36 of the Best Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia (2024)

Looking for all the best attractions in The Hostess City of the South? Our guide to all the best things to do in Savannah is all you need!

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia? Well, get ready for a Southern adventure like no other!

Savannah is a city steeped in history, charm, and an undeniable aura of mystery. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, an art enthusiast, or simply a wanderer with a curious spirit, Savannah has something to offer everyone.

In this post, we’ll dive into the top things to do in Savannah, with a special focus on the vibrant downtown area. So, grab a cup of sweet tea, sit back, and let’s explore the enchanting gems that await you in this captivating city!

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36 Best Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

Downtown Savannah is the beating heart of the city, where history and modernity effortlessly blend together. As you stroll through its cobblestone streets, lined with oak trees draped in Spanish moss, you can’t help but feel the echoes of the past whispering around you.

From the iconic Forsyth Park with its majestic fountain to the charming squares brimming with history, downtown Savannah is full of sights and experiences.

Whether you’re captivated by the stunning architecture of the antebellum mansions or intrigued by the tales of haunted houses, this part of the city is a true feast for the senses.

So, get ready to soak up the Southern hospitality, indulge in delectable cuisine, and uncover the hidden gems that make downtown Savannah an irresistible destination.

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Take a Guided Walking Tour of Savannah’s Historic District

Taking a guided walking tour of the historic district is a fantastic way to immerse oneself in the city’s rich history and charm. It is a treasure trove of well-preserved architecture, picturesque squares, and intriguing stories waiting to be discovered.

By joining a guided walking tour, visitors can learn about the fascinating tales behind Savannah’s landmarks, such as the stately homes, beautiful churches, and enchanting gardens. Expert guides provide insights into the city’s colonial past, its role in the American Revolution, and the influential figures who shaped its development.

Walking tours also offer an opportunity to appreciate the district’s unique layout of squares, which contribute to Savannah’s distinction as America’s first planned city.

Whether it’s a general overview tour or a specialized theme-based exploration, a guided walking tour of the historic district provides a memorable and educational experience that allows visitors to truly connect with the spirit and history of Savannah.

Visit Forsyth Park and Admire its Beautiful Fountain

Visiting Forsyth Park is a must-do activity when exploring Savannah, Georgia. Located in Savannah’s Historic District, Forsyth Park is a sprawling green oasis spanning 30 acres, offering a delightful escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

The park is famous for its iconic fountain, a stunning centerpiece that has become an emblem of Savannah. Visitors can relax on the park’s shady benches, have a leisurely picnic, or enjoy a leisurely stroll along its tree-lined paths.

Forsyth Park is also a hub of activity, with locals and visitors engaging in various recreational pursuits such as jogging, Frisbee, or yoga.

The park hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, including live music performances, art shows, and the popular Savannah Food Truck Festival.

Forsyth Park Fountain
Forsyth Park is one of Savannah’s most beautiful places!

Explore the Stunning Bonaventure Cemetery

Exploring the stunning Bonaventure Cemetery is another one of the best things to do in Savannah. Located on a scenic bluff overlooking the Wilmington River, Bonaventure Cemetery is renowned for its hauntingly beautiful landscape and elaborate tombstones.

As visitors meander through the moss-draped pathways, they can marvel at the intricate sculptures, ornate mausoleums, and serene memorials that pay tribute to Savannah’s past residents. The cemetery is also a resting place for notable figures, including poet Conrad Aiken and songwriter Johnny Mercer.

Bonaventure Cemetery’s peaceful atmosphere, scenic vistas, and artistic elements make it an ideal place for reflection, photography, and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of Savannah.

Discover the haunting tales of Savannah on a ghost tour

Embarking on a ghost tour is an exciting and spine-tingling way to delve into Savannah’s haunting tales and supernatural folklore. Known for its storied past and reputation as one of the most haunted cities in America, Savannah offers a plethora of ghost tours that explore its eerie legends and mysterious history.

Ghost tours take visitors on nighttime excursions through the city’s historic streets, alleyways, and haunted landmarks. Knowledgeable guides share chilling tales of restless spirits, haunted mansions, and tragic events that have left a lasting imprint on the city’s paranormal landscape.

Whether you believe in ghosts or simply appreciate the thrill of a good ghost story, a ghost tour in Savannah promises a captivating journey into the city’s haunted past and an opportunity to experience the spine-tingling atmosphere that pervades its historic streets after dark.

Visit the Telfair Museums, including the Telfair Academy and the Jepson Center for the Arts

The Telfair Museums, comprising the Telfair Academy and the Jepson Center for the Arts, offer a remarkable art and cultural experience.

The Telfair Academy, housed in a stunning Regency-style mansion, showcases a rich collection of American and European art spanning centuries. Visitors can admire masterpieces by renowned artists such as Childe Hassam, Gilbert Stuart, and Rembrandt Peale.

The Jepson Center for the Arts, on the other hand, focuses on contemporary art and hosts innovative exhibitions that push the boundaries of artistic expression. From immersive installations to thought-provoking contemporary works, the Jepson Center offers a dynamic and engaging experience for art enthusiasts of all ages.

Both museums provide a captivating blend of historical and contemporary art, allowing visitors to explore diverse artistic perspectives and gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural heritage of Savannah.

Explore the Mercer Williams House Museum, made famous by the book and movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”

Exploring the Mercer Williams House Museum offers a unique opportunity to step into the pages of a literary masterpiece and gain a deeper understanding of the vibrant history and allure of Savannah.

The Mercer Williams House Museum is a fascinating destination that offers a glimpse into Savannah’s history and literary fame. Made famous by the book and movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” the Mercer Williams House is an exquisite mansion that showcases stunning architecture, decorative arts, and period furnishings.

Built in the 1860s, the house tells the story of its wealthy occupants and the captivating events that unfolded within its walls.

Visitors can embark on guided tours that take them through the beautifully preserved rooms, providing insights into the lives of the Mercer and Williams families and the historical context of Savannah’s elite society.

Stroll down River Street and browse the shops and restaurants

Strolling down River Street is a vibrant and exciting experience that captures the essence of the city’s waterfront charm. Located along the Savannah River, this bustling thoroughfare is lined with an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues housed in historic buildings that exude old-world charm.

As visitors meander along River Street, they can browse unique boutiques, indulge in local delicacies, and savor the aroma of freshly made pralines. The street comes alive with live music, street performers, and the inviting ambiance of waterfront patios.

Whether it’s shopping for souvenirs, tasting regional cuisine, or simply enjoying the scenic river views, a stroll down River Street offers a delightful mix of history, culture, and entertainment that encapsulates the spirit of Savannah’s bustling riverfront district.

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Visit the Savannah History Museum to learn about the city’s rich heritage

The Savannah History Museum is a captivating destination that immerses visitors in the rich heritage and fascinating stories of the city. Located in the historic Central of Georgia Railway passenger shed, the museum showcases a diverse collection of artifacts, exhibits, and interactive displays that span Savannah’s extensive history.

From its founding in 1733 to the present day, visitors can delve into the city’s cultural, social, and economic evolution. Exhibits highlight key events such as the American Revolution and the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the influential figures who shaped Savannah’s past.

Through engaging multimedia presentations and informative exhibits, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the city’s vibrant past, making the Savannah History Museum an essential stop for history enthusiasts and those seeking a comprehensive glimpse into Savannah’s captivating narrative.

Explore the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, a magnificent architectural gem

Exploring the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is a must to admire the city’s architectural gem and experience its spiritual significance. Located in the heart of the historic district, this magnificent cathedral is a symbol of Savannah’s rich religious heritage.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist showcases stunning Gothic Revival architecture, featuring intricate stained glass windows, towering spires, and ornate details that create a breathtaking interior.

Visitors can step inside to appreciate the serene atmosphere, admire the intricate craftsmanship, and marvel at the awe-inspiring beauty of the cathedral.

A visit to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is an opportunity to witness the city’s devotion to faith and immerse oneself in the beauty of sacred art and architecture.

Cathedral Savannah
Be sure to check out Savannah’s most impressive cathedral!

Enjoy a picnic at Wormsloe Historic Site and walk along the breathtaking oak-lined avenue

Wormsloe Historic Site is a serene and enchanting experience that allows one to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and history of the area. The highlight of the site is the breathtaking oak-lined avenue, which stretches for nearly a mile, creating a captivating canopy of moss-draped trees.

As visitors stroll along the avenue, they can soak in the picturesque surroundings and marvel at the timeless beauty of the ancient oak trees. Finding a cozy spot for a picnic amidst this idyllic setting offers a chance to relax, savor delicious food, and appreciate the tranquility of the historic site.

Additionally, visitors can explore the site’s trails, visit the museum to learn about the history of the area and the colonial-era tabby ruins and capture memorable photographs that encapsulate the charm of Wormsloe Historic Site.

Join a guided tour of the plantation and cemetery to make the most of your time at this unique Savannah attraction!

Visit the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters to learn about the region’s history

A visit to the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters is an opportunity to engage with the complex narratives of Savannah’s past and reflect on the enduring legacies of slavery and social inequality.

Visiting the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters offers a compelling glimpse into the region’s history, providing a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of the antebellum South. This historic site encompasses a stately Regency-style mansion, a beautiful garden, and preserved slave quarters.

Guided tours of the Owens-Thomas House offer insights into the lives of the wealthy families who once resided there, while the adjacent slave quarters provide a poignant reminder of the enslaved individuals who labored on the property.

Visitors can explore the thoughtfully restored rooms, admire the exquisite architecture, and gain a comprehensive understanding of Savannah’s historical context, including the experiences of both the privileged and the oppressed.

Take a day trip to Tybee Island and relax on the beach

Taking a day trip to Tybee Island provides an opportunity to relax on the beach and enjoy the coastal beauty just a short distance from the city. Known as Savannah’s beach, Tybee Island offers pristine sandy shores, gentle ocean waves, and a laid-back atmosphere.

Visitors can soak up the sun, swim in the refreshing waters, or engage in a variety of water sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, or surfing. Beyond the beach, Tybee Island boasts historic sites like the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum, where visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse for panoramic views of the island.

With its charming beach town ambiance, natural beauty, and coastal charm, Tybee Island is a perfect escape for beach lovers and those seeking a relaxing coastal experience during their visit to Savannah.

Tybee Island
Tybee Island offers the perfect seaside escape from the city.

Explore the charming City Market, filled with shops, galleries, and dining options

Whether it’s shopping for unique gifts, indulging in delicious food, or enjoying the vibrant street scene, a visit to City Market is a must for anyone seeking a lively and immersive experience in the heart of Savannah.

The charming City Market is a delightful experience that offers a mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment in a vibrant atmosphere.

Located in the heart of the historic district, City Market is a bustling hub filled with art galleries, boutiques, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Visitors can peruse the unique offerings, from local artwork and crafts to clothing and accessories.

The market comes alive with live music performances, street performers, and outdoor seating, creating a lively and welcoming ambiance. It’s an ideal place to sample regional cuisine, sip on a refreshing drink, or simply soak in the lively atmosphere while mingling with locals and fellow travelers.

Sample Southern cuisine at renowned restaurants like Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room or The Olde Pink House Restaurant

Whether you’re seeking a casual family-style feast or an upscale dining experience, exploring the culinary delights of Savannah is a must for any visitor with an appreciation for Southern cuisine.

Sampling Southern cuisine at renowned restaurants like Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room or The Olde Pink House is a delectable experience that allows you to savor the flavors of the region’s rich culinary heritage.

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room, a beloved institution, offers a family-style dining experience where guests can indulge in mouthwatering Southern comfort dishes like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread.

The Olde Pink House Restaurant, nestled in a historic mansion, combines elegant ambiance with exquisite Southern fare, featuring specialties such as she-crab soup, shrimp and grits, and pecan-crusted fish.

Both restaurants provide an authentic taste of Southern hospitality and cuisine, allowing visitors to indulge in the flavors that have made Savannah a food lover’s paradise.

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Visit the Savannah Bee Company and learn about honey production

The Savannah Bee Company offers a unique and immersive experience centered around honey production and the world of bees. Located in the heart of the city, this specialty store and educational center provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of bees, honey-making processes, and the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

Visitors can explore the store’s selection of artisanal honey products, sample different varieties of honey, and discover the benefits of honeybee-derived skincare and wellness products. The Savannah Bee Company also offers informative tours and workshops where visitors can delve deeper into the world of bees and beekeeping.

A visit to the Savannah Bee Company is not only a chance to indulge in the sweet goodness of honey but also an educational experience that fosters an appreciation for the essential role bees play in our environment.

Take a Segway tour for a unique way to explore the city

A Segway tour is a unique and exciting way to explore Savannah’s historic district and its charming streets. Guided by experienced instructors, these Segway tours provide a fun and effortless mode of transportation as visitors glide through the cobblestone streets, past picturesque squares, and along the scenic riverfront.

Segways allow for efficient sightseeing, covering more ground than traditional walking tours while still providing an up-close view of Savannah’s architectural gems, historic landmarks, and beautiful scenery.

With a brief training session, visitors can quickly master the art of riding a Segway and embark on an adventure that combines the thrill of exploration with the ease and convenience of this modern transportation device.

Whether it’s your first time on a Segway or you’re an experienced rider, a Segway tour offers an exhilarating and memorable way to discover the charms of Savannah’s historic district.

Enjoy a performance at the historic Savannah Theatre

Whether you’re a theater enthusiast or simply looking for a night of fun and laughter, attending a performance at the Historic Savannah Theatre is a must-do experience that showcases the city’s artistic talent and offers a memorable night out in Savannah.

Located in the heart of the historic district, the Savannah Theatre is one of the oldest continuously operating theaters in the United States, with a history dating back to 1818. The theater hosts a variety of entertaining shows, ranging from Broadway-style musicals to comedy acts and live music performances.

With its beautiful interior, complete with ornate decorations and a grand stage, the Savannah Theatre provides a charming and intimate setting for an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Enjoying a performance at the historic Savannah Theatre is a delightful way to experience the city’s vibrant arts scene and immerse oneself in a rich cultural tradition.

Savannah Theatre
Savannah’s Historic Theatre is a great place to spend a night out!

Explore the art galleries in the Starland District

Exploring the art galleries in the Starland District is a captivating experience that showcases the city’s vibrant art scene and creative energy. Located just south of the historic district, the Starland District is a hub for artists, galleries, and unique cultural spaces.

Visitors can wander through the district’s eclectic mix of galleries, studios, and boutiques, discovering a diverse range of contemporary artwork, sculptures, and mixed-media installations.

From emerging local artists to established names in the art world, the galleries in the Starland District offer a platform for innovative and thought-provoking artistic expressions.

Exploring the art galleries in the Starland District is a chance to engage with the thriving artistic community of Savannah and discover captivating works that inspire and ignite the imagination.

Visit the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum to learn about the history of aviation

With its engaging exhibits, educational programs, and heartfelt tributes, the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum serves as a poignant reminder of the courage and dedication of those who served in the skies and pays homage to their enduring legacy.

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum offers a captivating and immersive journey through the history of aviation and the heroic stories of the Eighth Air Force. Located just outside of Savannah, this museum is dedicated to preserving and honoring the legacy of the men and women who served in the Eighth Air Force during World War II and subsequent conflicts.

Visitors can explore fascinating exhibits featuring restored aircraft, interactive displays, and personal artifacts that shed light on the experiences and sacrifices of these brave individuals.

The museum also offers the opportunity to step inside a replica of a WWII-era B-17 bomber, providing a firsthand perspective of what it was like to fly in these iconic planes.

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Visit the Pin Point Heritage Museum to learn about Gullah-Geechee culture

The Pin Point Heritage Museum offers a unique and immersive experience to learn about the rich culture and history of the Gullah-Geechee community. Located just outside of Savannah, this small museum is housed in the former A.S. Varn & Son Oyster and Crab Factory, which played a vital role in the local economy and served as a gathering place for the African-American residents of Pin Point.

Visitors can explore interactive exhibits, multimedia displays, and personal narratives that highlight the community’s vibrant traditions, livelihoods, and contributions to the region.

From the Gullah-Geechee dialect and cuisine to the traditional crafts and fishing practices, the museum provides an intimate and authentic look into the lives and heritage of the Gullah-Geechee people. It’s a meaningful and enlightening experience that celebrates the resilience, culture, and history of this unique community.

Attend the Savannah Music Festival, featuring a diverse range of musical performances

Attending the Savannah Music Festival is a must for music enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of musical performances that span various genres and cultures.

This internationally acclaimed festival showcases a vibrant lineup of world-class artists, including jazz, classical, folk, blues, and more. From intimate concerts in historic venues to large-scale performances in outdoor settings, the Savannah Music Festival creates a captivating atmosphere where melodies and rhythms fill the air.

With its commitment to artistic excellence and cultural enrichment, the festival not only celebrates the power of music but also highlights the city’s deep-rooted musical heritage. The Savannah Music Festival promises an unforgettable experience that connects people through the universal language of music.

Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Savannah Riverwalk

When visiting Savannah, a visitor should know that taking a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Savannah Riverwalk is a delightful way to appreciate the city’s waterfront beauty and vibrant atmosphere.

Stretching for 1.5 miles along the Savannah River, this scenic pedestrian promenade offers stunning views of the river, passing ships, and the iconic Talmadge Memorial Bridge.

As visitors walk along the Riverwalk, they can enjoy the gentle breeze, admire the historic architecture, and soak in the lively ambiance of the waterfront. The Riverwalk is dotted with benches, parks, and charming squares, providing opportunities to relax, people-watch, and take in the sights.

With a variety of shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafes lining the way, the Riverwalk also offers convenient access to Savannah’s vibrant dining and shopping scene.

Whether it’s a leisurely morning stroll or an evening promenade, exploring the Savannah Riverwalk is a must-do activity for those seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty and charm of the city’s waterfront district.

Downtown Savannah
There are so many lovely places to stroll around Savannah.

Explore the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Exploring the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum is a fascinating experience that delves into the city’s maritime history and seafaring heritage. Housed in the historic Scarbrough House, the museum boasts an impressive collection of ship models, maritime artifacts, and exhibits that tell the stories of Savannah’s maritime past.

Visitors can learn about the city’s role as a bustling port, discover the importance of trade and commerce in shaping Savannah’s development, and gain insights into the lives of sailors and seafarers.

The highlight of the museum is the exquisite collection of meticulously crafted ship models, providing a glimpse into the intricate craftsmanship and engineering of historic vessels.

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Explore the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, the home of the founder of Girl Scouts of the USA

The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is a testament to the extraordinary achievements of a pioneering woman and a celebration of the organization she founded, inspiring visitors to embrace the values of leadership, courage, and empowerment.

The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is a captivating experience that offers insight into the life and legacy of the founder of Girl Scouts of the USA. This historic home, located in the heart of the city’s historic district, was the birthplace and childhood home of Juliette Gordon Low.

Visitors can take guided tours through the beautifully preserved rooms, showcasing period furnishings, personal artifacts, and interactive exhibits that bring Juliette Gordon Low’s remarkable story to life.

From learning about her role in empowering young girls to participating in hands-on activities and exploring the gardens, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of Low’s vision and the enduring impact of the Girl Scouts movement.

Take a day trip to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and go birdwatching

Taking a day trip to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge offers a serene and immersive experience in nature, particularly for birdwatching enthusiasts. Located just a short drive from the city, this expansive wildlife refuge spans over 30,000 acres of pristine marshes, wetlands, and woodlands.

Visitors can explore the refuge’s well-maintained trails and observation decks, where they can spot a diverse array of bird species, including herons, egrets, bald eagles, and migratory birds.

The refuge is also home to a variety of other wildlife, such as alligators, deer, and turtles, providing an opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers to observe and appreciate the natural biodiversity of the region.

Whether you’re an avid birder or simply seeking a peaceful retreat in nature, a visit to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge promises a tranquil escape and a chance to connect with the beauty of the local ecosystem.

Visit the Savannah Children’s Museum, a fun-filled attraction for families

With its emphasis on interactive learning and engaging activities, the Savannah Children’s Museum provides a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, play, and make lasting memories during their visit to Savannah.

The Savannah Children’s Museum is a vibrant and interactive destination that offers an engaging experience for families and young children. Located in Tricentennial Park, this hands-on museum features a variety of exhibits and play areas designed to stimulate creativity, curiosity, and exploration.

Children can immerse themselves in imaginative play at the Exploration Station, construct and experiment with water at the Water Works exhibit, or climb and slide at the outdoor Adventure Maze.

The museum also offers educational programs, workshops, and special events that cater to different age groups and interests.

Explore the SCAD Museum of Art, showcasing contemporary art and design

Exploring the SCAD Museum of Art is a captivating journey into contemporary art and design. Located in the heart of the city’s historic district, this museum showcases a diverse range of artistic expressions across various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and digital art.

As part of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), the museum provides a platform for emerging and established artists, offering thought-provoking exhibitions that push boundaries and challenge traditional notions of art.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of contemporary art, experiencing innovative installations, engaging performances, and compelling visual narratives.

The SCAD Museum of Art offers a unique and immersive experience for art enthusiasts and those seeking to discover new artistic perspectives, making it an essential stop on any art lover’s itinerary in Savannah.

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Take a Riverboat Cruise Along the Savannah River

Taking a riverboat cruise along the Savannah River is a delightful way to soak in the city’s charm and experience its riverfront ambiance. Cruising along the gentle currents of the Savannah River allows visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the city’s skyline, historic waterfront, and scenic landscapes.

Whether you’re looking for a narrated sightseeing cruise or a dinner cruise, these riverboat excursions offer a unique perspective of Savannah’s rich history and architectural splendor. Passengers can relax on the open-air decks, savor delicious meals, and listen to live music while gliding along the river.

Additionally, some riverboat cruises provide educational commentary, sharing interesting facts about Savannah’s maritime past and its significance as a bustling port city.

A riverboat cruise along the Savannah River offers a delightful combination of relaxation, entertainment, and discovery, allowing visitors to create lasting memories of this enchanting southern city.

Downtown Savannah
A riverboat cruise is the best way to explore downtown!

Enjoy a picnic at Skidaway Island State Park and take a walk on the nature trails

Whether it’s birdwatching, nature photography, or simply enjoying a peaceful retreat in nature, Skidaway Island State Park provides an oasis of serenity and a chance to connect with the captivating coastal landscapes of Savannah.

Skidaway Island State Park offers a serene and picturesque escape into nature, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. Nestled on a scenic barrier island just outside of Savannah, this state park is known for its breathtaking landscapes, tranquil marshes, and diverse wildlife.

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely picnic amidst the park’s natural beauty, take a walk along the nature trails to observe the native flora and fauna or embark on a kayak adventure through the winding waterways.

Skidaway Island State Park also offers educational programs and interpretive exhibits that shed light on the unique coastal ecosystems and the delicate balance of the island’s environment.

Go check out Fort Jackson Historic Site

With its picturesque location and rich historical significance, a visit to Fort Jackson Historic Site allows visitors to immerse themselves in the stories of the past and gain a deeper appreciation for Savannah’s military heritage.

Fort Jackson Historic Site is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and those interested in military heritage. Situated on the banks of the Savannah River, Fort Jackson played a significant role in the defense of the city during various periods of American history, including the American Revolution and the War of 1812.

Today, the fort stands as a well-preserved reminder of Savannah’s military past, offering a fascinating glimpse into the lives of soldiers and the challenges they faced. Visitors can explore the fort’s grounds, walk along its ramparts, and discover exhibits showcasing military artifacts and historical information.

Visit First African Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in America

The First African Baptist Church holds a significant place in the city’s history and the African American community. Located in the historic district, the African Baptist Church is one of the oldest African American congregations in the United States.

Established in 1773, the church played a pivotal role in the religious and social lives of African Americans during slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. The church’s rich heritage includes the leadership of notable figures such as Reverend Andrew C. Marshall and the establishment of the Underground Railroad in Savannah.

Today, the African Baptist Church stands as a symbol of resilience, faith, and community, welcoming visitors to explore its history, attend worship services, and learn about the profound contributions of African Americans to the city of Savannah.

Take a Walk Around Fort Pulaski National Monument

Whether it’s learning about the fort’s military significance, enjoying the scenic views, or participating in ranger-led programs, a visit to Fort Pulaski National Monument is a captivating journey into the past and a chance to connect with Savannah’s rich historical legacy.

Fort Pulaski National Monument is a significant historical site that offers a glimpse into the region’s military past. Located on Cockspur Island, this well-preserved fort played a crucial role during the American Civil War.

Visitors can explore the fort’s intricate brickwork, defensive structures, and historic cannons, gaining insights into the fort’s construction and the advancements in military architecture of the time.

The park also features informative exhibits, interpretive displays, and guided tours that provide a deeper understanding of the fort’s history and its strategic importance during the Civil War.

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Take a Seat on the Park Bench in Chippewa Square

Chippewa Square offers a unique blend of cinematic nostalgia and Savannah’s rich history, making it a must-visit destination for movie buffs and history enthusiasts alike.

When visiting Savannah, a visitor should know that Chippewa Square is one of the most iconic and historically significant squares in the city. Located in the heart of the historic district, Chippewa Square is famous for being the filming location of the iconic bench scene from the movie “Forrest Gump.”

The square is home to a statue of General James Oglethorpe, the founder of the Georgia colony, and is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings.

Visitors can sit on one of the park benches, take in the charming surroundings, and even recreate the famous “Life is like a box of chocolates” moment.

Chippewa Square
Chippewa Square is an iconic spot in Savannah’s Historic District.

Take a Tour of the Historic Sorrel-Weed House

If you’re fascinated by history, architecture, or the supernatural, a visit to the Sorrel-Weed House offers an intriguing blend of historical insight and ghostly tales that add an extra layer of mystery and allure to the Savannah experience.

The Sorrel-Weed House is a historic mansion with a captivating past and a reputation for being one of the most haunted locations in the city. Built in the 1840s, the Greek Revival-style house showcases impressive architecture and beautiful period furnishings.

Guided tours of the Sorrel-Weed House provide a glimpse into the lives of the prominent families who once resided there and share intriguing stories of the house’s paranormal activity.

Visitors can explore the elegant rooms, admire the grand staircase, and learn about the house’s connection to notable figures like General Lafayette and Civil War General William T. Sherman.

Head Out on a Trolley Tour

When visiting Savannah, taking a trolley tour is a convenient and informative way to explore the city’s historic district and learn about its rich history and architecture. Trolley tours offer a comfortable and leisurely way to navigate through Savannah’s cobblestone streets and tree-lined avenues.

Knowledgeable guides provide engaging commentary, sharing fascinating stories and historical facts about the city’s landmarks, notable figures, and cultural heritage. The trolley allows visitors to cover a significant area of the city, making stops at key attractions and historic sites along the way.

It also provides the flexibility to hop on and off at different locations, allowing visitors to explore specific areas of interest at their own pace.

Whether it’s a comprehensive overview tour or a specialized-themed tour, taking a trolley tour in Savannah offers an enjoyable and educational experience that immerses visitors in the charm and history of this Southern gem.

Catch up on Railroad History at the Georgia State Railroad Museum

Whether you have a passion for trains or simply want to delve into the rich industrial heritage of Georgia, a visit to the Georgia State Railroad Museum offers an immersive and educational experience that will transport you back in time to the golden age of rail travel.

The Georgia State Railroad Museum offers a captivating journey into the history of rail transportation and its impact on the region. Located within Tricentennial Park, this expansive museum showcases an impressive collection of historic locomotives, railcars, and machinery, highlighting the evolution of railroads in Georgia.

Visitors can explore the sprawling exhibit hall, climb aboard beautifully restored trains, and discover the inner workings of steam engines and other locomotives.

The museum also offers interactive displays, educational programs, and guided tours that provide fascinating insights into the role of railroads in the development of Savannah and the state.

Where To Stay In Savannah, Georgia

Savannah has a lot of great places to stay all throughout its historic downtown district and beyond. Here are a few of our favorite Savannah accommodations.

Luxury Accommodation

The Mansion on Forsyth Park – As a high-end luxury hotel, The Mansion on Forsyth Park offers a lavish and opulent experience. Located right next to the beautiful Forsyth Park, this historic mansion-turned-hotel boasts elegant rooms, upscale amenities, and exquisite dining options.

Indulge in the luxurious spa, savor delectable cuisine at the award-winning restaurant, and admire the stunning artwork displayed throughout the property. The Mansion on Forsyth Park guarantees a sophisticated stay in the heart of Savannah.

Mid Range Accommodation

The Thunderbird Inn – If you’re seeking affordable accommodations without compromising on charm and character, The Thunderbird Inn is a fantastic option. This retro-style motel embraces the nostalgia of the 1960s with its vintage decor and neon signs.

Located near the downtown area, The Thunderbird Inn offers clean and comfortable rooms at budget-friendly prices. Guests can enjoy complimentary snacks, free Wi-Fi, and the iconic southern hospitality that Savannah is known for, making it a great choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Budget Accommodation

Although there are no hostels in Savannah, there are some great budget hotel options for those who want to save money. Howard Johnson by Wyndham is an excellent, affordable option for budget travelers!

Located just 12 miles from the airport, this hotel has free parking, free wifi, and a free grab-and-go breakfast There is also a swimming pool, a 24-hour reception with a tour desk, and friendly staff to help you have the most comfortable stay.

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