12 Incredible Things to Do in Hervey Bay, Australia (2024 Guide)

Here are the top activities in Hervey Bay, a gem of the Fraser Coast and a hub for whale watching!

Located close to K’gari (Fraser Island) and one of the best whale watching spots in Australia, there are plenty of things to do in Hervey Bay!

While it may not be one of the largest cities on the East Coast, you can quickly fill a few days here.

From Brisbane, in Queensland, it’s only a 3 and a half-hour drive to Hervey Bay. Or you could opt for a 45-minute flight.

The best way to get there is by car as there are plenty of stopping points along the 290-kilometre road trip from Brisbane. 

Driving along the Stuart Highway, you’ll pass the Sunshine Coast which has some spectacular scenery and towns.

Noosa and Caloundra are two places well worth visiting along the way.

You could also consider taking a detour to the Glasshouse Mountains. The panoramic views over the hinterland are stunning.

However you get there, make sure to start planning your trip with these incredible things to do in Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast.

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The Absolute Best Things To Do In Hervey Bay

With a stunning coastline, magnificent wildlife, and plenty of kids’ activities, Hervey Bay has lots to offer.

Here are some of the top activities to do when visiting Hervey Bay, from touring the world’s largest sand island on the Fraser Coast and seeing marine life to going on a boat tour during whale season or exploring the botanic gardens.

1) Whale Watching at Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is nicknamed the ‘whale watching capital of the world.’

Sheltered by the World Heritage Listed Fraser Island, the calm waters in Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast have become a frequent stop for Humpback whales.

At the peak of the season, whales can be seen in large numbers, resting, playing, and teaching their newborns the lessons of survival. 

If you’re in Hervey Bay during the whale watching season (late July to early November) a day spent watching these magnificent mammals is a must! 

The bay is used as a resting point for female humpback whales and their calves on their migration between the Antarctic waters and the warmer ocean of the tropics. 

Sightings of these magnificent creatures are almost guaranteed!

And the majority of tours offer a free trip if your day on the waves reveals no whales.  

Watching these magnificent animals is a truly spectacular sight!

Things To Do In Hervey Bay Whale Watching
Seeing whales is the number one thing to do in Hervey Bay, Australia

What to Expect on a Hervey Bay Whale Watching Cruise

During a tour, you’ll learn lots about these fascinating mammals from the boat skippers who are always enthusiastic about these annual visitors. 

The boats have viewing decks close to the water where often the whales will swim so close you can almost touch them.

You may also catch a glimpse of other animals like Australian Humpback Dolphins.

The whales love showing off and will entertain you with their tail slapping and belly rolls! 

The humpback whale is one of the most agile mammals in the ocean. If you’re lucky, you’ll see them breaching close to the boat.

Watching them launch into the air is awe-inspiring and something you’ll never forget!

The vessels also carry hydrophones. If the whales are singing, they’ll drop them into the sea to magnify the sound.

Even from the boat deck, you’ll hear the beautiful humming of the animals if they’re singing within a close range. 

All Hervey Bay whale tours have to follow strict guidelines to protect the whales.

The engines must be turned off within a certain distance of the animal. Of course, it is illegal to feed the whales. 

Luckily for tourists, the humpback whale has an inquisitive nature, and they’ll often swim up to the boat to check you out before you even know they’re there!

Hervey Bay Whale
Whales will approach the boat when on a tour in Hervey Bay, Australia

2) The Hervey Bay Esplanade

The glorious beachfront stretches for approximately 17 km around the Bay from Gatakers Bay to Urangan Pier and Harbour.

It’s the perfect place to take a stroll in the evening as the sun sets. One of the most popular Hervey Bay attractions!

Along the way, you can discover exciting facts about Hervey Bay’s heritage and the ocean sea life. 

Along the Esplanade you’ll also pass the Hervey Bay Historical Village, which houses old buildings and artifacts. If you’re a history lover, definitely check this out!

Passing through popular suburbs, such as Torquay and Scarness, you’ll find plenty of restaurants with stunning views at which to dine.

During the day the public BBQs are great to use for lunch.

And if you fancy taking a dip in the ocean, some spots are patrolled by lifeguards.

Gatakers Bay is an ideal place for families to enjoy a day on the beach. Enjoying the area is one of the best free things to do in Hervey Bay.

Hervey Bay View
Hervey Bay has lots of beaches and coastline

3) Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens

The Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens cover 26 hectares just off Elizabeth Street in Urangan Beach.

They’re open every day from 6:30 AM and entrance is free.

It’s a great place to head for a picnic as there are seating areas and public BBQs that you can use. 

There are also plenty of walking trails that are well laid out around the botanical gardens.

Expect to see an abundance of native plants and birds at Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens.

The Chinese Garden is particularly stunning. And the deck over the central lake is beautiful!

You’ll notice little turtles in the water which are enjoyable to watch.

And there are lots of rainforest trees around the Bush Chapel.

The naturalised wetland area is more rugged and it’s an excellent place to spot birds and other Aussie animals, such as possums.

There’s also an orchid house that has a small entrance fee and is an excellent choice for what to do in Hervey Bay.

During weekdays you can take a tour of the gardens and orchid house at an additional cost. This place is ideal for nature lovers who want a fun afternoon with the whole family.

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4) Visit Lady Elliot Island

If you can afford to spend a little extra when you visit Hervey Bay, a day trip to Lady Elliot Island is highly recommended.

The island comes under the UNESCO World Heritage area of the Great Barrier Reef and is the southernmost tip of this region. 

The clarity of the water around the island is arguably the best of all Great Barrier sights.

The island is surrounded by a coral reef and can only be reached by a small carrier plane.

Flights depart daily from Hervey Bay airport and the views over the whole bay are stunningly beautiful. 

Landing on the little grass airstrip is a unique experience in itself.

You feel like you’ve arrived in paradise!

The island is quite small and you can walk across it in 45 minutes.

But there’s plenty to do for all members of the family. 

You can snorkel straight off the beach.

Island Day Trip Hervey Bay
This island is small, yet very much worth the visit

With dolphins, whales, manta rays, and turtles nearby this is truly a magical experience. 

The coral here is in good condition. And there are several snorkel trails around the island that you can follow.

You can also hire paddleboards and, at low tide, you can participate in reef walks. 

If you’re not confident in the water, there’s also a glass bottomed boat that will take you out to see the reef.

You can also practice snorkelling or learn to scuba dive with the dive school in the swimming pool.

The island has an eco-resort with a range of accommodations from tents to suites if you want to extend your stay.

Before leaving the island, check out the education centre as it has a wealth of information on how you can help conserve the reef for future generations.

Great Barrier Reef What To Do In Hervey Bay
Spectacular colours await you when snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

5) Wetside Water Park

One of the best family-friendly things to do in Hervey Bay is to visit the Wetside Water Park.

If you are travelling with young children, this is a free activity that they’ll love!

The outdoor pool is close to the waterfront and beach near the Main Street in Hervey Bay.

The park includes water slides, a water play area and there’s a fountain light show on Saturday nights at 7 pm.

There is a small fee for the water slides. The simulated surf ride also involves a cost.

But Wetside Water Park makes for a fun, cheap day out when the weather is particularly hot!

Younger children can have hours of fun playing in the water jets. As there’s very little water in the pool, it’s a safe environment for kids.

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6) Torquay Beach

If a trip to Lady Elliot Island is beyond your budget, don’t worry as there’s also a reef at Torquay Beach. 

The Beach is along the esplanade, approximately a 45-minute walk from the Urangan Pier.

It’s the perfect spot to spend a day along this spectacular coast! A great alternative for what to do in Hervey Bay.

The long sandy beach has shops and eateries across from the boardwalk, and there’s plenty of water sports to keep you occupied.

You can hire sailing boats, go canoeing or have fun water skiing. 

If you need to hire equipment, Aquavue on the Charlton Esplanade by the beach is the place to visit.

They rent jet skis, paddleboards, bikes, and kayaks all by the hour.

Further along, the esplanade is Enzo’s on the beach, which offers kitesurfing lessons and also hires paddleboards and kayaks. 

For children, there are plenty of play areas nearby.

One of the more popular areas is Organ Park, which has a play train and playground equipment. 

Offshore, there’s a reef that is suitable for snorkelling. You can also visit the Hervey Bay Dive Centre if you’re interested in taking diving lessons.

The easiest way to swim out to the reef is from the stretch of beach opposite Nielsen Park.

If you’re lucky, you will see some of the resident dugongs that live here.

And if you like to fish, the jetty is also a popular place for that too.

Beach Hervey Bay
Enjoy a relaxing stay on this beautiful beach while in Hervey Bay

7) Urangan Pier

The Urangan Pier is one of the longest in Australia and stretches for almost a kilometre into the ocean.

It’s best to visit at sunset as the view is spectacular as the sun goes down.

There’s a good chance that you’ll see pods of dolphins close by and stingrays in the clear water below.

This iconic pier is a popular spot for fishing, so pack your fishing gier! You’ll see people jet skiing, windsurfing, or kite surfing in the water. 

Around the area, there are plenty of parks that are excellent for picnics.

The Urangan precinct is just a short walk away and has a range of eateries, with alfresco restaurants and cafes.

There are also several boutique shops and resorts in the area to help you fill your day with different Hervey Bay activities.

On Wednesday and Saturday mornings the pier markets are a fantastic place to shop.

Whether you’re after local produce or artisan crafts, the market stalls are worth a leisurely look around.

8) K’gari (Fraser Island) Day Trip

If you’re looking for exciting things to do in Hervey Bay, a day trip to K’gari (formerly known as Fraser Island) is well worth it!

K’gari is the largest sand island in the world and another of Australia’s UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites.

Stretching for over 120 km, it has some of the most stunning coastlines in the country. The white sandy beaches are beautiful.

It’s also one of the best places to spot dugongs and turtles, as the waters around Hervey Bay and K’gari (Fraser Island) are part of the Great Sandy Marine Park.

The island lies just to the south of Hervey Bay across the Great Sandy Strait.

There are over 40 inland freshwater lakes surrounded by bush and glorious sand.

Most day trips will include a visit to one of them. This one in particular is awesome and gets really great reviews.

Whether you take a half-day or full-day tour, your adventure is most likely going to start with a drive along a 75-mile beach. 

The beach serves as a highway, a landing strip for planes, and a docking bay for the barge.

Fraser Island
Explore a shipwreck while taking a day trip from Hervey Bay to K’gari (Fraser Island)

One of the most popular sites along 75 Mile Beach is the Maheno Shipwreck. 

Maheno was heading for Japan when it got struck by a cyclone, and it washed up on the shores of the island in 1935.

Over the years its shell has been continually eroded by the salt from the sea.

At the end of the beach is Indian Head, which is a great place to spot whales, dolphins and turtles. 

Another popular spot on the island is Elli Creek. The freshwater creek is excellent for walking and swimming through.

75-Mile Beach Is Open Space For Vehicles, Planes And The Barge
75 Mile Beach is open space for vehicles, planes, and the barge

9) Reefworld at Hervey Bay

Unlike other large Aquariums, Reefworld Aquarium at Hervey Bay focuses on interaction and education.

The centre is an all-natural aquarium, which uses seawater that’s only filtered by the sand and natural sunlight. 

There are no big shows here.

But there is a touch tank, and you can participate in feeding Green sea turtles, sharks, and large reef fish.

The staff are friendly, and they’ll answer any questions that you have about marine life as you wander around.

If you’re an adventure seeker, you can swim with sharks in an open pool (for an extra fee, of course).

The activity is well-supervised, and it’s an experience that you’ll never forget!

10) Great Sandy Straits Marina

At the end of Urangan Harbour is the gorgeous Great Sandy Straits Marina, which is lovely to take a stroll around.

This is where the boats depart from to go on day trips and tours.

You can also book fishing trips from here or take a sunset cruise. A sunset cruise is an amazing way to experience the area.

The Cafe Balaena in the centre is a good spot for lunch.

And there’s no shortage of boats to admire from their outside seating area.

The harbour also has a small art gallery and a few shops which are perfect for picking up souvenirs.

Marina Hervey Bay
Check out the views of beautiful yachts while visiting the Marina in Hervey Bay

11) Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere

You can’t miss the Fraser Coast Discover Sphere, one of Hervey Bay’s top attractions. There’s a vast wooden whale, known as Nala, outside to greet you. 

The discovery sphere is a museum and gallery, so it’s perfect activity for a rainy day.

The exhibits and interactive displays are informative and invite you to learn about the Great Straits natural diversity and local heritage. 

There’s a dedicated children’s section, with storytelling, activities, and hands-on demonstrations. 

The Fraser Coast Discovery Gallery has a full reproduction of a whale skeleton, lots of artwork, and information about the traditions of the Butchulla People.

12) Hervey Bay Festivals

If you’re visiting Hervey Bay at the end of July, the Ocean Whale Festival celebrates the arrival of the whales.

The town is buzzing with live music, fireworks displays, markets, and entertainment during the festival. 

On the Paddle Out For Whales event, you can join thousands of others who kayak a short distance from the Torquay Jetty.

There is a minute silence to honour the importance of the whales and the conservation of our oceans. 

Another highlight of the festival is the blessing of the fleet, which is a long-standing tradition.

A ceremony is held at the Great Sandy Straits Marina, and a blessing is made to ensure a prosperous season and the safe return of all sailing vessels out at sea.

In mid-August, Hervey Bay hosts a seafood festival at the Fishermen’s Park in Urangan.

There’s plenty of live music to enjoy, and the region’s best seafood will tantalise your taste buds.

There are also marquees with cooking displays and lots of craft beer and boutique wines to sample.

Where to Stay in Hervey Bay Queensland

Hervey Bay offers accommodation options to suit all budgets.

There are beachside camping spots, luxury hotel rooms with ocean views, and self-catering apartments all close to the best tourist attractions.

Luxury: Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat

One of the most idyllic places to stay in Hervey Bay is the Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat.

The location is stunning and near all the top attractions, and each of the self-catering wooden huts has a veranda that overlooks the lake and nature reserve.

The units all have kitchenette facilities, a private balcony, and ensuite bathrooms. Free wifi and parking are also available throughout your stay.

Guests can use the swimming pool and BBQ facilities, and the accommodation is within easy walking distance of the beach and shops.

The lake is full of turtles, and the birdlife is spectacular around the park.

Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat
The Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat is one of the best places to stay in Hervey Bay

Mid-Range: Mantra Hervey Bay

For stunning views over the Hervey Bay marina, the apartments at the Mantra Hervey Bay are highly recommended.

All rooms have balconies, and the hotel also has BBQ facilities, a sauna, a gym and an outdoor heated pool.

Free parking is available onsite, and wifi is available in public spaces.

Camping: Harbour View Caravan Park

Harbour View Caravan Park is an excellent choice for campers on the Fraser Coast.

The sight is next to the Hervey Bay Boat Club and the Hervey Bay Dive Centre, and close to the marina, so it’s in a great location.

Facilities include a shop, a swimming pool, kitchen, and BBQ space as well as powered and unpowered spots.

The amenities are immaculately clean, and there’s a laundry available onsite also.

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