Halong Bay – Images From A Wonder Of The World

Fishing Village Halong Bay Vietnam Wonder Of The World
Floating fishing villages are scattered all throughout Halong Bay. The ancient Viet people have occupied this area for up to 18’000 years, surviving off aquaculture and fishing. Today around 1000 people still call Halong Bay home, despite not having any legal land rights.

Vietnam’s Most Spectacular Archipelago

Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam is synonymous with natural beauty. A simple uttering of the famous name will instantly conjure up images of striking limestone monoliths, floating fishing villages and traditional junk boats cruising amongst the Karst landscape.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, and selected as one of the New7Wonders of the natural world in 2011, Halong Bay is one of the most inspiring and captivating places in all of Southeast Asia. Comprised of over 1600 islands and islets the archipelago in the Gulf of Tonkin attracts visitors from all over the globe who want to explore Vietnam’s ethereal magnificence.

In 2013 more than 7.5 million tourists visited Quang Ninh, the province that Halong Bay is a part of. People flock to see a sight that is ranks alongside with Angkor Wat as one of the best in Southeast Asia. While tourism is booming, however, around 1000 fishing families who call the bay rarely see much of the income generated from large companies. Life goes on as much the same as it has for thousands of years, for those living in the floating villages scattered amongst the monoliths.

There are many ways to explore Halong Bay, such as day trips from the capital city, Hanoi, or overnight junk boat tours. You can base yourself on the large Cat Ba island and use that as a jumping off point to the other coves and islets throughout the area. There are many caveat emptors from those who have chosen to go on cheap tours with budget companies. The saying, “You get what you pay for” perhaps rings true here. We went on the famous Castaways Island tour through Vietnam Backpacker Hostels and loved every second of it – an experience we highly recommend.

Whichever way you choose to visit this place however will never alter the emotions felt as you watch the sun set over one of 1600 islands, throwing hues of red, purple and orange glistening across the calm seas. An image that will forever remain as timeless as the karsts themselves.

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Images Of Halong Bay

Limestone Monolith Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
Limestone monoliths pierce through the calm waters of the bay in dramatic fashion, in every direction.
Castaway Sunset Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
The sun sets over Castaway Island, where we spent two nights in Halong Bay as part of a tour from Vietnam Backpacker Hostels.
Dusk Islands Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
Islands and islets painted against a serene backdrop at dusk in Halong Bay.
Cat Ba Island Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
On Cat Ba Island, a launching point for many tours to Halong Bay, there is a large amount of varied scenery to take in. For those who don’t wish to go on a boat cruise of the Bay, Cat Ba is a great destination to experience.
Lesh Jazza Nomadasaurus Kayak Private Beach Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
Lesh and I spent hours kayaking around the deserted islands of Halong Bay. Just a short paddle away from Castaways, we found this secluded bay completely void of people. It was a surreal experience to be alone here when 7.5 million people visit Halong Bay annually.
Castaway Island View Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
The impeccable view from Castaways Island. The only way to stay here is through a tour from Vietnam Backpacker Hostels. Highly recommended if you want to enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay with a young crew of fun travellers.
Sunset Island Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
Watching the sun set over Halong Bay will remain forever in our memories as one of the best experiences we have had in Southeast Asia.
Jazza Wakeboarding Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Halong Bay, including kayaking, rock climbing and tubing. Jazza couldn’t resist going wakeboarding in one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.
Big Islands Halong Bay Vietnam Image Wonder Of The World
Most of the 1600+ islands are uninhabited due to the inaccessibility of the Karst mountains. There are many caves that can be found inside some of the islands, if you know which ones to search for. Ignoring potential development, these spectacular islands will forever remain as timeless as the seas themselves.

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  1. Just stunning. I have heard of the area for years and will go there with our daughters in 2015. Thanks for the extra inspiration Lesh and Jazza. Castaways does not sound like they aim at the family market perhaps, if you have any tips for being there with kids, please let me know! Hooroo!

    • No worries at all, Jane. Castaways is definitely not a family-orientated tour. I would suggest booking one of the more upmarket tours out of Hanoi or Cat Ba. Make sure you read the Trip Advisor reviews for each company too, as it really is “you get what you pay for” with Halong Bay tours. There are plenty of companies that will be perfect for the kids. You’ll absolutely love the place.

  2. Amazing Lesh and Jazza!! Beautiful pics (as always)!! This has made me even a lot more excited and really can’t wait to get there myself!

    • Can’t wait to see your pictures from the place! It’s so captivating, it really is hard to get a bad shot. Happy travels, Hester 😀

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