When The Countdown To Travel Reaches Its End

Lago De Montebello

Our bags are packed. The checklist has been given the once-over, twice-over, thrice-over. The final details have been sorted and confirmed. I guess all that’s left to do now is throw grab the backpacks and board that first flight. The second last plane we are planning on taking for the next 3 years.

Usually in the lead-up to any trip, excitement builds until it consumes our every thought. In this case, the excitement is minimal. We appreciate the enormity of what we are attempting to undertake. However it seems like it is normal for us. We feel it is what we are meant to be doing, just like for the last 18 months we felt like we had to wake up to an alarm every morning to go to work to save for this trip. There just doesn’t seem to be any other alternative for us except to travel around the world. We have made our choices in life and this is what they are.

Beautiful Bay Ocean Clouds
View of the fog and the mountains peaking

We have been very lucky in our lives to be surrounded by amazing people, both friends and family, who have supported us in everything we want to do. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we wouldn’t be about to board a flight in a few hours to start this next adventure. Our thanks goes out to everyone around us who has helped us reach this point.

Neither nerves nor fears have managed to enter our thoughts in the last few months since we set a departure date. Like I said, this trip just seems to be the path we are meant to be on. I can’t imagine what else we would be doing if not this.

So as we finally commence this amazing journey, we are looking forward to all the exciting experiences we are going to encounter along the way. The inspirational people we will meet, the fascinating locales we will visit. But most of all, we are looking forward to what we are going to learn about ourselves. You never return from a trip, no matter how big or small, the same. We continue to grow as people and travel helps you grow in the most positive way possible.

Ok, maybe we are pretty excited!

Us At Tulum
Jarryd Salem

Jarryd Salem

Jarryd 'Jazza' Salem is a freelance travel writer and chief author of the stories and articles found on NOMADasaurus. Having left his home of Sydney in 2007 to pursue a life on the road, he aims to promote sustainable, community-based travel through his experiences backpacking the world. You can find him in some random country trying hard to quench his thirst for adventure. Follow his journey on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram

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4 thoughts on “When The Countdown To Travel Reaches Its End”

  1. Its weird, everyone keeps asking me if im excited and for some reason I’m not that excited.. at the moment im more excited for our leaving party as we get to see people we havnt seen in ages!

    I mean im sure when it comes down to the last week I will probably start getting excited as i will have a empty room and it will all seem a lot more real! Just over a month till we leave 🙂

    • Once you step off that plane, you guys will be hooked 😉

  2. I like how you described the inevitably of your trip, it resonates with me. UK Comedian Daniel Kitson has a line in his one man show, “things are impossible until they become inevitable”. That’s what life is, heightened by travel. It’s one of the best parts about blogging, as you’re cataloguing another story or recounting an adventure you realise the magic that took place. Often in the moment, this inexplicable moments become mundane because of the whirlwind of living it.

    • Hey Loz, that is a great quote! You have summed up blogging and travel perfectly as well! We get so caught up in things we consider normal that it is usually only when we are relaying the memories to friends, family or fellow travellers and we receive astonished reactions that we begin to realise that the life we lead can be considered completely abnormal. Eating foreign foods on the floors of strangers in towns whose names you can’t even pronounce is an everyday occurrence to us. As you said, we are often caught up in the whirlwind of it that we only tend to come to terms with it once we step away and begin documenting. Thanks for commenting!

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