Meet The Team

Back at the end of 2013 we started NOMADasaurus as a simple travel blog to document our adventures around the world.

As time has passed this website has grown and developed into something a whole lot more. It’s not just us, Alesha and Jarryd, keeping things rolling anymore.

We’ve expanded to have a wonderful team behind us, creating content, exploring new destinations and bringing the best in adventure travel to the world!

Meet the NOMADasaurus team!

Alesha Bradford, Founder

With an insatiable appetite for adventure, happiness, prosperity and hilarity, Alesha is someone who has never accepted the unremarkable to be a part of her life.

Raised on a farm in a small outback town in Western Australia (when we say small, imagine 200 people and her closest neighbour being 10km away) Lesh quickly grew wanderlust for the bigger world and left home at the age of 20 to explore her home country and its neighbour, New Zealand.

When farther flung places called her name, she leapt over the ocean to the US and Canada where she worked and partied her way across the continent. With more than a handful of countries already under her belt, she stares out into the distance and constantly dreams about what is on the other side of the horizon. She’s grown tired of just wondering and now is taking the next step to discover for herself what is out there.

Bringing a dose of sensibility to the partnership, Lesh adds direction and purpose to the adventure and is the humble photographer behind the majority of the wonderful images seen on NOMADasaurus. She is also the harmonica player, despite not knowing how to play the harmonica.

Jarryd Salem Bio

Jarryd Salem, Founder

Explorer and anthropologist. Writer and teacher. Musician and artist. Philosopher and travel guide.

These are all professions that Jazza has very little skills and attributes in, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Jazza was bitten hard by the travel bug early on in his life and at the age of 20 left his home to be a ski bum in Canada. 8 years later, he still wants to be a ski bum, but has instead substituted that life for one of discovering new, exciting places all over the world.

With an all-encompassing passion for snow, mountain and water sports, and a love of travel and adventure, he endeavours to bring his enthusiasm for life to the far corners of the globe and inspire others to do the same.

Jazza is the chief author of the stories and writings found on NOMADasaurus. His writing skills peaked at the ripe old age of 12, when he was awarded the coveted “Letter of the Month” in an Australian surfing magazine, and as a result won a custom made surfboard. He has continued to write to this day, still hoping that someone will give him another surfboard for his ramblings. So far this has been unsuccessful.

Natalia Djajic Bio NOMADasaurus Adventure Travel Blog

Natalia Djajic, Ninja Assistant

Natalia was born in country that no longer exists (Yugoslavia) but grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. Since a young age, she enjoyed traveling and exploring new cultures, which led her all across Europe and eventually to the US, where she spent her summers during her university years. The next stop is Paris, where she will stay for two years to obtain her Masters in management. She loves storytelling and enjoys working as a freelance writer. She currently works for NOMADasaurus as an assistant, editor and writer. Her passions are street photography, music festivals and surprisingly, boxing too.

Calumn Hockey

Calumn Hockey, Adventure Writer

Born in Coffs Harbour, Australia and bought up on a farm, adventure was something that started young and continued to grow with his first overseas trip to Canada (2010), followed by an epic culture shock trip in Vietnam then dealing with symptoms of altitude sickness while trekking in the Upper Mustang of Nepal.

Calumn’s adventures are more on the side of clambering up mountains in freezing conditions rather than warming up to a fire place with a glass of red. Over time and travel, Calumn picked up an interest in adventure and travel photography which has involved shooting in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, remote jungles and rivers of Northern Thailand to the harsh deserts of Central Australia, producing some stunning imagery.

Calumn has previously worked as a tour guide at Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, poured some quality beers behind the bar but has since quit his job to pursue the dream of becoming an adventure photographer and travel writer! Want to see some of his epic photography? Check out his new photography website, and follow him on Instagram.

Interested in joining the team? Read more about it here and get in touch with your ideas!

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