Street Scenes Of Athens

Bench Mount Lycabettus Street Scenes Of Athens
Overlooking Athens from Mount Lycabettus.

Athens is a city that divides opinion. While some revolt at the overwhelming amount of graffiti and anti-authoritian slogans that plaster the streets, others revel in it. We fall in the latter group, and found the captivating street scenes of Athens held a hypnotising effect on us.

Once we had visited some of the best things to do in Athens, we extended our stay in the city, and ended up spending our days simply walking the narrow alleyways and exploring the various neighbourhoods. We ate cheap food, drank delicious coffees, climbed hills and wandered the streets aimlessly. Of course, Alesha also snapped hundreds of photos as we went.

From Psiri to the Plaka, Exarchia to Anafiotika, each neighbourhood held different vibes and curious insights into the crumbling city.

Having fallen in love with the hectic, anarchic and cosmopolitan energy of Athens, we’ve compiled this photo essay of the various street scenes we encountered during our five-day stay. While some people warned us to leave Athens as soon as possible, we personally cannot wait to return, and will do so as soon as possible…

Our Favourite Street Scenes Of Athens

Fuck Da Police Street Scenes Of Athens
The anarchist vibe in Athens is powerful, with the financial crisis forcing a whole generation to rebel and revolt against the government. Everywhere you go in the city you encounter anti-police and political messages.
Graffiti Art Street Scenes Of Athens
Because of the political turmoil in the city, the streets have been coated in graffiti and art.
Wicker Motorcycle Street Scenes Of Athens
We came across this intricate, woven motorcycle in the Psiri district, and couldn’t help but fall in love with it!
Flea Markets Street Scenes Of Athens
Even if you aren’t looking to do any shopping, wandering the flea markets in Athens is one of the great ways to kill a few hours. You’ll be amazed at the huge number of random items for sale, some over a century old.
Anafiotika Neighbourhood Street Scenes Of Athens
A narrow street runs down towards the Plaka, from the top of Anafiotika neighbourhood.
Umbrellas Street Scenes Of Athens
Colourful umbrellas set up in a small art exhibit in the Psiri neighbourhood.
Graffiti Hooded Man Street Scenes Of Athens
A hooded man walks past some demonic graffiti in Exarchia.
Table Chairs Street Scenes Of Athens
Table and chairs set outside in Anafiotika, at the base of the Acropolis.
Vampire Girl Street Scenes Of Athens
Street art is everywhere in Athens. Some is ugly and upsetting, and others, like this piece of a female vampire, have been manipulated to fit seamlessly into their environment. This one is actually painted on two different walls, facing two different angles. Only at this particular spot does the piece come together.
Trishaw Street Scenes Of Athens
A stacked trishaw delivers crates in Psiri.
Homeless Bed Street Scenes Of Athens
Unfortunately there are a lot of homeless people in Athens. They seek shelter in various nooks and crannies around the city.
Parliament House Guard Street Scenes Of Athens
One of the old traditions still alive today is the guards that stand outside the Parliament House in Athens. They stand still, not moving for anything. A soldier fixes their uniform and sword should they move, and tourists can get photos with them. If they touch them or move to close, the guard will slam his rifle on the ground, alerting the nearby soldier.
Patio Street Scenes Of Athens
A private patio overlooking Athens, up in the Anafiotika neighbourhood.
Colourful Silhouette Street Scenes Of Athens
A colourful silhouette breaking the norm in Psiri.
City Views Street Scenes Of Athens
Beautiful views over Athens from the top of the Acropolis.
Red Vespa Street Scenes Of Athens
A red Vespa parked in Psiri.
Monastiraki Flea Market Street Scenes Of Athens
A man shopping at the Monastiraki flea markets.
Blue Door Street Scenes Of Athens
A blue door contrasted against a freshly painted wall. You can see the graffiti that the new coat is trying to cover.
Items For Sale Street Scenes Of Athens
Random items for sale at the Monastiraki flea markets.
Anafiotika Street Scenes Of Athens
The amazing and unique Anafiotika neighbourhood in Plaka. This tiny pocket at the base of the Acropolis is built in the style of houses found on Anafi Island, where the original settlers came from in the 1920s.
Flea Market Street Scenes Of Athens
Chairs, paintings and books for sale on the streets of Athens.

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Best Accommodation In Athens

We stayed at the sensational Live In Athens, the short-stay apartments in the Psiri neighbourhood. Located right next to Heroes Square, Live In Athens is surrounded by funky cafes and bars, and only a few blocks from Sarri Street, filled with some fascinating and powerful graffiti. This was an excellent base to get out and explore all the various street scenes of Athens.

Besides Live In Athens being superbly located, next to a metro station and in the heart of the art, it is also an impeccable place to call home.

Live In Athens Kitchen Street Scenes Of Athens

All the apartments have a different style, but all come equipped with a kitchenette, comfortable beds, clean bathrooms and a living area. Some (such as Apartment #09 where we stayed) even have their own private balconies. Let us elaborate on our apartment – we had TWO private balconies, and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city and the Acropolis. It doesn’t get much more stylish than that!

Another added benefit of staying at Live In Athens is the ability to cook your own meals and prepare your own drinks in total comfort. This helps you save money if you don’t want to eat out every meal. If you are like us and enjoy having your own space to relax in rather than a cramped hotel room, it simply does not get any better than staying in short-stay apartments.

Live In Athens Street Scenes Of Athens

The owners are four friends, Andreas, Andonis, Vassilis and Varnavas, who came together during the economic crisis to forge their own future and follow their dreams of owning short-stay apartments. They have done this in the most perfect and successful way imaginable, and Live In Athens is a testament to hard work and determination, while never losing sight of your goals. Sitting and listening to their stories was truly inspirational.

Andreas, Andonis, Vassilis and Varnavas really make a huge effort to make every guest feel at home. They are heavily involved in the alternative scene of Athens, so can give excellent and well-informed ideas on the absolute best places to check out, no matter what you are into.

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Live In Athens Street Scenes Of Athens

We were welcomed as guests of Live In Athens. All thoughts and opinions are, of course, our own.

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  1. Great snaps of the city. I’ve just come back from my first visit there and I too was divided! However I think the history of the place wins everytime – I loved it. Would highly recommend the flea markets to visitors too.

  2. Wow, some amazing images of Athens…such a wonderful way to show the secrets of one of the richest cities in the world…..

  3. Interesting and profound post. Streat arts, flea markets are amazing and also woven motorcycle is very innovative. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images of Athens. And yes as you said flea markets will kill your time, definitely if I were there, I will also like to kill my time there 🙂 with no intention of shopping.

  4. I love your views on Athens, must confess that it is gruesome to see so much graffiti, but the reasons behind so much of it are sad. Growing up there must be difficult currently. Thanks for sharing some great images, I have ‘Pinterested’ the post onto my board!

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