The Perfect 3 Days In Sedona Itinerary (2024 Guide)

Check out our perfect 3 days in Sedona itinerary, including some of the best hikes and attractions in beautiful Sedona, Arizona!

Sedona is one of the coolest places to visit in Arizona. Located just north of Phoenix and just south of the Grand Canyon, this charming town can easily fit into any epic adventure of the Grand Canyon State!

But if you have time to spend 3 days in Sedona, Arizona, absolutely do it. We’ve created the ultimate 3 days in Sedona itinerary for travellers who want to make the most of their time here.

Renowned for its vibrant energy vortexes and stunning desert landscapes, Sedona beckons adventurers, spiritual seekers, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Whether hiking along rugged trails that wind through towering sandstone formations, indulging in holistic wellness practices, or simply soaking in the awe-inspiring vistas, Sedona offers an immersive experience that rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul.

There are incredible art galleries, excellent wineries, and natural wonders abound. From the best downtown attractions to the most spectacular hiking trails, here is a recommended 3 days in Sedona itinerary!

Here is our complete list of the 40 Best Things to Do in Sedona, Arizona!

3 Days In Sedona Itinerary

Check out our perfect Sedona itinerary for those looking to gain insight into the magical landscapes, trails, and natural landmarks of Arizona. From towering red rocks like Cathedral Rock, to just relaxing on an outdoor patio with live music at an eatery downtown, Sedona is full of stunning scenery and laid-back vibes.

This 3 day Sedona itinerary will include lots of hiking and exploring the outdoors. If you’re not a massive fan of hiking but you still want to see the highlights of the landscape, consider booking a jeep tour. You’ll get to cover lots of ground and learn about the area from a local guide. So if you want to swap out any of the day hikes for a jeep tour when visiting Sedona, feel free to do that!

Day 1

Today you’ll tackle the Cathedral Rock hike, which is one of the most popular hikes and natural landmarks in Sedona. Then tour the incredible art galleries at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village before exploring the charming downtown area of Sedona. It’s going to be an amazing day!

Morning: Hike Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock, an iconic landmark rising majestically from the desert landscape, commands attention with its towering spires and sheer cliffs of vibrant red sandstone.

Renowned for its awe-inspiring beauty and spiritual significance, Cathedral Rock captivates visitors with its mystical allure.

A popular destination for hikers and photographers, the trail leading to the base of Cathedral Rock is steep but not too long, making it a great half-day hike during your Sedona itinerary.

From the top of Cathedral Rock, you can admire sweeping views of the surrounding area. It’s really one of the best hiking trails to try when you visit Sedona, and because it only takes an hour or two it’s accessible for most travellers.

Beyond its stunning natural beauty, Cathedral Rock holds deep spiritual significance for many visitors, known as a place of energy vortexes and spiritual renewal. It is a destination for meditation, reflection, and connection with the earth’s energies.

Whether visitors seek an invigorating hike amidst awe-inspiring landscapes or a serene moment of contemplation in a sacred space, Cathedral Rock offers an unforgettable experience that resonates with the soul, leaving an indelible impression of Sedona’s timeless allure.

Cathedral Rock Sedona
You can get some epic views from the top of Cathedral Rock.

Afternoon: Tour the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

After Cathedral Rock, head over to the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. Located in the heart of Sedona, Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is a charming haven that embodies the essence of Spanish colonial architecture and artisanal craftsmanship.

Inspired by the quaint village of the same name near Guadalajara, Mexico, Tlaquepaque beckons visitors with its cobblestone walkways, arched entryways, and vibrant floral displays.

Home to a diverse array of boutiques, art galleries, and studios, this enchanting destination offers a unique shopping experience where visitors can peruse handcrafted jewelry, pottery, paintings, and sculptures created by local and regional artists.

Amidst the tranquil courtyards and bubbling fountains of the shopping village, visitors can also indulge in delectable cuisine at charming cafes and restaurants so this is a great place to visit for lunch. To immerse yourself in the art and culture, this is a top place to go when you visit Sedona!

Evening: Explore Uptown Sedona

Next on your Sedona itinerary, continue exploring the town centre of Sedona by heading uptown.

Uptown Sedona, nestled beneath the towering red rock formations that define the region’s landscape, is a vibrant hub of activity that exudes charm and character.

Lined with an eclectic mix of shops, art galleries, restaurants, and cafes, Uptown Sedona offers visitors a delightful blend of culture, cuisine, and commerce.

Strolling along the bustling sidewalks, visitors can explore a myriad of boutiques offering everything from Southwestern-inspired jewelry and Native American crafts to upscale fashion and home decor. With its inviting atmosphere and stunning views of the surrounding red rock vistas, Uptown Sedona is a great place to grab some dinner before heading back to your accommodation.

You might want to get an early night tonight because you’re going to do a sunrise hike tomorrow!

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Day 2

On day 2 of your 3 days in Sedona itinerary, you’re going to conquer more hiking trails and try some mesmerizing stargazing in the evening. There is no better way to appreciate the natural beauty of Arizona!

Morning: Bell Rock Loop for Sunrise

Bell Rock is one of the coolest rock formations in Sedona, and it’s one of the best sunrise hikes!

Embarking on the Bell Rock Loop at sunrise in Sedona is an unparalleled experience that immerses adventurers in the ethereal beauty of the desert landscape as it awakens with the first light of day.

The trail winds through rugged terrain, offering panoramic views of the iconic Bell Rock formation and the surrounding desert.

It’s truly a magical experience to watch the sunrise in Sedona, so if you can manage to get up early it’s totally worth doing a sunrise hike. Bell Rock is a pretty easy, short hike that is near the town centre so it’s an accessible hiking trail for sunrise.

After the hike, have some breakfast and take some time to relax before starting another epic hike on your Sedona itinerary!

Afternoon: Oak Creek Canyon Hike

Next on your 3 days in Sedona itinerary, it’s time to take on another hike through the wilderness, but this one offers slightly different scenery than the rich, red buttes of the desert.

Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona is a gorgeous place that has lush forests, towering canyon walls, and freshwater streams.

With trails catering to all skill levels, from leisurely strolls along the creek to challenging ascents up the canyon walls, there’s something for every hiker to enjoy.

Along the winding paths, hikers are treated to breathtaking vistas of the canyon’s dramatic rock formations, shaded groves of towering sycamore trees, and the soothing sounds of water cascading over smooth rocks.

The West Fork Trail is the most popular hike in Oak Creek Canyon. It’s an out-and-back trail, so many families just hike along part of the way and then turn back whereas experienced, ambitious hikers can walk to the end of Oak Creek.

The Huckaby Trail is another option that winds through rocky terrain and shady forests before descending to the banks of Oak Creek. Along the way, hikers are treated to sweeping vistas of the surrounding red rock formations and can explore hidden alcoves and lush vegetation.

Whether exploring the iconic West Fork Trail with its fun stream crossings and towering canyon walls or tackling the rugged terrain of the Huckaby Trail, hiking in Oak Creek Canyon is a rejuvenating and awe-inspiring experience that allows visitors to connect with the natural beauty of Sedona’s red rock country.

Oak Creek Canyon
Immerse yourself in Arizona’s forests in Oak Creek Canyon.

Evening: Stargazing tour

Though you might be exhausted after two hikes today, don’t miss the chance to go stargazing during your Sedona itinerary!

You can join a UFO and Stargazing Night Tour to see the beauty of Sedona after dark. Your guide will share local stories and phenomena about the mysterious cosmos and you can use night goggles to see interesting sights as well.

Away from the city lights, Sedona’s remote location provides optimal conditions for observing the brilliance of the night sky.

Whether embarking on a guided stargazing tour with knowledgeable astronomers or simply finding a secluded spot to lay beneath the open sky, the experience of stargazing in Sedona is nothing short of magical.

Day 3

It’s the final day of your 3 days in Sedona! Today you’re going to tick more attractions off your bucket list, starting with the famous Devil’s Bridge Trail. It’s one of the most iconic hikes and natural landmarks in the Sedona region. Then you can check out the Chapel of the Holy Cross, another popular landmark, and finish off with sampling the local wine on the Verde Valley Wine Trail.

Morning: Devil’s Bridge Trail

Devil’s Bridge, an iconic natural sandstone arch formation nestled within the mesmerizing red rock landscape of Sedona, Arizona, draws in adventurers with its stunning beauty and breathtaking views.

Accessible via a scenic hike through Coconino National Forest, Devil’s Bridge Trail offers a moderate yet rewarding journey through rugged terrain, winding past towering sandstone formations and panoramic vistas of the surrounding desert.

For thrill-seekers and photographers alike, walking across Devil’s Bridge is a must-do on any Sedona itinerary. With expansive views of the red rock formations and sprawling valleys below, visitors can capture unforgettable moments against the backdrop of this natural wonder.

Devils Bridge Sedona
Devil’s Bridge is one of Sedona’s most famous hikes!

Afternoon: Chapel of the Holy Cross

Next up on your 3 days in Sedona itinerary, visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Perched dramatically atop a red sandstone butte, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a testament to faith, beauty, and architectural ingenuity.

Designed by renowned architect Marguerite Brunswig Staude and completed in 1956, this iconic chapel blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings, with its towering cross and modernist design drawing visitors from far and wide.

The Chapel’s interior, adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and religious artwork, offers a peaceful sanctuary for reflection and contemplation. Its panoramic windows also showcase breathtaking views of the red rock formations and expansive vistas beyond.

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the beauty of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Whether attending a service or just taking in the panoramic views from the chapel’s terrace, the Chapel of the Holy Cross offers a profound and unforgettable experience that celebrates the spiritual and natural wonders of Sedona.

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Evening: Verde Valley Wine Trail

Finish up your three days in Sedona with an exciting tour of the lush Verde Valley Wine Trail. Nestled amidst the stunning red rock formations and lush greenery of the Verde Valley, this scenic trail showcases the unique flavors of the region, where high elevations and volcanic soils create optimal conditions for grape cultivation.

Along the trail, visitors can explore a diverse array of wineries, each offering its own distinctive drinks and tasting experiences, from bold reds to crisp whites and everything in between.

If you’re a fan of wine tasting, you’ll have a blast following the Verde Valley Wine Trail as you discover the warm hospitality of Arizona’s wine country.

An alternative option, for those who aren’t into wine tasting, is a Verde Canyon Railroad Trip with beer tasting instead! Either way, exploring the valleys and vineyards when you visit Sedona is a great way to get in touch with the local culture and cuisine!

Sedona Arizona Travel Guide

Now that we’ve covered the perfect itinerary for your time in Sedona, here are some extra travel tips to help you plan your stay. We’re covering the best times to visit Sedona, how to get around, and the best places to stay for every type of travel budget.

The best time to visit Sedona

The best time to visit Sedona largely depends on personal preferences and desired activities, but many visitors find that spring and fall offer the most pleasant weather and optimal conditions for outdoor exploration.

During the spring months of March to May, Sedona blooms with vibrant wildflowers, and temperatures are mild, ranging from the 60s to 80s Fahrenheit, making it perfect for hiking, sightseeing, and enjoying outdoor adventures without the intense heat of summer.

Additionally, the fall season, from September to November, is one of the best times for visiting Sedona. Fall boasts similar weather conditions, with cooler temperatures and stunning foliage as the surrounding landscapes transform into a tapestry of reds, oranges, and golds. This time of year is particularly popular for hiking and exploring the numerous trails and scenic viewpoints around Sedona.

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While summer brings warmer temperatures, often reaching into the 90s and occasionally above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is still a popular time to visit for those seeking outdoor activities like swimming in Oak Creek or exploring the red rock formations. However, visitors should be prepared for the heat and may want to plan activities during the cooler mornings or evenings.

Winter, from December to February, sees fewer crowds and cooler temperatures, occasionally dipping below freezing at night. While it’s still possible to enjoy hiking and outdoor activities during this time, visitors should be prepared for colder weather and potential snowfall, particularly at higher elevations.

Nonetheless, winter in Sedona offers a unique charm, with the possibility of witnessing snow-capped red rock formations and enjoying cozy evenings by the fireplace in one of the town’s charming accommodations.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Sedona depends on your preferences, but each season offers its own distinct beauty and opportunities for exploration in this enchanting desert destination.

Sedona With Snow In Winter
Sedona is stunning in winter!

How to get around Sedona

The best way to get around Sedona is with a rental car. Lots of trails and iconic red rocks are away from the center of town and there isn’t a ton of public transport. Having your own car means you can get to all the best locations around Sedona without having to rely on taxis.

Plus, three days in Sedona can easily fit into an Arizona road trip itinerary, in which case it’s a good idea to rent a car in Phoenix and then road trip around from there.

Public transport in Sedona is primarily limited, with options mainly consisting of shuttle services and tour buses catering to visitors exploring the area’s attractions.

The Sedona RoadRunner provides free shuttle service along the State Route 179 corridor, connecting major hotels, shopping centers, and trailheads, making it convenient for tourists to access popular destinations without needing to drive.

Additionally, several tour companies offer guided tours of Sedona and its surrounding areas, providing transportation and insightful commentary on the region’s history, geology, and culture.

While public transport options may be limited compared to larger cities, the shuttle services and tour buses in Sedona offer convenient ways for visitors to navigate the area if they don’t want to rent a car.

If you want to explore more of Arizona, you can combine Sedona with the nearby Grand Canyon on an epic guided tour from Phoenix.

So for your exploration of Sedona, your best option is to rent a car but you can also join guided tours or take shuttles or taxis to get around.

The best way to get around is to rent a car and explore on your own! We recommend Rental Cars, which has the largest range of vehicles for the best value on the market.

Where to stay in Sedona, Arizona

Here are some of the best places to stay when you visit Sedona, with options for every budget! You’ll want somewhere near the Sedona town center for your 3 day Sedona itinerary, but if you have a car you’ll realize that everything is closely within driving distance anyway.

Best Budget Accommodation: GreenTree Inn Sedona

For budget travelers hoping to save money in Sedona, consider staying at the GreenTree Inn Sedona. Conveniently located near the heart of town, this charming hotel provides guests with comfortable accommodations and convenient amenities to enhance their stay.

With spacious rooms, a refreshing outdoor pool, complimentary breakfast, and friendly staff, guests can relax and recharge in a peaceful setting, soaking in the beauty and serenity of Sedona’s natural wonders throughout their stay.

Best Mid-range Accommodation: Sky Ranch Lodge

Sky Ranch Lodge is an excellent place to stay in Sedona for those looking to treat themselves without spending a fortune. Perched atop a scenic mesa overlooking the majestic red rock formations of Sedona, Arizona, Sky Ranch Lodge offers breathtaking views for reasonable prices.

Surrounded by sweeping vistas of towering sandstone cliffs and expansive desert landscapes, this enchanting lodge provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The comfortable accommodations, ranging from cozy guest rooms to spacious suites with private balconies, invite guests to relax and unwind while taking in the panoramic views.

With an outdoor pool, lush gardens, and a charming onsite restaurant serving delectable Southwestern cuisine, Sky Ranch Lodge embodies the essence of Southwestern hospitality.

Best Luxury Accommodation: Enchantment Resort

Enchantment Resort is the epitome of luxury in Sedona. The spacious adobe-style casitas and suites are elegantly appointed, offering modern comforts and panoramic views of the surrounding scenery. With Southwestern flair decorating the gorgeous rooms, you can relax in comfort after your days of adventuring around Sedona.

With a wealth of amenities including a renowned spa, award-winning dining options, and access to outdoor adventures such as hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and stargazing, Enchantment Resort provides an immersive and unforgettable experience that embodies the essence of relaxation, rejuvenation, and adventure amidst Sedona’s timeless landscapes.

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