Traveloka Review – Is This Southeast Asia’s Best Booking Platform?

There is no doubt that Southeast Asia is a hot spot for Aussies.

Places like Bali, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur attract thousands of Australians each year. 

So how do you go about planning your next trip to Southeast Asia?

Maybe you know where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there.

You might even have an idea of the kind of places where you’d like to spend the night while on your holiday. 

Then what? 

Sometimes the most difficult part of travelling is the booking process. 

Traveloka Review

Our Traveloka Review

Where can you go online to book the lowest fares, finest accommodations and best activities? 

There are countless places to find flights and accommodations. And numerous others where you can book excursions and activities. 

But what if there was an online booking platform that delivered all of these arrangements to you at competitive prices?

What if you could streamline all of your planning and purchasing into one site that helps you fill out your holiday itinerary?

What if there was a company that catered to Australian travellers looking to enjoy a holiday in Southeast Asia? 

Traveloka is that one-stop-shop for online travel booking.

Why Traveloka?

Specialising particularly in travel throughout Southeast Asia, Traveloka is quickly competing with some of the bigger, more established online travel booking companies and making it easier for Aussies to book their holidays. 

With over 100 airline and hotel partners that provide travellers with low airfare and accommodation, Traveloka should be the first place you go online for your travel booking needs. 

It’s very convenient to use and provides great value.

The website has an excellent user interface and its front page allows you to easily search for flights and hotels with a few clicks.

Traveloka Review

Plus Traveloka has a great mobile app that mimics its desktop user experience.

Book flights, accommodation and activities with a few simple steps.

Or discover popular destinations and activities while enjoying a meal or transiting to work. 

Additionally, Traveloka stands out in the online travel booking space in offering activities through what it calls it’s ‘Xperience.”

No longer do you need to open several windows on your computer as you search through various websites to book different activities.

You can do this all through Traveloka in a way that integrates all of your flight, accommodation, and Xperience purchases into one space. 

Benefits of Traveloka ‘Membership’

You can use Traveloka’s search and booking services without registering as a member.

But we recommend you take a few moments to become a member to enjoy the full integration of benefits as the one-stop-shop for travel booking. 

Registration is simple. You can create a membership using Facebook or Google.

Or simply create an account using your email or Australian phone number.

Registration takes less than a minute by the time you verify your registration and create a user password. 

Traveloka Review

By registering as a Traveloka member you will gain access to a variety of tools and services that will help you round out your entire planning process. 

Key features that provide value include:

  • My Cards: Store credit card information safely and securely for quick reference when booking future flights, accommodations and activities. Whether booking at home on your computer or from your phone over a meal or transit to work, there is no need to fumble through your wallet each time you want to book through Traveloka. 
  • Purchase List: Track your booking activity – whether flights, accommodations, airport transfers or Xperience products – all in one place. Not sure if you booked the second flight leg in your trip or want to add a friend to an Xperience? Quick reference all of your bookings here. 
  • My Booking: Keep up with all of your e-tickets and travel vouchers so you don’t have to fumble through numerous emails and text alerts while standing in line at the airport. 
  • Flight Price Alerts: Set price alerts for targeted dates and destinations. Be specific or provide a flexible window to allow you the greatest opportunity to find the best deals on flights. You can have them pushed to your mobile device or email so you can act on the alert wherever you are. 
  • Passenger Quick Pick: Save time registering passengers by entering traveller information one time. Then select passengers at a later date for any number of future flights or activities. 

Once you are registered you can enjoy the benefits of membership and begin the process to planning your entire trip on one site. 

The Traveloka App

The Traveloka App is robust and super easy to use.

With just as many search options as on the desktop version, the Traveloka App also unlocks special deals and discounts.

Traveloka App

Book flights and accommodation with ease using information stored in your membership account.

One of the highlights of the Traveloka App is the ability to save activities as you peruse the vast catalogue of Xperience products. 

Because Traveloka has a lot of great options for Southeast Asia travel, it is easy to get lost in researching all of the possible attractions.

With the Traveloka App you can touch a button and save Xperience products to lists and even create ‘collections’ to group activities as you see fit. 

Research popular destinations or dig deep into the destinations that you have already put on your itinerary.

The Traveloka App makes finding flights, accommodations and things to do incredibly simple. 

Traveloka App

Once you have booked your flights and accommodation the Traveloka App steps in with new features to ensure your trip goes as planned.

Check your flight status, access your travel information offline and even receive push notification reminders to check-in using the mobile app. 

Why Choose Traveloka? 

We’re impressed with the user experience and, of course, the value that Traveloka provides the budget traveller.

In particular, these reasons stand out for why you should choose Traveloka when booking your next trip. 

  • Built with the Australian traveller in mind. Traveloka caters to the vast numbers of Australians seeking to travel specifically in Southeast Asia. With many options for travel originating all around Australia, fares and prices in Australian dollars and tourists activities with the Australian traveller in mind, Traveloka makes it easy to book travel from Australia. 
  • A one-stop shop for flights, accommodations and activities. Traveloka truly is a one-stop-shop for travel planning and booking for Southeast Asia. You can find countless deals for flights, accommodations and Xperience products by using the search tools and alert features that Traveloka offers. 
  • View your entire trip in one place. Traveloka’s ‘Account’ services offer you the ability to see your trip come together in one space as you book flights, accommodation and activities and attractions. Add the Traveloka App to your phone and have a quick reference at airports, hotels and tourist destinations without having to fumble through countless confirmation emails. 
  • Tonnes of options in Southeast Asia. Traveloka offers a great depth of experience for travel in Southeast Asia. You can search for specific activities in which you are interested or allow Traveloka to provide suggested activities for you in a given area, such as Bali, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. You will find a vast list of Xperience products you can book with a few clicks.  
  • Research destinations. Combine your travel research with booking for popular destinations. Discover hundreds of activities to do in and around key destinations and book these activities immediately. Then watch as these activities are added to your travel itinerary within Traveloka. 
  • Consistently low fares and discounts. All Xperience products and most airfares and accommodations will be substantially discounted from that which you will find in searching a handful of other competitor’s sites. Receive the best value in one place using Traveloka. Additionally, accommodations are more deeply discounted when you purchase airfare first. 
  • Incredibly user-friendly mobile app. The Traveloka App makes booking on your phone as easy as booking on your computer. Plus the organisation of the Traveloka member portal allows you to quickly reference your bookings, e-tickets and vouchers with your mobile device. 

Other reasons to use Traveloka:

  • All-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees or last-minute surprises at check out.
  • Reschedule flights (some free of cancellation fees). Travel plans change. Traveloka makes changing your plans easy and without worry over fees and additional expenses.
  • Vast selection of accommodation types. With Traveloka you have access to traditional 1-5 star hotels as well as vacation rentals and boutique hotels. 
  • Secure payments. Traveloka processes major credit cards AND PayPal securely.
  • Filter and sort flights. Make your flight convenient by filtering to the choices that suit your wants and needs. 
  • Flight selection. Discover flight options for budget airlines and lesser-known airlines in addition to the major companies. 

Considerations About Traveloka

While Traveloka has many great features, it is not necessarily the best fit for all travellers and in all circumstances. 

The biggest consideration in using Traveloka is that it specializes in travel to Southeast Asia (in particular, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines).

If you are planning to travel to these countries, Traveloka is a huge resource and should be a go-to for your travel booking.

However, if you plan to travel elsewhere in the world, Traveloka is not necessarily the best.

You can still book flights around the world on over 200,000 routes.

But you’re not going to find the depth of options in other places as you would if you were searching for travel in Southeast Asia. 

Our Ultimate Recommendation

While there are some limitations to Traveloka, overall we recommend Traveloka to be the first place to start the process of booking your next trip. 

Fares are competitive, options numerous and the overall user experience is top-notch. 

You can research, book and store booking information in one easy to access place with Traveloka. No need to burden yourself with multiple searches in multiple browser tabs. 

When planning your next trip from Australia to Southeast Asia you should definitely start with Traveloka!

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