Lesh Lancelin

With an insatiable appetite for adventure, happiness, prosperity and hilarity, Alesha is someone who has never accepted the unremarkable to be a part of her life.

Raised on a farm in a small country town in Western Australia, Lesh quickly grew wanderlust for the bigger world and left home at the age of 20 to explore Australia and its neighbor, New Zealand. When farther flung places called her name, she leapt over the ocean to the US and Canada, where she worked and partied her way across the continent. With more than a handful of countries already under her belt, she stares out into the distance and constantly dreams about what is on the other side of the horizon. She’s grown tired of just wondering and is now taking the next step to discover for herself what is out there.

Bringing a dose of sensibility to the partnership, Lesh adds direction and purpose to the adventure and is the humble photographer behind the majority of the wonderful images seen on NOMADasaurus. She is also the harmonica player, despite not knowing how to play the harmonica.

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