15 Awesome Things to Do in Esperance in 2019

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From exploring beautiful beaches, driving along the ocean to witnessing an Australian version of Stonehenge, these are just some of the best things to do in Esperance.

Things to do in Esperance, frenchman peak
View from Frenchman’s peak- One of the best things to do in Esperance

Beautiful Esperance is quite an incredible place to experience.

In a vast country that overflows with outstanding natural scenery and unique landscapes, it’s difficult to truly narrow down the best places to visit in Australia.

Esperance though is a huge contender to be top of the list. Especially when it comes to beaches.

This remote town on the coast of Western Australia, east of Albany and south of Kalgoorlie, is home to some of the whitest sand in the world.

The surrounding national parks are scenic wonders, friendly kangaroos can be seen splashing along the water’s edge and the fairly isolated location means that it’s never that busy in Esperance.

The Best Things To Do In Esperance

Forget the east coast of Australia, this is where it’s really at. Here are the best things to do in Esperance!

Cape Le Grand National Park

Esperance is best known for its long stretches of pure, white sand. Sand that quite literally shimmers in the sunlight.

Sand that’s so bright it’s blinding.

The town of Esperance is surrounded by epic stretches of beach, but the best of the scenery is to be found just a short drive along the coast, within the Cape Le Grand National Park.

The national park covers a huge, wild area of coast, featuring beaches, bays and even a few mountain peaks.

The outdoor opportunities here are endless, with camping, fishing and hiking to name just a few of the activities you can get up to at Cape Le Grand National Park.

Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is one of the most impressive areas in Cape Le Grand National Park.

This long, wide bay is fringed by a sandy, white beach and granite outcrops.

A resident population of kangaroos have made their home on the beach and are possibly the tamest, friendliest animals you might meet in Western Australia.

Lucky Bay is best seen at sunrise or sunset, but luckily there’s a campsite looking right out over the sands where you can spend the night.

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sunrise, things to do in esperance, lucky bay
Sunrise at Lucky Bay.

Cape Le Grand Beach

If the sand at Lucky Bay wasn’t quite soft enough for you, then head along the coast to Cape Le Grand Beach.

This long, sandy beach seems to stretch endlessly along the shore, and as far as you walk it’s always blissfully soft, clean and pristine.

There’s a second campsite here at Cape Le Grand Beach, and it’s a beautiful spot to spend the night, to wake with the sea breeze and sunrise over the sands.

The beach here gives the national park its name, because, well… it’s just that good a beach.

beach, cape le grand
Cape Le Grand beach.

Hellfire Bay

Hellfire Bay is a cozy, sandy bay surrounded by turquoise water.

It’s an excellent stop within Cape Le Grand National Park, and it’s even possible, if arduous, to walk here from Lucky Bay.

With picnic tables and a BBQ looking over the water, it’s a popular place for lunch in the national park.

Frenchman’s Peak

Frenchman’s Peak might only be 262 meters in height, but in the otherwise flat landscape, it’s a domineering sight in Cape Le Grand National Park.

It’s an almost vertical, conical shape and the hike to the top is difficult, to say the least.

This grade 5 walk becomes a scramble over loose rocks and dodgy ledges to reach the summit and at times it feels like it’s more of a climb than a hike.

The views from the peak though are absolutely marvellous.

frenchman's peak Esperance
Explore the beautiful nature at Frenchman’s Peak.

Esperance Esplanade

Once you’ve explored the scenic sights of Cape Le Grand National Park, it’s time to head back to the town of Esperance to find out what there is to do here too.

Start by walking along the long esplanade that runs along the length of the town’s shorefront harbour and bay.

There are lovely patches of grass, more than a few BBQs and plenty of restaurants and take away vans to try out.

Nothing quite beats a good meal of fish and chips overlooking the water.

Rotary Lookout

Rotary lookout at the far end of the Esplanade offers a great spot to finish a walk of Esperance’s shorefront, with sweeping views across the town to one side and across the vast coastline and sandy beaches to the other.

This might just be the best viewpoint on the south coast.

Esperance Markets and Museum

If you’re in town on a weekend, then head to the Esperance Markets.

Local shops and farmers bring their produce and goods to the historic Museum Park and set up among the old pioneer houses for a unique taste of local life that’s immersed in history.

The Esperance Museum is also in the small park and open all week.

Take a peek at an interesting insight into the European history of the area, and even houses the debris from Skylab, a NASA space station which burnt up in 1979, scattering parts over the area.

In a strange turn of events, Esperance even managed to successfully fine NASA many years later for littering.

The Great Ocean Drive

Next, jump in the car and make an epic journey around the best of the Esperance coastline.

There are plenty of famous drives in Australia, but few can match this short road trip for sheer beauty and raw vistas.

The drive only takes an hour or so – depending on how long you spend staring out to sea – but it really is a spectacular way to acquaint yourself with the coastline and beaches closest to the town.

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Ocean drive
Enjoy the scenic Ocean drive

Twilight Beach

The best of those beaches on The Great Ocean Drive is Twilight Beach, a place of golden sands and smooth, granite boulders.

The surrounding bay is usually a quiet place, perfect for relaxing on the beach or strolling along the water’s edge.

Definitely one of the best things to do in Esperance!

Twlight beach, esperance, australia
Get some peace and quiet at the Twilight beach

The Not So Pink Lake

On the edge of Esperance, can be found the Pink Lake.

Unfortunately, these days the name is a bit of a misnomer because the composition of the water has changed so much recently that the lake is no longer the vivid hues of pink it once was.

It’s still a beautiful, protected area, full of local wildlife in a peaceful setting.

Maybe one day they’ll change the name again, or not. Until then it still remains a top place to visit for those wondering what to do in Esperance.

pink lake, australia
The not-so Pink lake

Lake Hillier And The Recherche Archipelago

If you really want to experience the beauty of a vibrantly pink lake, then Lake Hillier is the place to see this.

Found in the Recherche Archipelago, it’s not easy to travel to here, but the views will be out of this world.

The Recherche Archipelago is found offshore from Esperance, and this group of a few small hundred islands is known to the locals as the Bay of Isles.

From many points on the mainland, you can see the many islands far off to sea, however, the only way to see Lake Hillier is to organise a trip out there of course.

If you have the money, the best route is to take a helicopter flight over the islands and over the lake.

The archipelago is a protected area, full of wildlife and uninhabited by humans, and it’s also possible to arrange a cruise to some of the larger islands.


Stonehenge? In Esperance?

On the remote, southern coast of Western Australia? Yes. It sounds bizarre, and that’s because it is bizarre, but locals have for some reason or other erected a mock, smaller version of England’s most famous, historical attraction.

The Esperance Stonehenge is found in a field outside of the town and it’s pretty much, exactly what you are probably imagining right now, a small version of Stonehenge.

If you are running out of things to do in Esperance, or if you love the weird and wonderful, it’s always worth a quick visit, even if it’s just to wonder, why?!

Lucky Bay Brewing

After all of this sightseeing around Esperance, you might be in need of a cold, refreshing drink.

If that’s the case, then head on over to Lucky Bay Brewing, the locally famous and best brewing company in town.

Lucky Bay Brewing – named after the famous bay of the same name of course.

It has been brewing craft beers using locally sourced ingredients for years, and although you can find it on tap behind most of the bars and pubs in Esperance, visiting the brewery will give you the chance to see how this small microbrewery puts it all together, to craft a delicious drink.

Cape Arid

Once you’ve enjoyed all that Esperance has to offer, you will be wondering where you can travel to next that might compare in beauty to the coastline here.

Well, if you have a four by four and don’t mind a bit of a drive, then ‘down the road’ from Esperance you can find the much more remote and isolated Cape Arid National Park.

Access is by no means as easy as Cape Le Grand, but the scenery here is wild and raw, and very few people actually make it here.

A four by four is a must, but for the adventurous, it’s the perfect next stop after visiting Esperance.

What did you think of our list of what to do in Esperance? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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