Church Bells Street Photography In Tbilisi

A pastor rings the church bells over the city of Tbilisi.

There is no country that we have travelled to that we knew as little about before arriving as Georgia.

When we crossed the border from Azerbaijan we had no idea what to expect, and we took that blissful ignorance as a way to keep an open mind about what we would find.

We never expected to absolutely fall in love with Georgia.

The Caucasian nation is famous for its Orthodox Christian history, friendly hospitality, delectable cuisine, tasty wine and unique language. It is also home to some of Europe’s biggest mountains, ancient monasteries and lush forests.

All this we knew nothing about before travelling there.

So it’s quite obvious to see why it was so pleasantly surprising for us, and after a week of exploring the countryside we entered Tbilisi, the nation’s capital, bounding with excitement.

Tbilisi is slightly dilapidated and seems to be crumbling in the most unusual places. A walk through the historic neighbourhoods and down back alleys has you stepping over loose cobblestones and brushing against cracked bricks, while grape vines string between houses above.

There are a lot of things to do in Tbilisi, and a lot of day trips that can be taken from there. But our favourite thing to do after so many years in Asia was simply wander the streets and soak up the fascinating energy on the streets.

Here are some of our favourite snapshots from walking the streets of Tbilisi, to give an idea of just how raw and beautiful it really is.

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Bakery Street Photography In Tbilisi

Georgian cuisine is famous for being delicious, filling and often cheesy. Khachapuri is a thick bread coated in cheese and can be bought all around the country. We used to walk past this small bakery every morning and loved the simple, rustic and intriguing design.

Old Building Street Photography In Tbilisi

Many properties around the city are frail and dilapidated, giving the feeling that they may collapse at any moment.

Metekhi View Street Photography In Tbilisi

Views over the city from the Sioni Church.

Dog Chair Street Photography In Tbilisi

Every single morning we walked down a street down the road from our AirBnB apartment and saw this beautiful dog relaxing on his sofa chair. Alesha couldn’t help herself and had to get a photo of him.

Royal Bath House Street Photography In Tbilisi

Steam rising from the Royal Bath Houses in the centre of the city.

Church Interior Street Photography In Tbilisi

Georgia has some of the oldest Orthodox churches in the world, and most of them are adorned with fantastic facades and paintings.

Balcony House Street Photography In Tbilisi

Balconies and lattice work on an old house in the city.

Metekhi Church Street Photography In Tbilisi

Locked doors to an old church in Tbilisi.

Mtkvari River Street Photography In Tbilisi

Looking out towards the Metekhi Church on the east side of the Kura River.

Piano Street Photography In Tbilisi

Old piano waiting to be played on the streets of Tbilisi.

Statue Church Street Photography In Tbilisi

Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali and the Metekhi Church, sitting on the banks of the Kura River.

Before I Die Street Photography In Tbilisi

Graffiti and street art isn’t as prominent in Georgia as it is in the rest of Europe, but there are still some powerful pieces to be found.

Cafe Street Photography In Tbilisi

The city has a growing number of funky cafes and bars, and is even on the brink of having a hipster movement.

Apartment Street Photography In Tbilisi

A man walks into his apartment building.

Royal Baths View Street Photography In Tbilisi

Looking over the Royal Baths.

Church Interior Street Photography In Tbilisi

The interior of another church in Tbilisi.

Narrow Street Building Street Photography In Tbilisi

Narrow streets and funky, misshaped buildings.

View Street Photography In Tbilisi

Tbilisi really captured our hearts.

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