5 Best Hikes In And Around Bandung, Indonesia

These are the best hikes in and around Bandung, Indonesia

Best Hiking In Bandung
Gunung Batu.

Surrounded by a fortress of mountains and volcanoes, some of which are still active, Bandung enjoys a comfortable temperature of around 23 degree Celsius throughout the year, making it perfect for outdoor activities, especially hiking.

Due to the various natural factors, Bandung and its nearby areas hold many interesting hiking trails, from short walks to multi day treks, passing through virgin forests, scenic valleys and smoking volcanoes.

To assist you in your search for your next hiking trip from Bandung, a list of five jaw-dropping scenic routes has been compiled, complete with interesting wildlife, active volcanoes and over rivers and fields.

So if we have stirred the wandering urge in you, put on your hiking shoes, get your camera ready and head out on the trails to experience the refreshing smell of the forest and feel the fresh mountain air of the vast, rugged and untamed terrain, this country is blessed with.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

This is one of the most popular hiking trails along the way to the majestic plateau of Tangkuban Perahu, which is actually a still active volcano, continuously spraying out sulphur gases from its four main craters.

The usual approach to the top is by excellent paved roads, however, for the more enterprising, there are great paths leading up to the mountain which not only give you a glimpse of the important places, but reward you with a nice thermal bath at the end of the hike.

Keep in mind to chalk out your route carefully with the help of an accredited guide, in order to avoid danger areas of this active volcano.

Tankuban Perahu Best Hiking In Bandung
Mount Tankuban Perahu – one of the best hikes you can do around Bandung.

Dago Pakar

This is one of the most beautiful and forested areas in north Bandung, located on Mount Pakar, the highest point in the Dago area.

The place is a conservationist’s dream, with many different species of trees and plants in dense environs, which can be truly enjoyed and studied by hiking up the hill on the well laid out hiking track.

To explore Dago Pakar in a proper way, follow the jogging track from the entrance of gate no 1 at a distance of about 200 m south.

This track will end after another 300 m at the Japanese cave, which can be explored by renting lamps or torches from the locals.

The track from the Japanese cave then goes northwards for about 700 m till you reach the Dutch cave, which used to act as a shelter for the colonial armies.

The amazing waterfalls of Curug Ciomas and Maribaya are the next destination from where a 4 km long trek to the north ends at gate no 4.

Dago Pakar can be easily accessed from any point in Bandung and offers a unique type of an outing, which not only brings you close to nature, but also keeps you abreast with the history of colonialism in Indonesia.

Dago Pakar Best Hiking In Bandung
Hiking Dago Pakar.

Tebing Keraton

Tebing Keraton, or the jutting rock, is the name of a famous cliff located in Juanda forest, Ciburial village, Bandung, well known for the spectacular views it affords, from its challenging heights, off the city of Bandung.

Though Tebing Keraton can be accessed very easily in about fifteen minutes from Bandung city centre by car or a motorcycle, the best way to experience it is by hiking.

From the city travel till Dago Pakar and hike to the Juanda forest park gate. Turn right from the gate towards Tebing Keraton, through the large buildings of Ciburial village.

Once you reach a sign saying ‘ warung bandrek’ you are approaching your destination of Ciharegem village, from where Tebing Keraton is a 5 minute hike through a newly built comfortable walkway.

Keep in mind to visit the place at sunrise to see the beautiful thin mist covering the cliffs or at sunset to see the silhouette of Mount Tangkuban in the dark background.

Tebin Keraton Best Hiking In Bandung
Hanging out at Tebin Keraton.

Gunung Batu

Gunung Batu, or the mountain of decease stone ( because the stone resembles a human body), is an extremely picturesque hilltop located about one kilometre south of Lembang near Bandung.

This destination is perfect for a short day hike to breathe fresh air and at the same time get up close to nature. The hilly terrain, pleasant climate and great scenery makes for a splendid hiking trip to the top of this hill.

Lembang is just a short distance from the city centre of Bandung and offers some amazing hikes, of which the one to Gunung Batu is in an off beat locale, free from the tourist hordes found at other places.

The trek goes through paddy fields up to the foot of the mountain, from where it winds up to the top over a tricky mountain path.

The return trip can be completed coming down the opposite side, through lovely villages and easy walks. The round trip can be completed in around 4 hours.

Best Hiking In Bandung
Gunung Batu.

Curug Cimahi

For wildlife lovers, the best place for jungle trekking perhaps is Curug Cimahi, located 30 km from Bandung. Ideal for a full day trip the forest is famous for monkeys and the exceptional 87m waterfall by the same name, which is the perfect climax to the hike.

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