31 Photos That Will Put Kyrgyzstan On Your Bucket List

Ahh, Kyrgyzstan. That small, landlocked country in Central Asia that people seem to have no idea how to pronounce (hint: Keer-Giz-Stan). For those in the know, Kyrgyzstan is a nation covered in mountains, filled with amazing culture, epic adventures, friendly people and tasty food (well, most of the time).

For the rest, Kyrgyzstan is a forgotten destination, shrouded in post-Soviet mystery and geological intrigue – China to the east, Kazakhstan to the north, Tajikistan to the south and Uzbekistan to the west. But in recent times Kyrgyzstan has seen a boom in tourism, thanks to some amazing events like the World Nomad Games and the recognition of the country being a trekker’s paradise.

We visited Kyrgyzstan 3 times in 2015 and once more this year, and it’s safe to say that it is honestly one of our favourite countries. We highly, highly recommend adding Kyrgyzstan to your travel goals!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s 31 photos that will put Kyrgyzstan on your bucket list!

Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Reflective Lake Feature Jyrgalan Trek Kyrgyzstan
Glassy lakes and big skies just waiting to be photographed! Location: Jyrgalan Valley
Donkey Mountains Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
You’ll try to take a photo of a mountain and a donkey will get in your way. This isn’t a bad thing. Location: Sary Tash
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Eagle Hunter
Come hang out with a Talgar and his beautiful bird of prey, Tumara. Location: Bokonbayevo
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Altyn Arashan Creek
Glacial creeks everywhere you look! Location: Altyn Arashan
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Burana-Tower
Kyrgyzstan is filled with Silk Road history and ancient burial sites, like the amazing Burana Tower. Location: Burana Tower, Tokmok
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Altyn-Arashan-Mountains
Just a standard mountain river. Location: Altyn Arashan
Karakol Markets Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
You’ll be blown away by the amount of delicious items available at the local markets. Location: Karakol
Kok Boru Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
You might get a chance to watch a game of kok boru, a heart-pumping sport, similar to polo, where horsemen use a dead goat as the ball. Location: Chuy Valley
Bishkek Statue Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
The capital city Bishkek is pretty damn beautiful. Location: Bishkek
Jeti Oguz Seven Bulls Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
There’s some pretty damn cool rock formations. Location: The Seven Bulls, Jeti-Oguz
Arslanbob Snow Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
The first snowfall of the year is always a special occasion, especially when it’s in the world’s largest walnut grove! Location: Arslanbob
Bishkek Alleyway Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
You can get lost for days in the streets of Bishkek. Location: Bishkek
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan River Jyrgalan Trek
There’s no shortage of open space. Location: Jyrgalan Valley
Winding Roads Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
Come tackle the start of the Pamir Highway, one of the world’s greatest road trips. Location: Kyrgyz/Tajik Border
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Altyn-Arashan-Mountain-Reflection
Feel like hiking? You’ve found the right place. Location: Altyn Arashan
Second Lake Jyrgalan Trek
If you get sick of one lake, just go find another one. Location: Jyrgalan Valley
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Donkey-Boys
You’ll find out how many boys can fit on a donkey. Location: Kochkor
Bridge Tiorgei Ak-Suu River Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
Have a crack at crossing this bridge. Go on, we dare you. Location: Jyrgalan Valley
Traffic Jams Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
The traffic jams are not what you would expect… Location: Everywhere
Valley Hiking In Jyrgalan Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
Climb the mountains in the east to see the country from a different perspective. Location: Jyrgalan Valley
Sary Moghul Kids Football Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
Come have a game of football with the kids. Warning – they are awesome at football. Location: Sary Moghul
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Jazza Hiking Jyrgalan Trek
If you’re seeking solitude, you’ll find it in droves here in Kyrgyzstan! Location: Jyrgalan Valley
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan River Jyrgalan Trek
Try to count how many stunning rivers you can find! Location: Boz Uchuk
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Campsite Jyrgalan Trek
You’ll get all sorts of company when you’re out camping. Location: Jyrgalan Valley
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Er Enish
It doesn’t get much tougher and manlier than Er Enish – better known in English as horseback wrestling. Location: World Nomad Games, Cholpon Ata
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Yurt World Nomad Games
If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a yurt, then it’s time to come to Kyrgyzstan. Location: Jailoo, Kochkor
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Camels World Nomad Games
Come hang out with a camel. Just because. Location: Jailoo, Kochkor
Young Archer People Of World Nomad Games Kyrgyzstan
Get fascinated with the local dress! Location: Kochkor
Aktala Truck Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
You’ll find massive backdrops with abandoned Soviet buses providing a pretty cool contrast. Location: Aktala
Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Border Photos Of Kyrgyzstan
This is the border marker between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This is one of the highest international border crossings in the world. Location: Kyrgyz/Tajik Border
Photos Of Kyrgyzstan Local Man
The people are just awesome! Location: Jailoo, Kochkor   


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39 thoughts on “31 Photos That Will Put Kyrgyzstan On Your Bucket List”

  1. This guide is absolutely superb. Such detailed and comprehensive guide, it feels I am almost travelling along. Stunning pictures.

  2. You guys are awesome !!!
    Amazing pics of my country.
    I am in Africa with my family and a couple of more families and we have a cultural day this Saturday.
    So Pics are Exactly what I was looking for.
    I am gonna use them if you don’t mind.
    Thank you very much!!!

    • Thank you so much guys. If you are using our photos for just yourself and educational purposes it is fine to use our images. If it is for commercial purpose we charge for this as this is our business. If you would like to contact us, please email hello@nomadasaurus.com.

  3. That mountain river looks like a place I want to go! 🙂

    • It is so beautiful. Hope you get to Kyrgyzstan one day Jessica. 🙂

  4. Hey Alesha and Jarryd! I’m heading to Kyrgyzstan on a medical trip next summer (June 16-30 2018) and am wanting to stay after either by myself or with a friend to do some hiking/backpacking. Do you have any reputable companies/sources that you would recommend? And if you only had 3-5 days to explore for hiking/trekking etc, where would you recommend?
    Thanks for any advice!

  5. Kyrgyzstan is in my bucket list
    Hope can join your 2018 trip. Please send me the detail trip. Thks

    • Hi Sherly, We are in the process now of releasing it. We are so excited. Stay tuned. 🙂

  6. If you run the the 2018 trip then count me in, I’m definitely interested. Kyrgystan sounds incredible.

    • Thanks so much Ada! We’ve added you to our mailing list and will definitely let you know as soon as we have more details. Hope to see you in Kyrgyzstan next year 🙂

  7. Hi.. Thank you for the great stories and pictures.. Hope all is well there.

    • Thank you so much Allen for stopping by. It is a beautiful country and very easy to photograph. 🙂

  8. Yes!! More info please!! After reading about your amazing hike we have added it to our 12 month travel plans next year!

    • Hi Annie, so glad you are interested. It is an amazing country. We will be sending out more information soon. 🙂

  9. that would be cool if the dates worked

    • We haven’t worked out exact dates yet. Lets hope they work out for you. 🙂

  10. Yes I very much would like to know more about the Kyrgyzstan 2018 trip!!

    • Awesome you want to know more Monica. We will be sending out more information by email. We are putting together a mailing list and you’ll hear from us soon. 🙂

  11. Please send more info when you have it on the Kyrgyzstan tour

    • Hi Mel, We will be sending out more information by email. We are putting together a mailing list and you’ll hear from us soon. 🙂

  12. Hi Alesha and Jarryd

    Thank you for these amazing photos!

    • Thank you so much Alexandra. 🙂

  13. Great story and superb pics Alesha. My son and his family live in Bishkek and I was lucky to go there 18 mths ago and see some of the beautiful Kyrgyz countryside too. Amazing. They have been there almost 4 yrs now with no plans of returning to Brisbane it seems. My 3 grandkids speak MANY languages now and are currently on hols in Scotland, Switzerland and who knows where else in nearby Europe………from cold and snow to MORE cold and snow!!! Will be following your blogs of the 5 Stans and the old Silk Road with interest.

    • Thank you so much Jenny. Wow that is amazing your grandchild know many languages. It is so useful and something Jarryd and I wish we persuade when we where younger. We learn many languages now but tend to forget them quickly.

      That is nice your family live in Bishkek and we are glad you got over there to see this beautiful country. Bishkek is a lovely city. We have a soft spot for Kyrgyzstan and hope to return soon. You should visit you family during the World Nomad Games. A very interesting event.

      I hope your family have a great trip in Europe and it is not too cold. And Jenny you have a great time too, where ever you are. 🙂

      Take care and happy travels

  14. Amazing! We’ve been considering a trip to the ‘Stans for a while now and after seeing all these stunning landscapes, next year might just have to be the year 🙂

    • Hi Freya. definitely do it. It is an amazing area of the world. The people are so friendly, there is so much history to learn and beauty to see. We hope you get there soon and we would love to hear about your trip. Happy travels

  15. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo’s ! I had to cancel this year’s horseriding trip because I broke my foot, but definitely rescheduling in 2017 ! Looks great !

    • Oh no sorry to hear this Patricia. Definitely put it on your list of countries to visit in 2017. Take care. Thank you. 🙂

  16. Your photos are really beautiful! Thank you to depict our country in such a beautiful way!

    • Thank you so much Fabien. We loved your country and can not wait to return. 🙂

  17. Is it weird that reading through this makes even me want to get back there? Fantastic photos, as always.

    • Thank you Stephen. You are so close. Maybe a trip back might be nice. 😉

  18. Waw, Kyrgyzstan is so beautiful!! It was a visual pleasure to read (and especially watch) this article. Can’t wait to be there! As soon as the winter is over, we’re on our way 🙂

    • Thank you so much. It real is. Amazing country. We hope you get there soon. 🙂

  19. Hello. Thank you for your amazing post about my country. come to next world nomad games2018)

    • Thank you so much Zharkyn. We would love to come back to the games. We had such a blast last year and it was so interesting.

  20. Fantastic photos! What amazing scenery here!

    • Thanks so much Taiss! It’s an amazing place for sure. 🙂

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