The 28 Best Things To Do In Portland, Maine (2024 Guide)

Wondering what activities and attractions you can’t miss in the Forest City? Our guide to the best things to do in Portland Maine is just what you need!

Portland is an absolute gem of southern Maine. Portland, With a picturesque waterfront, cobblestone streets, and diverse neighborhoods there is something for everyone in this charming city.

The city is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering parks, trails, and stunning viewpoints that showcase the natural beauty of Maine. Nature lovers can catch the ferry out to the islands of Casco Bay or go for a stroll along the scenic Eastern Promenade Trail.

Portland, Maine also has an abundance of artsy boutiques, galleries, and historic landmarks, as well as an impressive culinary and craft beer scene.

Whether you’re into history, architecture, food, beer, art, or nature, there are so many fun things to do in Portland, Maine!

From the glorious coastal views to the cultural offerings, Portland captures the essence of a quintessential New England experience.

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28 Best Things To Do In Portland Maine

From strolling along the cobblestone streets and seeing Maine’s oldest lighthouse in Old Port to visiting the islands of Casco Bay, here are the best things to do in Portland, Maine!

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1. See the famous Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light is a historic lighthouse at the entrance of Portland Harbor in the Old Port neighborhood that stands as a symbol of maritime heritage and resilience. Commissioned by President George Washington in 1791, Portland Head Light is Maine’s oldest lighthouse.

The lighthouse’s iconic white tower, perched atop a rugged cliff, has guided countless ships safely through the waters of Casco Bay for over two centuries.

Its classic New England architecture and stunning coastal backdrop make Portland Head Light a popular destination for tourists and photographers alike. Visitors can explore the lighthouse grounds, take in breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, and learn about the rich maritime history at the adjacent museum.

Admiring the historic and iconic Portland Head Light is one of the best things to do in Portland, Maine!

Portland Head Light
The Portland Head Light is one of Maine’s most iconic sights.

2. Tour Fort Williams Park

Adjacent to Portland Head Light is the expansive Fort Williams Park, a historic site with a diverse range of attractions. Established in 1872 and named after Colonial Massachusetts Governor Joseph Dudley’s son-in-law, Colonel William Williams, the park encompasses 90 acres of scenic beauty.

In addition to the iconic lighthouse, the park features remnants of Fort Williams, a coastal defense battery that operated from the late 19th century through World War II.

Visitors can explore the fort’s ruins, wander along picturesque walking trails, and enjoy a relaxing day by the shoreline.

Fort Williams Park provides a perfect blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and recreational opportunities, making it a cherished destination for locals and tourists seeking a peaceful retreat along the rugged Maine coast.

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3. Admire the views from Portland Observatory

Perched atop Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine, the Portland Observatory was built in 1807 by Captain Lemuel Moody. The observatory is the last remaining maritime signal tower in the United States!

Its primary purpose was to provide a vital communication link between the harbor and the open sea. The octagonal wooden structure, standing at 86 feet tall, offers panoramic views of the city, harbor, and Casco Bay Islands, providing a captivating glimpse into Portland’s maritime past.

Visitors to the Portland Observatory can experience a fascinating journey back in time by exploring the interior of this National Historic Landmark. The Observatory features exhibits and displays that detail its role in maritime history, offering insights into the significance of signal towers in the early 19th century.

The climb to the top rewards visitors with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and those seeking a unique perspective on Portland’s seafaring heritage.

The Portland Observatory stands not only as a testament to the city’s maritime legacy but also as a captivating attraction that bridges the gap between the past and the present.

4. Embark on a sunset cruise through Casco Bay

Explore Portland from a new perspective by booking a sunset cruise through the stunning waters of Casco Bay! You’ll gain a new appreciation for this coastal city by spending some time out on the water.

Spend 1.5 hours cruising through the waters of Portland Harbor and Casco Bay while sipping on some local beverages.

Admire picturesque, historic lighthouses, early-19th-century forts, and charming fishing piers as you learn about Portland history and culture from your local guide.

If you’re looking for relaxing and scenic things to do in Portland, Maine, a sunset boat cruise is the perfect option!

5. Spend the day at Crescent Beach State Park

Crescent Beach State Park, located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, is a coastal gem that captivates visitors with its pristine sandy shores and scenic surroundings. Stretching along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, this state park is renowned for its crescent-shaped beach, from which it derives its name.

The soft, sandy expanse offers a perfect spot for beachgoers to relax, sunbathe, and take in the refreshing sea breeze. The beach is complemented by the backdrop of grassy dunes and striking views of Richmond Island, creating a tranquil and picturesque setting for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike.

Crescent Beach State Park also provides opportunities for various outdoor activities. Nature lovers can explore the park’s trails, which wind through coastal forests and offer glimpses of diverse flora and fauna.

The park is also a popular destination for picnicking, beachcombing, and birdwatching. With its well-maintained facilities, including picnic areas, restrooms, and ample parking, Crescent Beach State Park invites travelers to savor the natural beauty of Maine’s coastline.

6. Catch the ferry over to Peaks Island in Casco Bay

Another one of the best things to do in Portland, Maine is take a trip out to Peaks Island. Part of the Casco Bay Islands archipelago, Peaks Island is a picturesque and inviting destination just a short ferry ride from Portland.

Known for its charming small-town atmosphere and natural beauty, Peaks Island offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling mainland. The island is characterized by narrow roads, historic cottages, and scenic coastal views that attract visitors seeking a serene escape.

Visitors often explore the island by foot, bicycle, or golf cart, taking in the sights of rocky shores, sandy beaches, and vibrant wildflowers.

One of the most notable attractions on Peaks Island is Battery Steele, a former military fortification dating back to World War II. The abandoned concrete structures of the battery, covered in graffiti, now serve as a unique and intriguing backdrop for exploration.

Peaks Island also hosts art galleries, shops, and eateries, contributing to its vibrant cultural scene. Whether strolling along the island’s beaches, enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding islands, or attending community events, there are lots of fun things to do on Peaks Island.

Peaks Island
Soak in the coastal beauty of Peaks Island.

7. Hike or bike along a local trail

One of the best things to do in Portland, Maine for fitness and nature lovers is to hike one of the epic trails near the city center.

The Fore River Trail is a local favorite! Snaking along the edge of the Fore River, the gravel and boardwalk Fore River Trail continues for 2.2 miles and is a popular spot for hiking, walking, mountain biking, and snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in winter.

Another top option is the Back Cove Trail. Made up of gravel and pavement, the Back Cove Trail is accessible for those in wheelchairs and it great for walking or biking.

Both the Fore River Trail and the Back Cove Trail offer ways to get outside and sightsee around the marshes, forests, and seaside views of Portland, Maine!

8. Tour the collections at the Portland Museum of Art

The Portland Museum of Art is a cultural cornerstone in the heart of downtown Portland. Founded in 1882, the museum has evolved over the years to become a prominent institution dedicated to showcasing a diverse collection of artworks spanning different periods and styles.

The impressive holdings at the Portland Museum of Art include American, European, and contemporary art, with a focus on fostering an appreciation for creativity and artistic expression.

The museum’s collections feature works by renowned artists such as Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Andy Warhol, and Marsden Hartley, providing visitors with a rich and engaging visual experience.

Portland Museum of Art also hosts rotating exhibitions that highlight both established and emerging artists, ensuring a fresh and thought-provoking experience for repeat visitors.

With its educational initiatives, the Portland Museum of Art encourages a deeper understanding of art through workshops, lectures, and outreach programs.

The museum’s role in enriching the cultural landscape of Portland is further emphasized by its architecturally striking Charles Shipman Payson Building, designed by I.M. Pei, which enhances the city’s appeal as a destination for art enthusiasts and cultural explorers.

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9. Wander through the stunning Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Located near Portland in the scenic coastal town of Boothbay, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens showcases the diverse flora of the region in a stunning natural setting.

Spanning 295 acres, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is a botanical haven that combines art, horticulture, and nature to create an immersive and educational experience.

The gardens feature a range of themed areas, including the Rhododendron Garden, the Perennial & Rose Garden, and the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses, each offering a unique and captivating landscape for visitors to explore.

One of the highlights of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is the dramatic waterfront setting along the tidal river, providing a serene backdrop for the lush plantings and meticulously designed landscapes.

Through its diverse plant collections, educational programs, and events, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens stands as a testament to the beauty of the region’s flora and serves as an inspiring destination for plant enthusiasts, families, and nature lovers alike.

10. Go Whale Watching

Whale watching in Portland, Maine, is a thrilling maritime adventure that allows visitors to witness the majestic beauty of marine life along the rugged coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Numerous tour operators in the area offer excursions that take participants on a journey through the Gulf of Maine, renowned for its rich biodiversity.

From May to October, the waters off Portland become a feeding ground for several species of whales, including humpback whales, minke whales, and the iconic Atlantic puffins.

Knowledgeable naturalists onboard provide insightful commentary, enhancing the experience by sharing fascinating facts about the marine ecosystem and the behaviors of these magnificent creatures.

The tours not only showcase the remarkable marine life but also provide stunning views of the scenic coastline and nearby islands. Whale watching in Portland offers a unique and unforgettable connection to nature, making it a popular activity for families, wildlife enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a memorable encounter with the wonders of the ocean.

Odyssey Whale Watch and New England Eco Adventures are two top-rated local companies that host whale-watching tours in Portland!

Whale Watching Maine
Some amazing whale is watching to be done along the Maine coast!

11. Visit the opulent Victoria Mansion

Victoria Mansion, also known as the Morse-Libby House, is an architectural gem located in the heart of Portland, Maine.

Constructed between 1858 and 1860, this stunning Italianate-style mansion is a testament to the opulence and elegance of the mid-19th century.

Designed by architect Henry Austin, the mansion was commissioned by Ruggles Sylvester Morse, a prosperous hotel owner, and served as his family’s residence. Victoria Mansion is celebrated for its richly decorated interiors, featuring intricate plasterwork, ornate woodwork, and lavish period furnishings.

Visitors to Victoria Mansion have the opportunity to step back in time and explore the meticulously preserved rooms that showcase the height of Victorian design and craftsmanship.

Victoria Mansion, now a museum, offers guided tours that provide insights into the life of the Morse family and the historical context of the period.

Victoria Mansion is not only a time capsule of 19th-century elegance but also a remarkable example of the preservation efforts that have allowed this architectural masterpiece to endure and continue captivating visitors with its beauty and historical significance.

12. Try some water sports

Being a city on the water, Portland has ample opportunity to exercise and sightsee with some fun water sports. Water sports in Portland, Maine may be limited to the summer months, as the cold Maine winters aren’t ideal for paddleboarding or kayaking.

But if you’re visiting Portland in summer, definitely don’t pass up the chance to get out on the water! A sunset kayak tour is a lovely way to explore the waterways of Portland with an experienced local guide.

You can also try stand-up paddleboarding! Either way, water sports are an amazing way to get active, admire the scenery of Casco Bay, and have a blast during your time in Portland!

13. Stroll along the Eastern Promenade Trail and Park

One of the best outdoor Portland attractions is the Eastern Promenade Trail. This scenic waterfront pathway meanders along the city’s eastern shore, adjacent to the picnic areas and manicured lawns of Eastern Promenade Park.

Stretching approximately 2.1 miles, the Eastern Promenade Trail winds its way through lush green spaces, recreational areas, and waterfront landscapes, providing stunning views of Casco Bay and the surrounding islands.

Whether walking, jogging, or biking, trail-goers can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and the picturesque sights of sailboats, lighthouses, and the iconic Portland Observatory along the route.

Eastern Promenade Trail has well-maintained paths, benches, and access points to the green spaces of Eastern Promenade Park. This trail is a popular spot for outdoor activities and a serene place to connect with nature while immersing themselves in the coastal beauty of Portland.

14. Explore the Arts District

The Arts District in Portland, Maine, is a thriving cultural enclave that serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to the arts. Centered around Congress Street, this district is home to a diverse array of galleries, theaters, performance spaces, and creative businesses.

The streets are adorned with public art installations, and the district buzzes with the energy of artists, musicians, and performers who contribute to the city’s vibrant cultural scene. From contemporary art galleries showcasing local talent to historic theaters hosting live performances, the Arts District offers a rich and dynamic tapestry of artistic expression.

Throughout the year, the Arts District hosts numerous cultural events and festivals that bring the community together. The First Friday Art Walk, a monthly event, allows locals and visitors to explore the galleries, attend openings, and engage with artists. The district also houses institutions like the Portland Museum of Art, enriching the cultural landscape with its extensive collection.

With its blend of creativity, historic charm, and community engagement, the Arts District in Portland, Maine, stands as a focal point for cultural enrichment, providing a space for expression and appreciation of the arts in this coastal New England city.

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15. Relax in Fort Allen Park

Situated on the Eastern Promenade in Portland, Maine, Fort Allen Park is a scenic urban oasis that offers both locals and visitors a peaceful retreat with breathtaking views of Casco Bay.

Named after Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen, the park encompasses 14 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, featuring open lawns, walking paths, and mature shade trees.

The highlight of Fort Allen Park is its elevated vantage point, providing panoramic vistas of the harbor, the Casco Bay Islands, and the distant coastal landscapes.

Visitors can relax on the grassy slopes, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the maritime activity and the fresh sea breeze. Enjoying the history and the views in Fort Allen Park is one of the best things to do in Portland, Maine.

16. Wander through Old Port and Commercial Street

Old Port is the historic district of Portland, Maine. It’s a charming waterfront neighborhood that effortlessly blends its rich maritime history with a contemporary and vibrant atmosphere.

Cobblestone streets wind through Old Port, lined with red-brick buildings that date back to the 19th century, now housing a mix of boutique shops, art galleries, restaurants, and pubs.

Old Port is renowned for its maritime heritage, evident in the architecture, warehouses, and piers that once played a crucial role in the city’s bustling trade activities. Today, Old Port is a bustling and eclectic destination that attracts visitors with its unique blend of history, culture, and a lively arts scene.

Commercial Street is the main downtown street in Old Port. Here is where you’ll find most of the shops and eateries. To make the most of your time in Old Port, join a guided walking tour so you can learn about Portland’s history from a knowledgeable local guide!

Whether strolling along Commercial Street, indulging in fresh seafood at one of the many waterfront restaurants, or enjoying the vibrant nightlife, Old Port provides a delightful blend of historical charm and modern excitement, making it a quintessential destination in the coastal city of Portland, Maine.

Old Port Harbor
Portland, Maine is full of historic sites to see!

17. Take on the Portland Freedom Trail

Portland, Maine, like many cities, has a rich history tied to various aspects of American freedom, including its role in the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad.

Portland has historic sites related to civil rights and social justice, such as the Abyssinian Meeting House, which played a vital role in the African-American community and the fight against slavery. To discover more about Portland’s historical sites go for a walk along the Portland Freedom Trail.

This self-guided walking tour was established in 2007 and leads you to 13 different points of interest along a 2-mile journey. You’ll pass through some of the city’s oldest and most significant neighborhoods, all of which influenced freedom for African Americans in some way.

18. Admire the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in South Portland, Maine, stands as an iconic maritime beacon with a rich history dating back to 1897. Perched on a breakwater at the entrance of Portland Harbor, the lighthouse boasts a distinctive design, featuring an octagonal cast-iron tower connected to a keeper’s house by a unique covered walkway.

Accessible to the public, visitors can stroll along the picturesque breakwater for an up-close view of this historic structure and enjoy panoramic vistas of Casco Bay.

The lighthouse and its surroundings, including the nearby Fort Preble, create a scenic destination that showcases the region’s maritime heritage and offers a delightful experience for history and lighthouse enthusiasts alike.

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19. Go on a food tour of downtown Portland

When you visit Maine, you’ll want to indulge in the delicious local cuisine of New England. Going on a food tour of downtown Portland is one of the best ways to sample the best foods and connect with the culture!

From the historic cobblestone streets of the Old Port to the bustling energy of the Arts District, downtown Portland is full of a diverse array of eateries, each offering a unique taste of the city’s gastronomic delights.

Sample fresh lobster at waterfront restaurants, indulge in artisanal treats from local bakeries and savor innovative dishes crafted by talented chefs. The food tour is not just a culinary adventure; it’s an exploration of Portland’s culinary identity, highlighting the city’s commitment to farm-to-table freshness and its reputation as a culinary hotspot in New England.

Maine Dayventures, formerly known as Maine Foodie Tours, offers some of the best food tours in Portland, Maine!

20. Take a day trip to Cape Elizabeth

Just a short drive from the city center of Portland, Cape Elizabeth is renowned for its stunning landscapes, including iconic lighthouses, rocky shores, and pristine beaches.

Perched on the rocky cliffs, this lighthouse offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding islands. The park itself provides walking trails, picnic spots, and opportunities to explore the coastal regions of southern Maine.

Another highlight of Cape Elizabeth is Two Lights State Park, known for its twin lighthouses and scenic coastal vistas. The park offers walking paths along the cliffs, allowing visitors to soak in the panoramic views of Casco Bay.

Crescent Beach State Park is another gem in Cape Elizabeth, boasting a sandy shoreline and gentle surf. Exploring Cape Elizabeth from Portland provides a perfect blend of coastal beauty and outdoor recreation just a stone’s throw away from the city.

Cape Elizabeth
Cape Elizabeth is a beautiful coastal area near Portland, Maine.

21. Spend the day in Bug Light Park

Bug Light Park in South Portland, just across the harbor from Portland, Maine, is a charming waterfront destination that combines maritime history with scenic beauty.

The park is home to the iconic Bug Light, officially known as the Portland Breakwater Light. This small yet distinctive lighthouse, resembling a cast-iron bugle, has stood as a navigational beacon since 1875 and serves as a picturesque focal point within the park.

Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the harbor, the city skyline, and the historic Spring Point Ledge Light across the water. The park itself features well-maintained lawns, walking paths, and benches, making it a perfect spot for a stroll or a relaxing afternoon picnic.

With its historic charm, scenic vistas, and the unique Bug Light as its centerpiece, Bug Light Park offers a tranquil escape and a glimpse into the seafaring history that defines the coastal character of the Portland area.

22. Learn about the world’s mysteries at the International Cryptozoology Museum

One of the most unique Portland attractions is the International Cryptozoology Museum. Spending the day here is one of the best things to do in Portland for curious minds!

Founded by Loren Coleman, a renowned cryptozoologist, the museum is dedicated to the exploration of creatures from folklore and the study of hidden or unknown animals, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabra.

Located in the city center of Portland, the museum’s eclectic collection includes exhibits featuring rare artifacts, specimens, and artwork related to cryptids and mythical creatures. Visitors can delve into the world of cryptozoology, learning about legendary beasts and the scientific investigation of these mysteries.

With its quirky and captivating exhibits, the International Cryptozoology Museum offers a one-of-a-kind experience that blends the worlds of science and the unknown in a way that both educates and entertains.

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23. Experience Portland’s Craft Beer Scene

Portland, Maine, has earned a well-deserved reputation as a craft beer haven. With a population that appreciates quality brews and a burgeoning community of skilled brewers, the city has become a top destination for beer enthusiasts.

Portland is home to a multitude of craft breweries, each with its unique offerings and styles. Popular names like Allagash Brewing Company, known for its Belgian-style beers, and Bissell Brothers Brewing Company, celebrated for its hop-forward creations, have gained national recognition.

The city’s craft beer culture extends beyond the beers themselves; many breweries feature taprooms, offering visitors a chance to savor freshly brewed concoctions on-site while enjoying the friendly and communal atmosphere that defines Portland’s brewing scene.

The city’s annual events, such as the Portland Beer Week and the Maine Brewers’ Guild Summer Session, further emphasize its dedication to the craft. These occasions provide locals and visitors with the opportunity to explore new releases, engage with brewers, and celebrate the creativity that permeates the Portland beer community.

You can also join a guided brewery tour that showcases the best of Portland’s beer scene with the guidance of a friendly and passionate local.

Allagash Brewery
Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine is one of the USA’s best breweries!

24. Explore the greenery of Deering Oaks Park

Deering Oaks Park in Portland, Maine, offers a peaceful escape amidst the bustling city. Spanning over 50 acres, this historic park dates back to the late 19th century and offers a picturesque blend of open green spaces, walking trails, and a large pond.

The park’s majestic oak trees, after which it is named, create a canopy of shade for picnickers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Deering Oaks Park frequently hosts community events, outdoor concerts, and festivals, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere.

With its playgrounds, tennis courts, and a popular farmers’ market during the warmer months, Deering Oaks Park serves as a versatile and beloved destination for relaxation, recreation, and community gatherings in the heart of Portland.

25. Tour the Wadsworth Longfellow House

The Wadsworth-Longfellow House in Portland, Maine, is a historic gem that stands as a testament to the literary legacy of the Longfellow family.

Constructed in 1786, the house was the childhood home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, one of America’s most beloved poets.

Today, the meticulously preserved Federal-style mansion is managed by the Maine Historical Society and serves as a museum open to the public. Visitors can explore the beautifully restored rooms, showcasing period furnishings and personal belongings of the Longfellow family, and gaining insight into the daily life and cultural milieu of the 19th century.

Surrounded by a charming garden, the Wadsworth-Longfellow House offers a unique glimpse into Portland’s history and its connection to the literary arts. The museum provides guided tours, educational programs, and special events, allowing visitors to appreciate not only the architectural and historical significance of the house but also the profound influence of the Longfellow family on American literature and culture.

The Wadsworth-Longfellow House is a must-visit destination for literature enthusiasts, history buffs, and those seeking a captivating journey into the past within the heart of Portland, Maine.

26. Ride around Portland in a vintage fire truck

One of the most fun things to do in Portland, Maine is tour the city center in a vintage fire truck.

Climbing aboard a meticulously restored fire truck, visitors are transported through the charming streets of Portland while learning about the city’s rich firefighting heritage.

Narrated by knowledgeable guides, the historic fire truck tour provides insights into the historic architecture, cultural landmarks, and notable events that have shaped Portland. The vintage fire truck adds an extra layer of charm to the journey, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the past while enjoying the scenic beauty and lively atmosphere of this coastal New England city.

It’s a distinctive way to explore Portland’s streets, hear captivating stories, and relish the vintage charm of a bygone era.

27. Bring the young ones to the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine

The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, nestled in the heart of Portland, offers an enriching and interactive experience designed specifically for young minds.

The museum is a dynamic space where children can engage in hands-on exhibits, imaginative play, and educational programs that stimulate their curiosity and creativity.

With diverse exhibits ranging from a pretend cityscape to a captivating theater space, the museum provides a nurturing environment for learning through play.

It serves as a hub for families, educators, and the community, fostering a love for exploration and discovery in children while encouraging them to make meaningful connections with the world around them. The Children’s Museum of Maine is a vibrant and educational resource, making a positive impact on the lives of young learners in the Portland area.

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28. Shop till you drop at the Maine Mall

Located in South Portland, the Maine Mall is the state’s largest shopping destination, offering a comprehensive retail experience and a diverse array of dining options.

Boasting over 100 stores, including popular national and international brands, the mall caters to a wide range of shopping preferences, from fashion and electronics to home goods and specialty stores.

With its spacious layout and contemporary design, the Maine Mall provides a comfortable and convenient environment for shoppers.

Beyond retail therapy, visitors can explore an extensive food court and diverse dining establishments, making it not just a shopping destination but also a social hub for the local community and tourists alike.

Where To Stay In Portland, Maine

Here are our top recommendations for where to stay during your visit to Portland, Maine. This charming city is full of excellent accommodations and you are sure to find something that suits your budget range.

Best Luxury Accommodation in Portland, Maine – Portland Harbor Hotel

The Portland Harbor Hotel is nestled right in the historic Old Port, a premium destination in Portland, Maine. Each exquisite hotel room has free Wifi, a flat-screen TV, and an appealing design. You can also request rooms with ocean views, a spa bath, a sofa, and a refrigerator. This hotel has everything else you may need, including an on-site restaurant, fitness center, meeting rooms, valet parking, and luggage storage.

Best Mid Range Accommodation in Portland, Maine – Hampton Inn Downtown Waterfront

Complete with stunning views of the city and waterfront, Hampton Inn Downtown offers travelers a comfortable, upscale, and convenient stay in Portland, Maine. Guests can enjoy the fitness center, indoor heated pool, hot breakfast, and contemporary rooms with excellent amenities.

Not only that, the central downtown Portland location puts you within walking distance of many city attractions. You’re even a 5-minute walk from the Casco Bay Lines Ferry, making it easy to take day trips or book water activities.

Best Budget Accommodation in Portland, Maine – Clarion Hotel Airport

In a convenient location between the airport and the rest of the attractions in the city center, Clarion Hotel Airport is surrounded by eateries, local shops, galleries, and beaches.

The hotel itself has amenities and features like free WiFi, free coffee, a fitness center, and an indoor heated pool and hot tub. Room service as well as meeting rooms and business rooms are also available, making this affordable hotel suitable for many types of travelers.

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