Photos have the incredible ability to transport you to a place, tell a story and provide inspiration, simply by capturing one moment in time. We have been travelling the world for over seven years together, and our passion for travel photography has continued to blossom.

These days we work as professional travel photographers and travel writers, exploring the world and creating stories as we go. Everyday brings a new experience and a chance to learn, and we love being able to bring our travels to life through images.

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These are some of our favourite photo essays from the last few years travelling the world.

  • Hang En Photos Make You Travel To Vietnam
    40 Photos That Prove Why Vietnam Is Simply Awesome
  • Tsaatan People Dukha Reindeer Herders Mongolia
    Mongolia's Mystical Tsaatan Reindeer People
  • Sunbeam Doline 1 Hang Son Doong Photography Tour World's Biggest Cave Vietnam Phong Nha
    A Photo Journey Inside Hang Son Doong - The World's Largest Cave
  • Silk Road Photo Journey Samarkand
    40 Incredible Photos Of Uzbekistan That Will Blow Your Mind
  • Burana Tower Kyrgyzstan Silk Road Photo Journey
    31 Photos That Will Put Kyrgyzstan On Your Bucket List
  • A Photo Journey Along The Silk Road
  • Tongariki Sunrise Photos Of Chile
    30 Photos That Prove Chile Is Insanely Epic
  • Best Camera Accessories For Travel
    Best Camera Accessories - Ultimate Photography Series
  • Roy's Peak Wanaka GoPro Hero 7 Black review
    GoPro Hero 7 Black Review - Is This The Ultimate Action Camera?
  • Golden Hour How To Take Awesome GoPro Photos
    7 Tips How to Take Awesome GoPro Photos (From a Pro)
  • Woman making rice paper
    21 Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Skills Today
  • NAS Backup Photos
    The NAS Backup Workflow - How We Backup Our Photos
  • Best Camera For Travel
    The Best Camera for Travel in 2019 (From Budget to Pro)

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