The 5 Best Campervan Oven Options for Van Life in 2024

Looking for the best campervan oven for your van build? These are our top 5 picks for the best camper van ovens on the market. 

There is nothing tastier than some fresh-made sourdough bread that you can cook yourself in your van. And there’s not a more convenient last-minute meal on the road than a pizza.

Throw in some of your own favorites, like a classic Thanksgiving meal, and you’ll quickly see that having an oven in your campervan is a great idea for van life!

But living in a van is about simplicity. And there are quite a few van oven options out there and many decisions that you will need to make.

A full oven inside your van can take up quite a bit of space. Cooking indoors requires proper ventilation with a great vent fan, a good carbon monoxide detector, and a propane tank or electrical connection to get your cooking done.

That is a lot to ask for in such a small space. But if you are set on being able to cook whatever you’d like in your campervan kitchen, then adding an oven is a great option. Plus, the right oven can double as a stove as well, so you can eliminate the need to shop for a separate stove.

On that note, let’s get into our favorite van oven option, one that we think you will find its larger size is a small price to pay for the ability to cook inside anything that you want!

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Our Pick – RecPro RV Stove

3 burner stovetop

Only 21″ x 17″ x 20″

Very reasonably priced

Best Product // Our Top Picks at a Glance

ProductsFuel SourceInstallationBTUsDimension (inches)Weight (lbs)Price Range
RecPro RV StovePropaneFixed7,10021 X 17 x 20 inches   55 lbs$600
Furrion F1S17L03A-BL, Stainless SteelPropaneFixed2600‎21.5 x 21.6 x 16 inches‎53.7 lbs$700
 Camp Chef Outdoor Camp OvenPropaneFixed1800031 x 24 x 18 inches32 lbs$350
GOSUN Fusion Solar OvenSolar EnergyPortableNA‎30.3 x 13.5 x 13 inches16 lbs$600
Omnia OvenPropanePortableNA11 x 10 x 4 inches1.8 lbs$85

The Best Campervan Oven

Although there is a wide range of campervan ovens out there, we’ve narrowed down the list to include only the 5 best appliances that we believe will cover the range of options for you.

From a traditional, permanent oven to one that cooks using solar power, we know that van life is all about having options for your personal preferences and space needs.

These are our top picks to get you started on your purchasing decision.

Best Overall: RecPro RV Stove

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  • Price Range:
  • Fuel Source:
  • Installation:
  • BTUs:
  • Dimension:
  • Weight:

RecPro RV Stove’s 3 burner stove oven combo is the best product on our list. RecPro is a well-versed brand trusted by millions of people around the world. They have a fine range of RV products and always look to develop better products to enhance the van life experience.

This RV stove range oven brings the convenience of home in the campervan. It is equipped with 3 burners, a deep oven, and an integrated grill. RecPro’s RV range oven has a linear valve and 270° knob for accurate fire control. Moreover, it also has enhanced piezo ignition on each knob for easy lighting.

There are multiple reasons why we love this oven. First, its linear valve maintains a smooth and consistent flame. It’s solid construction and 3 burners on top.

The burners can produce solid firepower of 21,000 BTU (8000 on the front and 6500 on two back burners). All three burners are sealed and are surrounded by deep grooves to prevent the liquids from seeping in.

The grate is firmly held in its place with clips, so you will not hear any rattling sound on the move. Moreover, it makes the stove quite easy to clean.

The big 7,100 BTU oven has both broiling and baking options to make you feel at home. And you can add a hood to assist with ventilation.

The downside of the oven can be its hefty price tag and weight.


  • Solid construction and easy to clean.
  • Convenient one-piece grate safely clipped on top.
  • Broiling and Baking
  • Smooth and consistent flame throughout.
  • Wide cooking area.


  • Moderately expensive
  • A little heavy.

Runner Up: Furrion F1S17L03A-BL, Stainless Steel

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  • Price Range:
  • Fuel Source:
  • Installation:
  • BTUs:
  • Dimension:
  • Weight:

Furrion F1S17L03A-BL is the most beautiful stove oven combo on our list. It features a solid black body with LED knobs and double-layered glass on both the stove and oven.

The sleek stainless steel stove oven is from Furrion. The company has been in the industry for 12 years, solely focusing on electric mobility and off-grid systems.

Furrion is also a three-burner stove oven combo. The burners can produce 6500 BTU on each of the back burners and 8000 BTU on the front. It can easily accommodate large pots and comes with a foldable glass cover to use the stove as a countertop when not in use.

One of the main reasons for getting this exceptional stovetop oven and its big 35-liter oven capacity. It is one of the largest in the industry and comes with a solid glass door. Moreover, the safety features like cutoff valve and stainless-steel extreme temperature resistant grate.

Another great feature of the camping oven is its LED knobs with piezo ignition. The beautiful knobs stand out and enhance the overall appearance of the camper van oven.

Like our last product, Furrion F1S17L03A-BL is very easy to clean; the top tray comes off for easy cleaning. The oven also has a broiler pan with an insert to catch the dripping fat. It is an excellent addition because fat stains can be difficult to clean.

The only downside of the Furrion can be its slightly weak top glass. It can break under excessive pressure for a long time or when you’re bouncing down dirt roads looking for that perfect camping spot!


  • Ample heating power.
  • Convenient glass door and top.
  • Handy insert to catch dripping fat.
  • Useful cutoff valve.


  • Weak top glass.

Best Portable Oven: Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

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  • Price Range:
  • Fuel Source:
  • Installation:
  • BTUs:
  • Dimension:
  • Weight:

Camp Chef Oven is another stove range oven combo featuring a two-burner and an oven combination. Camp Chef is among the best campervan stove and oven manufacturers. They have a wide range of cooking products, accessories and recipes to make camping memorable and delicious.

The two-burner stove produces 9000 BTUs in total, and the oven is rated at 4500 BTUs. Making it perfect for the outdoors. 

Moreover, the versatile oven can cook, bake, toast and grill. These ovens provide high security. The thing that makes this oven the best to buy is its portability along with its durability.

The Camp Chef Outdoor Oven is a durable, portable and lightweight campervan oven that offers tons of cooking and baking area. The oven section has two removable racks to get the right amount of heat.

The versatile product can attach a 1lb propane canister to easily operate it outside the vehicle. Or you can have a quick-connect attachment to your primary propane tank.

One buying point for us was its solid construction. It has a combination of brass and stainless steel construction. That provides concrete strength and durability. 

A downside of the camp chef oven is the need for proper ventilation as it is a propane oven. But if you plan to use it outside, then the Camp Chef outdoor oven is an ideal option. 


  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor operation
  • Affordable.


  • Need appropriate ventilation when used inside the van. 

Best Solar Oven: GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven

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  • Price Range:
  • Fuel Source:
  • Installation:
  • BTUs:
  • Dimension:
  • Weight:

Solar ovens are an efficient option over propane or electric ones. And GoSun Fusion Solar Oven is the most stand-alone oven on our list.

It is the only solar oven from an extremely trusted company, GoSun. The company focuses mainly on solar power and has many useful solar products that help van lifers in their daily routines. 

The oven has a long-lasting vacuum tube that can go as high as 288C or 550F on a bright day, which is more than enough to cook food. The oven converts sunlight to heat and can operate on electricity in low or no light. 

Despite its expensive price tag, we absolutely loved the device because of its versatility and tons of cooking options that make it stand out in the crowd. 

The product is exceptionally reliable and weighs just over 15 lbs making it quite portable and easy to use. Moreover, it also folds into a small tube-like appearance that takes up relatively less space and perfectly fits the van. 

We found a couple of disadvantages in the product. It is an exceptional, versatile, portable and reliable product but comes at a high price. And the heat is not very adjustable, so you will have to keep a close eye on the food. Plus it does pack away a little awkwardly compared to more traditional campervan stoves.


  • It is easy to use as it utilizes solar energy.
  • Cooks the food in less time.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.


  • Temperature is not adjustable.

Best Budget Alternative: Omnia Oven

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  • Price Range:
  • Fuel Source:
  • Installation:
  • BTUs:
  • Dimension:
  • Weight:

Omnia Oven is a super portable campervan stove option. The company has been in the industry since the 1940s, but it gained popularity again in the 1970s after it launched its unique oven equipped with 25% more pan area and a unique blue lid instead of the iconic red. 

The Omnia portable oven is not a typical campervan oven. It has three parts: the base, pan and lid. The base evenly spreads the heat around the ingredients in the pan. The non-stick pan offers a capacity of 2.1 quarts. 

Omnia is one of the best portable ovens for small to medium-sized campervans. The oven does not take up a lot of space and it is pretty easy to clean.

The oven works perfectly on any heat power option, such as cooking on an open fire or using a camping stove, and delivers exceptional performance. You will have to get to use its operation because you have to constantly keep an eye on the food. 

The convenient oven does not require installation. Simply align the parts, mix the ingredients, pour, and then place it over the heat source and wait until it cooks. It’s an easy way to make your food ready while you’re doing other things to set up camp.

Moreover, the oven comes with many useful accessories like a Muffing ring, Baking Grid, Silicon mold, Maxi Pan, Thermometer lid, and Silicon Mold. 

The only downside of this oven is it offers less capacity for baking or cooking and it is not really an oven but more of a portable option to bake some things that traditionally require an oven.


  • Convenient to install and does not need any extra education
  • Made of stainless steel, easy to clean
  • Comes with a temperature-control lid
  • Take less space


  • Small Capacity
  • Portable

How to Choose the Best Campervan Oven

When searching for the best campervan ovens, you’ll want to consider a few key criteria. Starting with your personal preferences, the first thing you’ll want to ask yourself is, do I even need a campervan oven?

With all of the other decisions going into your van conversion, maybe adding an oven is not that important. If you don’t cook a lot, or at least you don’t cook meals you would throw into an oven inside your van, then you can likely skip adding an oven.

At the same time, however, if you don’t build your counters to support the size of these campervan oven options, then it will be challenging to add one in later.

Once you’ve considered whether or not you think you’ll use an oven enough to justify the extra cost and space it will take up in your tiny home, then consider the following factors as you pick the one that is right for you.

Indoor Stove In A Camper Van Conversion

Permanent Oven vs Portable Oven

True portable stoves/ovens are not typical ovens. They easily pack away and take the least amount of space in a campervan. Portable ovens are ideal if you are car camping or camping in small to medium-sized vans and planning to occasionally bake or broil some dishes.

Further, portable ovens are also great options if you want to do most of your cooking outdoors.

But if you have the space and resources, and want to cook in the oven regularly, then the permanent ovens are the way to go. They have ample space and produce enough heat for this purpose. The RecPro RV Oven is the best choice for a permanent one.

Indoor vs Outdoor Use

Whether you want to cook indoors or outdoors is an important consideration as well. Indoor ovens are permanently fixed and will need some extra things like proper ventilation and carbon monoxide detectors. Moreover, these ovens consume considerable fuel, but they are proper home-like ovens and work like them.

On the contrary, the outdoor ovens are portable and easy to use. They are safe to use and consume less fuel. Most van dwellers who are seeking low-cost and simple solutions to their van kitchens will go the route of a portable, outdoor oven and stove.

Heat Source: Propane vs Electric

Propane is the most common heat source for most stoves – whether portable or fixed. Moreover, it is cheaper than butane and more efficient than using 12-volt electricity. The only bad thing about propane is it requires proper ventilation, which can be slightly tricky if you don’t have a proper roof vent.

There are many electric and solar options for campervan stoves as well. These use a 12V outlet and do not need any ventilation and detectors. But induction stovetops use a lot of electricity and they don’t really double as campervan ovens.

Promaster Andy Kitchen Stove 7008


The size of the oven is one of the biggest considerations for van lifers. Campervans are pretty limited when it comes to space, and permanent or indoor ovens can take up a lot of space.

However many ovens have stovetop burners that eliminate the need for separate stoves. Further, you can also find some portable and outdoor ovens that fit in small spaces.

So, it is better to analyze the space in your van and plan for how much you will use an oven before buying the best oven.

Settings & Temperature Range

Almost every permanent or indoor oven has an adjustable temperature control. But often the temperature is not accurate and can vary to a great extent. So, we will recommend having a probe thermometer for precise temperature if needed.

While many outdoor ovens don’t have an adjustable knob, they work at a fixed temperature, so you have to keep an eye to keep the food from burning.

Ease of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is a vital consideration because a dirty oven will get worse and worse with time. Unlike many home ovens, campervan ovens are not equipped with a self-cleaning feature, so you will have to clean them regularly.

A stainless-steel oven will be a great option as this surface is easy to clean and does not corrode due to water and soap.

Safety Considerations

  • Ventilation

Safety is paramount when using a propane oven and stove in an enclosed room like a campervan kitchen. Burning propane creates carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas that quickly fills up the room and can harm you without notice.

That’s why it is critical to have sound ventilation for the stove and a roof vent is an additional safety measure as it pushes the air out and pulls the fresh air in.

  • Carbon Monoxide/LPG Detectors

Ovens that operate for a longer period can emit dangerous gases. So, make sure you always get a good quality carbon monoxide or LPG detector with your propane stove oven as it alarms you in case of emergency.

Wrapping Up

That’s it with our guide! After this, you surely have a better idea of what to look for in the best campervan oven and which is the best one for you. For us, hands down we love the RecPro RV Oven.

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