Introducing Large Minority’s Epic Adventure Challenges

From sailing the Philippines to racing tuk tuks around Sri Lanka, we’re excited to introduce you to Large Minority’s ultimate adventure challenges! Your holidays will never be the same again…

Large Minority Adventure Challenges

There are two types of travellers. The first is the ‘sit back, relax and sleep by the pool type’ and the second is the ‘hardcore, gritty and not afraid to do something crazy type’. And the second type is exactly what you will be after doing a Large Minority adventure challenge!

Large Minority is that one travel company that wants you to make the most out of your holiday, and I don’t mean by just eating exotic cuisines. More like filling your day with epic amounts of adrenaline as you sail the crystal clear waters of the Philippines to driving a Rickshaw 1,000 kilometres across Sri Lanka or drag racing tuk tuks across the country roads of Sri Lanka!

If one quote could define Large Minority it would be Eleanor Roosevelts’ “Do one thing every day that scares you,” and that’s exactly what Large Minority want you to do! Every day, epic adventure challenges are set in order for you to get to your next destination, and they aren’t light hearted either.

What’s a better way to kick start the day by getting a selfie with a crocodile in Sri Lanka or paddling down rapids in a hand-made kayak in remote South America?

It works a lot like the television show ‘The Amazing Race’! So prepare to set foot in a foreign land to which you will be competing against teams from all over the world.

But there’s a slight catch. There are no ‘winners’ in these challenges. It’s not about being the team who crosses the line first. It’s about getting together with a bunch of good people that have guts of steel, and the ability to finish the crazy challenges that have been set before them!

These challenges are a fun-filled adventure like no other!

Large Minority and Responsible Travel

Sustainable travel is the future, and Large Minority is all over sustainability! When you sign up to do one of these challenges, 10% of your money goes towards charity projects such as planting native trees to fight deforestation or supplying children with school books, pencils and backpacks so they can achieve an education.

The team behind the scenes really ensures that your challenges involve you in local communities as much as possible, so the responsible tourism works on as many layers as possible.

While the challenges themselves are simply awesome, it is Large Minority’s commitment to sustainable tourism that really takes things to the next level.

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The Adventure Challenges

The hardest part is choosing which adventure challenge to take. There are 4 different types of adventures to choose from, depending on what your style is! Dive straight into those clear waters of the Philippines, or get ready to rev your rickshaw and take your pick!

Chances like this don’t come around too often so take your tuk tuk by the horn or that paddle by the handle, shake off those piranhas and go get lost in a world of adventure!

Before You Go, You Should Know…

Large Minority will take care of all the logistics for you. They supply the vehicles, organise the accommodation and activities, and ensure you are safe so you can just focus on the fun ahead of you. All you need to do is show up with your team and the right attitude!

Tuk Tuk Sri Lanka Large Minority

Lanka Challenge

How does a 1000 kilometre rickshaw race around Sri Lanka sound?! If you seek a higher than average dose of adrenalin, this is the challenge you must take.

The Lanka Challenge sees you and your friend in a colourful rickshaw, drastically weaving in and out of the streets of Colombo and into the lush countryside where ancient Buddhist temples lay.

The Lanka Challenge presents crazy challenges you just have to do! Go on, take a selfie with a crocodile and head to your next location before sundown where you nervously wait for what the next day’s adventure will bring!

2017/2018 Dates

The Lanka Challenge will be held in September 2017, April 2018 and September 2018 with two different routes (the southern and the northern). Exact dates to be confirmed.

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Tuk Tuk Large Minority Adventure Challenges

Cambo Challenge

Cambodia is one of the most picturesque countries in South East Asia, full of forbidden temples and hot air balloons filling the morning sky.

So what better way to see it then navigating a tuk tuk from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh where you will experience a local homestay, a day visit to the ancient temple of Angkor Wat and dodging those tuk tuk size potholes, while facing up to the challenges that lie before you!

Just to make it that bit more fun, you and a friend will be driving this thing over 900 kilometres! How insane is that? It’s all totally worth it as 10% of all contributions go towards charities that Large Minority always support.

2017/2018 Dates

The Cambo Challenge will be running from the 21st-29th of October 2017, and the 20th-28th of October 2018.

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Cambo Large Minority Adventure Challenges

Philippines Challenge

If sailing across turquoise waters while sipping fresh coconut water as you instruct your skipper on where to go sounds like a great time, then the Philippines Challenge is definitely for you!

If you have sailed before the boat is yours to captain, so put on your pirate hat and get ready to set sail in the tropical waters of the Philippines.

Over a period of 9 days you will sail some of the nicest 90 nautical miles there is, racing against other teams to see who catches the biggest fish for your dinner or deciding what is the best way to climb up a coconut tree.

The Philippines Challenge is broken up into a series of water and land based activities so you get to see both worlds of the Philippines. Enjoy Paradise!

2017/2018 Dates

The Philippines Challenge will be running from the 18th-26th of November 2017, and the 21st-29th of April 2018.

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Philippines Large Minority Adventure Challenges

Amazon Challenge

As soon as someone mentions The Amazon, I bet you think of tropical rainforests, mosquitos, rivers and probably piranhas. And oh how right you are! The Amazon Challenge is by far the most epic adventure offered by Large Minority.

You have 8 days to make your way through some of the Amazon’s most lush, humid and awe-inspiringly remote rainforests. What better way to do it than using a hand-crafted kayak while navigating world famous estuaries and rivers of Peru, Colombia and Brazil?

At the day’s end you will find yourself in some epic jungle style accommodation while you trade stories of how you ‘fought of a school of piranhas with paddle but they ended up gnawing it clean off’ with your teammates and new friends you make along the way!

2017/2018 Dates

The Amazon Challenge is running from the 4th-11th of November 2017, and the 16th-23rd of April 2018.

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Amazon Large Minority Adventure Challenges


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