The Adventure

Hey friends! We are Alesha (Lesh) and Jarryd (Jazza), a couple of young Australians who are addicted to adventure travel. We’ve been exploring the world together for over 9 years, and have decided to take our current mission to a whole new level!

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We met in a hostel in Vancouver, Canada in 2008, and spent the next 3 years travelling around the country, living in a campervan, driving to Newfoundland and back, making bases in Revelstoke and Montreal, and falling in love more and more with each other.

After that we booked one-way tickets to Central America and spent just under a year wandering more-or-less aimlessly around there. In 2012 we headed back to Australia to pay off the debt we had accumulated, and made plans for the next adventure.

In 2014 we set out on an ambitious goal to travel from Thailand to South Africa without flying. Originally we expected this to take us 3 years total, with our style of slow travel and trying immerse ourselves in every culture we come across expectedly taking time.

After two years we finally crossed the Asian continent! We spent 14 months in South East Asia, and riding motorbikes for 10 of those months. Then it was through China for four months, with a few detours to Hong Kong and Macau. Our plans changed (as usual) and suddenly we found ourselves travelling across Mongolia over two months via hitchhiking, bus, horse and camel.

Then it was time to tackle intrepid Central Asia and the magical Silk Road. We found ourselves in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, jumped on a cargo ship and sailed across the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan (an 18 hour journey that ended up taking 96 hours). Finally it was through Georgia and into Turkey, where we crossed the Bosphorus Strait and officially entered Europe.

So what happened next?

We’ll be honest – we were exhausted. Travelling the way we did, for as long as we did, to the places we went to, was amazing. But at the same time we were running an online business (this blog), which was growing larger every week. China proved to be difficult for us on a personal level, and we ended up having strains on our relationship. Not ideal when you’re with each other 24/7 and have no close friends or family around to let off steam with.

If you want to know more about it, we wrote our most personal (and widely read post) here: Behind The Scenes.

After taking some time apart we met back up, moved to Thailand for 6 weeks, got bored, booked one-way flights to Germany and spent the summer of 2016 hanging out in Eastern Europe.

We flew home when summer ended, and in October 2016 we finally got married after 8 years together.

Needing some time to work on the business we moved back to Thailand after the wedding, managed to last 2.5 months, then jumped on another one-way flight that took us all the way to Argentina. We travelled down through Patagonia, spent 11-days in Antarctica, overlanded all the way to the Atacama Desert, and then ended up back in Argentina. That’s where we are today, about to continue our overland mission all the way through South America

What will 2018 bring us? At the moment, it’s a mystery. But we know it’s going to be a lot of fun as we go!

Our goal is to bring our NOMADasaurus concept of promoting sustainable, long-term adventure travel with us across the globe, using photography, journalism and video as our tools for storytelling. By continuing to write for this site, and other publications we freelance for, we aim to entertain, inspire and educate along the way by documenting our first-hand experiences.

There is nothing set in concrete on this adventure. No confirmed itinerary, no definite mode of transport, no schedule to follow. We will travel free and easy, open to all worthwhile distractions that present themselves to us during the journey.

Join us as we embark on this truly epic adventure!

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