the world has to offer.

Our goal is to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, do things that you’ve always wanted to do and visit places that you’ve always dreamed of. Book a flight, figure out how to earn money as you go, and most of all make your life an adventure.

From death-defying adventures to luxury retreats and everything in between, we’ve experienced it all on the road, and our lives are all the better for it. Let us show you how you can turn your life into the dream you’ve always wanted.

If you are looking for some tips and ideas on how to start travelling, check out our Travel Resources page.

Our Adventures

Adventure travel is our biggest passion, and we have completed some crazy journeys in our time! Many are from before we started this travel blog, and as such we haven’t got around to writing about them yet. But don’t worry, one day we’ll write up the details of all our adventures! Perhaps in a book? Stay tuned!

Here’s a list of some of our favourite adventures so far:

  • Rice Fields Photos Make You Travel To Vietnam
    Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Adventure
  • Sunset Gubeikou Camping On The Great Wall Of China
    Camping On The Great Wall Of China
  • NOMADasaurus Work With Us Alesha Bradford Jarryd Salem
    Karakul To Mutzagh Ata - Trekking The Karakoram Highway
  • Darvaza Gas Crater Camping At The Door To Hell Turkmenistan
    Camping At Darvaza - The Door To Hell
  • Reflective Lake Feature Jyrgalan Trek Kyrgyzstan
    Breaking Trail On Kyrgyzstan's New Jyrgalan Trek
  • Diving Into The Underworld Of Mexico's Cenotes
  • Mount Huashan World's Most Dangerous Hike Plank Walk
    Surviving The World's Most Dangerous Hike - Mt Huashan
  • Peak Lenin Base Camp Hike
    How to Trek to Peak Lenin Base Camp in Kyrgyzstan
  • mount rinjani trekking
    How To Plan Your Epic Mount Rinjani Trekking Adventure


When we started this travel blog in 2014, the most we knew about cameras was that if you push that little button on top it would (hopefully) take a picture.

Two years later we are now self-taught professional travel photographers, and have had our images featured in CNN, BBC, The Guardian, News.com.au, Afar, BuzzFeed and a whole range of other massive media outlets.

Click here to see our photography portfolio.

  • Hang En Photos Make You Travel To Vietnam
    40 Photos That Prove Why Vietnam Is Simply Awesome
  • Tsaatan People Dukha Reindeer Herders Mongolia
    Mongolia's Mystical Tsaatan Reindeer People
  • Sunbeam Doline 1 Hang Son Doong Photography Tour World's Biggest Cave Vietnam Phong Nha
    A Photo Journey Inside Hang Son Doong - The World's Largest Cave
  • Silk Road Photo Journey Samarkand
    40 Incredible Photos Of Uzbekistan That Will Blow Your Mind
  • Burana Tower Kyrgyzstan Silk Road Photo Journey
    31 Photos That Will Put Kyrgyzstan On Your Bucket List
  • A Photo Journey Along The Silk Road
  • Tongariki Sunrise Photos Of Chile
    30 Photos That Prove Chile Is Insanely Epic
  • Best Camera Accessories For Travel
    Best Camera Accessories - Ultimate Photography Series
  • Roy's Peak Wanaka GoPro Hero 7 Black review
    GoPro Hero 7 Black Review - Is This The Ultimate Action Camera?
  • Golden Hour How To Take Awesome GoPro Photos
    7 Tips How to Take Awesome GoPro Photos (From a Pro)
  • Woman making rice paper
    21 Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Skills Today
  • NAS Backup Photos
    The NAS Backup Workflow - How We Backup Our Photos
  • Best Camera For Travel
    The Best Camera for Travel in 2019 (From Budget to Pro)

Be Inspired

We have been travelling together as a couple since 2008, and have since become completely infatuated with each other and this life of travel.

We believe travelling the world is one of the greatest experiences anyone can give themselves, and as such we promote it heavily.

Our goal is to inspire you to quit your job, buy a plane ticket and go exploring!

  • You Should Travel To Help Reinvent Yourself
  • following my dreams
    How An Earthquake Taught Me To Keep Following My Dreams
  • Dirt Road Photos Make You Travel To Vietnam
    Spontaneous Travel - Why We Don't Follow An Itinerary
  • Searching For Nirvana Mountain Road
    Searching For Nirvana
  • Monk Life Lessons From Travelling The World
    What Travelling The World Taught Me About Life
  • Hammock Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort Review
    8 Secrets on How to Survive Long Term Travel

Our Best Travel Tips

You don’t travel full-time around the world for 8 years without picking up a few travel tips.

We have made many mistakes in the past on what to pack, what not to pack, how to react to certain situations, etc. As time goes on we aim to write as many articles as possible to help with your own travel adventures.

  • Travel Packing Tips
    Travel Packing Tips For Backpackers
  • Adventure Travel Gear For Women Jane Biking My Five Acres
    Best Adventure Travel Gear For Women
  • Tips For Sticking To A Travel Budget
    10 Tips For Sticking To Your Travel Budget
  • Lesh Pool 5 Ways To Travel More
    5 Ways You Can Travel More
  • Beginners Guide To Couchsurfing
    A Beginner’s Guide to Couchsurfing
  • Pricerazzi Flight Deals
    Get The Best Price For Your Flights With Pricerazzi Travel
  • Hammock How To Make Money Travelling The World
    How To Make Money While Travelling The World
  • Beginner's Guide To Teaching English Abroad
    Teaching English Abroad - A Beginner's Guide
  • Brand How To Start A Travel Blog
    How To Travel Like A Pro
  • How To Start A Travel Blog
    How to Start a Travel Blog (And Tips to Become a Pro)
  • Bus Crash How To Travel Like A Pro
    Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Join Us On Our Epic Journey

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After two years crossing Asia by land our plans have changed a bit and we are now moving a lot faster and to a lot more crazier locations. Best way to keep up with our adventures is on our social media channels!

Interested in working with us? Check out our “Work With Us” page.

Hopefully we get to bump into you somewhere on the road! Thanks very much, and happy travels!

Love from Alesha and Jarryd

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