If you want to explore a country that has it all, you better book a flight to Chile.

Beaches, mountains, art, history, glaciers, lakes, deserts and cuisine – no matter what your interests are, you’ll be sure to find pure happiness in Chile.

The diversity of this South American nation can’t be ignored, and the geography that separates it from the rest of the continent makes it just like an island.

You have the Atacama Desert in the north, the Andes Mountains running down its eastern border, and the remote ruggedness of Patagonia occupying the bottom section. Throw in a stunning coastline of long beaches and ridiculous fjords, and you have a recipe for pure awesomeness.

We spent over 3 months travelling in Chile, from the southern tip of Patagonia, to the legendary Easter Island, and all the way to the northern stretches in the driest place on earth. It’s a country that blew our minds and captured our hearts.

Make no mistake, this place should be near the top of your bucket list. Here are 30 photos of Chile that prove it is insanely epic!

Moai Easter Island Photos Of Chile

The moai of Easter Island – One of the world’s most mysterious attractions. Location: Rano Raraku Easter Island

Star Gazing Atacama Desert Photos Of Chile

The Atacama Desert is known to have some of the best stargazing in the world. And yep, it’s epic. Location: San Pedro de Atacama

Puerto Natales Sunset Pier Photos Of Chile

The Patagonian town of Puerto Natales has some beautiful sunset spots. Location: Puerto Natales

Easter Island Sunset Photos Of Chile

So much love for Chilean sunsets. Location: Easter Island

Volcano Osorno Photos Of Chile

It’s a nation filled with crazy volcanoes…. Location: Puerto Varas

Patagonia Mountains Photos Of Chile

…And mountains that just scream ‘majestic’. Location: Torres del Paine National Park

Grey Glacier Photos Of Chile

We hope you like glaciers. Location: Grey Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park

El Brujo Glacier Photos Of Chile

Because there are a lot of them in Chile! Location: El Brujo Glacier, Chilean Fjords

Atacama Desert Road Photos Of Chile

When (if?) you get sick of glaciers, then head north to the Atacama Desert and go on a looooong road trip. Location: San Pedro de Atacama

Amalia Glacier Photos Of Chile

It’s the kind of country that is definitely worth waking up early for. Location: Amalia Glacier, Chilean Fjords

Anakena Beach Easter Island Photos Of Chile

Easter Island isn’t just home to iconic statues. It also has pretty sweet beaches! Location: Anakena Beach, Easter Island

Valparaiso Street Art Photos Of Chile

Valparaiso is known for having some of the best street art anywhere in South America. Location: Valparaiso

Chiloe Wooden Church Photos Of Chile

Chiloe has enough UNESCO-listed wooden churches to blow your mind. Location: Chiloe

Lake Patagonia Photos Of Chile

Like lakes? Hit up Patagonia for hundreds (and hundreds) of them! Location: Laguna Sophia, Puerto Natales

Lake Patagonia Photos Of Chile

So many lakes. Location: Torres del Paine National Park

Lake Patagonia Photos Of Chile

Definitely no shortage of lakes. Location: Puerto Natales

Reflection Lake Patagonia Photos Of Chile

Ok, one more lake. Location: Torres del Paine National Park

Armadillo Photos Of Chile

The armadillos don’t mind posing for photos. Location: Torres del Paine National Park

Puerto Varas Sunrise Photos Of Chile

It’s hard to beat the sunrises in Puerto Varas. Location: Puerto Varas

Floating Lake Atacama Desert Photos Of Chile

You can effortlessly float in the salt lakes just like in the Dead Sea, except you’ll be the only person there! Location: Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert Snow Photos Of Chile

Have you ever seen a desert covered in snow before? If not it’s time to head to the Atacama in winter! Location: Atacama Desert

Salto Paine Grande Photos Of Chile

The waterfalls in Torres del Paine are sensational. Location: Salto Grande, Torres del Paine National Park

Moon Valley Photos Of Chile

Hiking around Northern Chile is like being on the moon. Location: Luna Valley, Atacama Desert

Los Torres Photos Of Chile

While Southern Chile is like travelling through a series of postcards. Location: Los Torres, Torres del Paine National Park

Underwater Moai Photos Of Chile

There’s literally nowhere else in the world you can go scuba diving with a giant head! Location: Easter Island

Alfajores Don Sergio Photos Of Chile

The people are super friendly, and the food is delicious! Fresh alfajores, anyone? Location: Don Sergio’s, Valparaiso

Domes EcoCamp Torres Del Paine Photos Of Chile

You can stay in fantastic domes at EcoCamp. Location: EcoCamp, Torres del Paine National Park

EcoCamp Domes View Photos Of Chile

They’re cosy, comfortable, and come with epic views. Location: EcoCamp, Torres del Paine National Park

Bernal Glacier Photos Of Chile

You’ll never see so many shades of blue anywhere. Location: Bernal Glacier, Chilean Fjords

Tongariki Easter Island Sunrise Photos Of Chile

So stop waiting and buy that ticket to Chile! Location: Tongariki, Easter Island

Have you ever been to Chile, or wanting to visit one day? Let us know in the comments below!

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