24 Best Things To Do In Birmingham, Alabama (2024 Guide)

Trying to find great activities and attractions in The Magic City? Our guide to the best things to do in Birmingham, Alabama is all you need to plan the perfect trip!

Birmingham, Alabama, is a city with a rich history and a dynamic present, situated in the heart of the Southern United States. Known as the “Magic City,” Birmingham rose to prominence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a hub for iron and steel production, fueled by the region’s abundant natural resources.

Today, the city reflects a vibrant blend of its industrial past and a modern, diverse community. Visitors to Birmingham can explore its cultural and historical landmarks, such as the Civil Rights District which is a National Historic Landmark. Home to the 16th Street Baptist Church and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, which commemorate the pivotal role the city played in the Civil Rights Movement.

Birmingham’s cultural scene is also thriving, with a mix of museums, theaters, and music venues that showcase the city’s artistic spirit. The Alabama Theatre, the Birmingham Museum of Art, and the Southern Museum of Flight are just a few of the attractions contributing to Birmingham’s cultural tapestry.

So if you’re looking for the best things to do in Birmingham, AL, there are so many options to choose from! We’ve narrowed it down to the 24 best activities and attractions in the Magic City!

Downtown Birmingham Al
Experience all the best attractions in Birmingham, AL.

24 Best Things To Do In Birmingham, Alabama

From strolling around the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to catching a show at the historic Alabama Theater, here are the best things to do in Birmingham, AL.

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1. Dive into the city’s history at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is a renowned cultural and educational institution in Birmingham, Alabama, dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Established in 1992, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute stands as a testament to the struggles and triumphs of those who fought for racial equality during a pivotal era in American history. The institute is housed in a striking building that serves as a symbolic representation of the movement’s endurance and resilience.

At the heart of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is its comprehensive and thought-provoking exhibits, which chronicle the events, individuals, and movements that shaped the Civil Rights Movement.

Visitors can explore immersive displays that depict the challenges faced by African Americans in their quest for civil rights, including the infamous Birmingham campaign of 1963 and the impact of landmark events like the March on Washington.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute also engages the public through educational programs, workshops, and events that encourage dialogue and reflection on issues related to civil and human rights.

Through its commitment to fostering understanding and empathy, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute plays a vital role in ensuring that the lessons of the past continue to resonate in the present for locals and visitors in Birmingham, Alabama.

2. Feast at Pizitz Food Hall

Food lovers have to take themselves on a walking tour of Pizitz Food Hall in downtown Birmingham, Alabama! This culinary haven encapsulates the city’s diverse and evolving food scene.

Housed in the historic Pizitz building, the food hall boasts a vibrant atmosphere with an array of eateries showcasing an eclectic mix of global cuisines. From artisanal pizzas and gourmet tacos to Korean-inspired bowls and Southern comfort classics, Pizitz Food Hall offers a gastronomic journey for every palate.

The communal seating, modern decor, and the bustling energy of chefs at work create a lively and inclusive environment, inviting locals and visitors alike to savor a delightful culinary adventure in the heart of Birmingham.

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3. Admire art in the city center at the Birmingham Museum of Art

Another highlight of downtown Birmingham, AL is the Birmingham Museum of Art. This cultural gem is celebrated for its rich and diverse collection that spans thousands of years of artistic history.

Established in 1951, the art museum has grown to become one of the Southeast’s premier art institutions, attracting visitors with its impressive array of paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and more. The museum’s collection is particularly noted for its strengths in European, American, Asian, African, and modern and contemporary art.

The Birmingham Museum of Art occupies a modern and expansive facility that serves as a dynamic space for both contemplation and engagement. The museum not only houses its permanent collection but also hosts rotating exhibitions, bringing in works from renowned artists and emerging talents.

Educational initiatives, family-friendly events, and community outreach programs further enhance the museum’s role as a cultural hub, making art accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

As a vital cultural institution and art museum, the Birmingham Museum of Art inspires a deeper connection to the arts within the community and is one of the best things to do in Birmingham, AL.

4. Check out the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Founded by George Barber, a successful businessman and passionate collector, the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum opened its doors in 1995 and has since become one of the world’s most extensive collections of two-wheeled and four-wheeled racing machines.

Housed on the stunning grounds of the Barber Motorsports Park, the museum is not only a treasure trove for those with a deep appreciation for the history of motorsports but also a testament to Barber’s dedication to preserving and showcasing the evolution of these iconic vehicles.

Boasting over 1,600 motorcycles and race cars, the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum is a visual feast for enthusiasts, with exhibits that showcase the evolution of motorized transportation. The collection spans a wide range of eras and styles, from vintage motorcycles of the early 20th century to iconic race cars from various disciplines.

The museum’s design itself is a work of art, with a layout that allows visitors to meander through the history of motorsports in a visually stunning and immersive environment. Anyone with a passion for technology and innovation will have a wonderful time exploring the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.

Barber Motorsports Museum
Anyone who loves motorcycles has to visit this museum!

5. Wander through the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Located in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens are a beloved destination for nature enthusiasts, families, and anyone seeking respite in a serene environment.

The gardens showcase an impressive variety of plant collections, including roses, herbs, tropical plants, and native southeastern flora, providing visitors with a visually stunning and educational experience.

Comprising over 12,000 different plants, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens not only serves as a picturesque retreat but also as an educational resource for horticulture and environmental awareness.

The gardens host a range of educational programs, workshops, and events that cater to visitors of all ages, fostering an appreciation for the diverse world of plants and their ecological importance.

With features like the Japanese Gardens, the Southern Living Garden, and the largest public horticulture library in the southeastern United States, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens are a fun place to spend a day in the city.

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6. Visit the Birmingham Zoo

Another one of the most fun things to do in Birmingham, AL is spend a day at the Birmingham Zoo. This captivating destination offers a thrilling and educational experience for visitors of all ages. The zoo has evolved into a modern facility with a mission to inspire passion for the natural world and promote conservation efforts.

The Birmingham Zoo is home to over 800 animals representing species from around the globe, including endangered and exotic animals like lions, giraffes, elephants, and endangered species such as the red panda.

The zoo’s commitment to animal welfare and conservation is evident in its various programs and initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Beyond its diverse array of animal exhibits, the Birmingham Zoo provides a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for learning. It offers educational programs, wildlife shows, and interactive experiences designed to enrich visitors’ understanding of the animal kingdom and the importance of environmental stewardship.

The Hugh Kaul Children’s Zoo within the Birmingham Zoo is a particularly popular attraction, offering hands-on exhibits and play areas that make the learning experience both enjoyable and memorable for young visitors.

With its dedication to wildlife conservation, education, and family-friendly entertainment, the Birmingham Zoo is the perfect place for a day of family fun.

7. Laugh it up at Stardome Comedy Club

Whether you want a date night, a hilarious time with friends, or a family outing, head to Stardome Comedy Club in Birmingham, Alabama. The iconic venue is a premier destination for laughter and entertainment, hosting some of the best comedians in the industry.

The club, established in 1983, offers a unique blend of stand-up comedy, delicious food, and a vibrant atmosphere. With a lineup that features both emerging talents and seasoned comedians, Stardome provides audiences with an unforgettable night of humor.

The club’s intimate setting and attentive service create a welcoming space for patrons to unwind, enjoy a meal, and share in the joy of laughter, making Stardome Comedy Club a beloved fixture in Birmingham’s entertainment scene.

8. Explore Railroad Park

Railroad Park, located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, has transformed a former industrial space into a dynamic and bustling recreational area. The park spans 19 acres and is situated along the historic railroad lines that played a crucial role in Birmingham’s industrial past.

Today, Railroad Park serves as a central hub for community gatherings, outdoor activities, and cultural events. It has earned the nickname, “Birmingham’s Living Room” thanks to its special place in the hearts of locals.

Its thoughtful design incorporates walking and jogging trails, a lake, playgrounds, and green spaces, providing residents and visitors with a welcoming environment to relax, exercise, and connect with nature in the heart of the city center.

The success of Railroad Park lies not only in its scenic beauty but also in its role as a catalyst for urban revitalization. Railroad Park Foundation has played a pivotal role in the ongoing transformation of downtown Birmingham, attracting new businesses, residents, and visitors to the area.

Its central location and thoughtful programming, including concerts, festivals, and fitness classes, make it a popular destination for people of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the most fun things to do in the city center is to spend the day exploring the park or attend an event hosted by the Railroad Park Foundation!

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9. Walk through the city’s rich history in Kelly Ingram Park

One of the best historic sites in Birmingham, Alabama is Kelly Ingram Park. Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, Kelly Ingram Park holds profound historical significance as a central site for civil rights protests during the 1960s.

The park, named after Bishop Henry N. Kelly served as a focal point for the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement and witnessed some of the most pivotal moments in the struggle for racial equality.

Today, Kelly Ingram Park stands as a powerful memorial and testament to the resilience of those who fought against segregation and injustice.

The “Four Spirits” sculpture in the park commemorates the lives of four young girls who lost their lives in the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, a tragic event that galvanized the civil rights movement.

Visitors can also explore exhibits such as the “Foot Soldiers” sculpture, which depicts the brave individuals who participated in protests, and the “Freedom Walk,” a pathway marked with significant events and quotes from the era.

Kelly Ingram Park serves as both a contemplative space for reflection and a living memorial that educates future generations about the struggles and sacrifices made to advance civil rights. Kelly Ingram Park remains a symbol of courage and resilience, inviting visitors to engage with the complex history of the Civil Rights Movement and the ongoing pursuit of justice and equality.

10. Go bar-hopping in downtown

Embarking on a bar-hopping adventure in downtown Birmingham, AL, is a fun way to kick off an evening in the city. Start the evening at one of the trendy rooftop bars, such as The Roof at The Redmont, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline while sipping on craft cocktails.

As the night progresses, venture into the historic and lively Five Points South district, home to a myriad of pubs, lounges, and live music venues.

Iconic spots like The J. Clyde, known for its extensive craft beer selection, or The Garage Café with its quirky atmosphere, provide an authentic taste of Birmingham’s unique bar culture.

Paramount Bar in Birmingham is another chic and vibrant establishment, known for its stylish decor, craft cocktails, and lively atmosphere. Or if you’re looking to eat while you drink, head to Highlands Bar and Grill. This culinary icon is celebrated for its award-winning Southern-inspired cuisine, upscale ambiance, and commitment to showcasing the best of Alabama’s culinary heritage.

Cap off the night by immersing yourself in the energy of Adios Cocktail Bar, a cozy venue known for classic cocktails and inventive drinks.

Whether you’re drawn to craft beers, fancy cocktails, or live music scenes, downtown Birmingham’s eclectic mix of bars ensures a memorable night of exploration and enjoyment in the heart of this vibrant Southern city.

Adios Cocktail Bar
Adios Cocktail Bar is just one of the many amazing venues in Birmingham!

11. Broaden your mind at McWane Science Center

The McWane Science Center is a premier science and education facility that captivates visitors with its interactive exhibits and engaging educational programs.

Named after John W. McWane, a prominent Birmingham industrialist, and philanthropist, the McWane Science Center combines hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations, and immersive experiences to make science and technology accessible and exciting.

With multiple floors of interactive displays covering topics ranging from physics and astronomy to biology and environmental science, the center encourages curiosity and exploration in a fun and educational setting.

The McWane Science Center’s commitment to fostering scientific curiosity extends beyond its exhibits, as it hosts educational programs, workshops, and live science demonstrations. The facility includes an IMAX Dome Theater, providing an additional dimension to science education through captivating films on a variety of scientific subjects.

The McWane Science Center plays a vital role in promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education in the Birmingham community, inspiring a love for learning and a deeper understanding of the world.

With its innovative approach to science education and its emphasis on hands-on exploration, the McWane Science Center stands as a beacon of intellectual curiosity and discovery.

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12. Catch a baseball game

If you’re looking for a day of great fun in the Magic City, catch a Birmingham Barons baseball game! A vibrant energy fills the air at Birmingham’s baseball stadium as fans gather under the Southern sun for an eagerly anticipated game.

The iconic sight of the historic Rickwood Field or the modern Regions Field adds to the charm of the experience, providing a backdrop that blends the city’s rich baseball heritage with the thrill of the game.

Whether it’s a Minor League matchup or a community event, the baseball culture in Birmingham captures the essence of Americana, bringing together families, friends, and fans to revel in the timeless joy of America’s favorite pastime.

13. Explore Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, AL is a sprawling natural haven that offers a diverse range of outdoor activities, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

Red Mountain Park provides an extensive network of hiking trails that wind through lush forests, open meadows, and historic mining sites, offering outdoor enthusiasts a chance to connect with nature while exploring the park’s scenic landscapes.

One of the distinctive features of Red Mountain Park is the preservation of its historical and industrial heritage. The park incorporates remnants of the iron ore mining operations that once thrived in the area, adding an educational dimension to the outdoor experience.

Visitors can explore artifacts, old mine entrances, and the iconic Red Mountain Iron Ore Mine, gaining insights into the region’s industrial past. Beyond its natural beauty, Red Mountain Park serves as a community gathering space, hosting events, festivals, and educational programs.

This is a fun place to enjoy some nature and greenery near the city center, whether you want to go for a bike ride, have a picnic lunch in the forest, or just escape the hustle and bustle.

14. Learn about music history at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

For music lovers, one of the best things to do in Birmingham, AL is check out the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Established in 1978, the Hall of Fame is housed in the historic Carver Theatre, a venue with its own storied past in the African-American community.

The museum showcases a diverse collection of memorabilia, photographs, and exhibits dedicated to iconic jazz figures with ties to Alabama, including legends like W.C. Handy, Nat King Cole, and Erskine Hawkins.

The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame serves as a vibrant cultural hub, preserving and promoting the legacy of these influential musicians while educating visitors about the historical and artistic impact of jazz.

Visitors to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame can explore interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and archival materials that trace the evolution of jazz and its deep roots in Alabama.

The museum also hosts live performances, educational programs, and community events that celebrate the enduring influence of jazz on American music.

By recognizing and honoring the achievements of Alabama’s jazz musicians, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame contributes to the broader narrative of jazz history and ensures that the cultural significance of these artists continues to resonate with audiences of all ages.

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15. Go on a walking tour of the Civil Rights District

Expand your exploration of the Civil Rights Era with a walking tour of the Civil Rights District. This historic and symbolic area played a pivotal role in the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, and it’s one of the most important places in the city.

Comprising several key landmarks, this district serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles and triumphs of those who fought for racial equality.

One of the central elements of the Civil Rights District is the 16th Street Baptist Church, which tragically became the target of a bombing in 1963. The 16th Street Baptist Church has since become a memorial and a powerful symbol of the sacrifices made in the quest for civil rights.

The neighboring Kelly Ingram Park, with its striking sculptures and memorials, further enhances the district’s significance by commemorating the courage of the individuals who participated in protests and demonstrations during that turbulent period.

The district invites visitors to embark on a poignant journey through history, exploring the struggles and achievements of the movement through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and multimedia presentations.

As a designated National Historic Landmark, the Civil Rights District in Birmingham is a must-visit destination for those seeking to understand and honor this transformative chapter in American history.

Download a civil rights audio walking tour so you can make the most of your time on the Civil Rights Trail in Birmingham, AL.

16. Explore the outdoors in Oak Mountain State Park

Just south of Birmingham, Alabama, is the state’s largest state park, Oak Mountain State Park. Spanning over 9,900 acres, this beautiful area offers a diverse range of outdoor recreational activities.

Oak Mountain State Park features over 50 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails, providing opportunities for visitors to explore its varied landscapes, including dense forests, scenic lakes, and rolling hills. Whether you want to go mountain biking or take on a leisurely stroll, this park is full of fun things to do.

In addition to its extensive trail system, Oak Mountain State Park offers a host of recreational facilities, including a golf course, fishing lakes, and a beach area along Double Oak Lake.

The park’s nature center provides educational programs and interactive exhibits that highlight the local flora and fauna, enriching the visitor experience with insights into the diverse ecosystems within the park.

With campgrounds, cabins, and picnic areas, Oak Mountain State Park invites visitors to immerse themselves in the great outdoors and enjoy a wide range of activities, making it a popular destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure in a natural setting.

17. Catch a show at the Alabama Theater

The Alabama Theater, located in downtown Birmingham, is a historic and iconic venue that has been enchanting audiences since its grand opening in 1927.

Designed by the renowned architect David O. Whilldin, the theater is a stunning example of Spanish-Moorish architecture, featuring intricate detailing, opulent decor, and a majestic Wurlitzer organ.

Originally built as a movie palace, the Alabama Theatre has evolved into a cultural hub that hosts a variety of events, including film screenings, live performances, concerts, and community gatherings. Its historic charm and exceptional acoustics have made it a cherished landmark in the city, earning it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Alabama Theatre’s interior is a visual feast, with its grand chandeliers, ornate plasterwork, and a ceiling that mimics a starlit sky. The theater’s Mighty Wurlitzer organ, one of the few remaining of its kind in the world, adds to the venue’s allure, captivating audiences with its powerful and evocative sound.

Today, the Alabama Theatre continues to serve as a cultural treasure, offering a unique and immersive experience that transports visitors to a bygone era of entertainment while remaining a vital and dynamic part of Birmingham’s artistic landscape.

Alabama Theater
The Alabama Theater is an iconic landmark in Birmingham.

18. See the iconic Vulcan Statue at Vulcan Park and Museum

Vulcan Park and Museum, situated atop Red Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama, is home to one of the city’s most iconic symbols—the Vulcan statue.

Standing at 56 feet tall, Vulcan is the world’s largest cast-iron statue and has been overlooking Birmingham since its dedication in 1936. Vulcan Park and Museum were established to celebrate not only the statue but also the history and industrial achievements of the Birmingham area.

Visitors can explore Vulcan Park and Museum to learn about Birmingham’s industrial past, its role in the iron and steel industry, and the cultural and economic impact of Vulcan on the region.

In addition to the museum, Vulcan Park offers panoramic views of Birmingham and its surrounding areas, providing a stunning backdrop for various outdoor activities. The park’s lush grounds feature walking trails, picnic areas, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Visitors can climb to an observation tower at the top of the statue, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline. With its combination of educational exhibits, scenic beauty, and a historic statue, Vulcan Park and Museum is one of the top landmarks in Birmingham, Alabama.

19. Visit the Southern Museum of Flight

The Southern Museum of Flight, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a captivating institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing the rich history of aviation in the Southern United States.

Established in 1966, the museum has grown to become one of the largest aviation museums in the Southeast, featuring an extensive collection of aircraft, artifacts, and exhibits that span the history of flight.

Visitors to the Southern Museum of Flight can explore a diverse array of aircraft, including vintage warplanes, experimental aircraft, and commercial planes, providing a comprehensive look at the evolution of aviation technology over the years.

Beyond its impressive collection of aircraft, the Southern Museum of Flight offers a range of educational programs and exhibits that highlight the contributions of individuals from the Southern region to the field of aviation. The museum plays a crucial role in inspiring and educating the public about the wonders of flight and the aerospace industry.

With interactive displays, flight simulators, and engaging presentations, the Southern Museum of Flight invites visitors of all ages to embark on a journey through the skies, fostering an appreciation for the pioneers and innovations that have shaped the world of aviation.

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20. See waterfalls at Moss Rock Preserve

Another one of the most fun things to do while visiting Birmingham is head out to Moss Rock Preserve. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near Birmingham AL, this natural gem offers a peaceful retreat into the outdoors.

Spread across nearly 350 acres, the preserve features diverse ecosystems, including hardwood forests, boulder fields, and tranquil streams.

One of the highlights of Moss Rock Preserve is the presence of enchanting waterfalls, where cool, clear water cascades over picturesque rock formations. These waterfalls, such as the popular “The Waterfall,” provide a serene and scenic backdrop for hikers and nature enthusiasts exploring the network of trails that wind through the preserve.

With its lush landscapes and captivating water features, Moss Rock Preserve stands as a haven for those seeking the tranquility and beauty of Alabama’s natural environment.

21. Visit the Negro Southern League Museum

The Negro Southern League Museum, situated in Birmingham, Alabama, stands as a vital institution dedicated to preserving and honoring the legacy of African American baseball players in the Southern United States.

The museum is a poignant reminder of the challenges and triumphs faced by black baseball players during the era of segregation. It commemorates the legacy of the Negro Southern League, which was a significant part of the broader Negro Leagues that provided African American players the opportunity to showcase their talents in a racially divided America.

The museum’s exhibits feature a wealth of memorabilia, photographs, and artifacts, offering a comprehensive look at the history of the league and the enduring impact of black baseball players on the sport.

The Negro Southern League Museum goes beyond the statistics and scores, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of the social and cultural implications of African American baseball during a tumultuous period in American history.

Interactive displays, oral histories, and multimedia presentations highlight the experiences of players, coaches, and teams, shedding light on their resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

22. Check out Sloss Furnaces Park

Sloss Furnaces Park in Birmingham, AL, stands as a testament to the city’s industrial heritage and is a National Historic Landmark that captures the essence of the iron industry’s impact on the region.

Originally a pig iron-producing blast furnace in operation from 1882 to 1971, Sloss Furnaces has been preserved and transformed into a unique historical and cultural park.

Visitors can explore the industrial landscape, including the massive furnaces, boiler houses, and other structures that tell the story of Birmingham’s crucial role in the iron and steel industry during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Today, Sloss Furnaces Park not only preserves the industrial past but also serves as a dynamic space for the arts, education, and community engagement. The park hosts events, concerts, and workshops, embracing its historical significance while adapting to the evolving needs of the community.

The rusted beauty of the furnaces against the backdrop of the city skyline offers a striking juxtaposition, reminding visitors of Birmingham’s transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a thriving cultural hub. Sloss Furnaces Park stands as a living museum, inviting people to explore the intersection of history, art, and industry within this unique and significant historical site.

Sloss Furnaces
See history up close at Sloss Furnaces.

23. Go for a hiking adventure at Ruffner Mountain

Those looking for outdoor adventures near Birmingham, AL can head up to Ruffner Mountain. This sprawling nature preserve covers over 1,000 pristine acres. This urban wilderness offers a diverse range of hiking trails that wind through lush forests, over rugged ridges, and past historic mining sites.

Visitors to Ruffner Mountain can explore its network of well-maintained trails, revealing stunning vistas of Birmingham’s skyline and the surrounding Appalachian foothills. The preserve is home to a rich array of plant and animal life, providing an immersive experience for nature enthusiasts and hikers.

One of Ruffner Mountain’s prominent features is its historic mining sites, offering a glimpse into Birmingham’s industrial past.

The Crusher Trail, for example, takes hikers through the remnants of an old limestone quarry and showcases the ingenuity of the region’s mining history. Ruffner Mountain also serves as an outdoor classroom, offering educational programs and community events that promote an understanding of the local ecosystems.

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24. Bring the pets to Good Dog Park and Bar

Good Dog Park and Bar offers a unique and delightful experience for pet lovers in Birmingham, AL. This iconic venue blends a dog-friendly park with a lively bar atmosphere. This establishment provides a haven for dog owners and their furry companions!

The Good Dog Park and Bar features spacious play areas with agility equipment, ensuring dogs have ample space to socialize and burn off energy. Meanwhile, pet parents can relax and enjoy a diverse menu of drinks and snacks at the adjoining bar.

The combination of a vibrant social scene, a well-equipped dog park, and the camaraderie of fellow dog lovers creates a dynamic and welcoming space that reflects Birmingham’s commitment to fostering a sense of community, all while celebrating the bond between humans and their canine companions.

Where to Stay in Birmingham, Alabama

After indulging in all the fun things to do in Birmingham, AL, you’ll want a decent place to rest your head at night. Luckily there are some amazing hotels in the city center, all located just a short drive from Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport. Here are some top-rated options for every budget!

Best Luxury Accommodation in Birmingham, AL – The Kelly Birmingham

The Kelly Birmingham, part of the Tapestry Collection by Hilton, offers an upscale stay in downtown Birmingham, AL. The stylish and elegant accommodations are accompanied by a shared lounge, private parking, a restaurant and a bar.

Guests rave about the staff, the breakfast, and the unique decor in the hotel. Plus it is conveniently located near all the best attractions.

Best Mid-Range Accommodation in Birmingham, AL – Hampton Inn & Suites

The Hampton Inn & Suites is one of the top-rated hotels in the city center. With everything you need right at your fingertips, the Hampton Inn & Suites is set in a luxurious building that is a feast for the eyes!

Complete with secure car parking, free WiFi, on-site dining, a fitness center, a business center, and complimentary breakfast, you can relax and enjoy your time at this excellent, 3-star hotel.

Best Budget Accommodation in Birmingham, AL – Best Western Carlton Suites

If you’re looking to explore Birmingham, AL on a budget, Best Western Carlton Suites has you covered. With an indoor swimming pool, included breakfast, daily housekeeping, and air-conditioned rooms, you get wonderful value for money here.

There are local eateries within walking distance, and the heart of downtown is just a 6 minute drive away. Free parking is available if you have a car during your stay.

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