Getting Your Cambodia Visa In Vientiane

Cambodia Visa In Vientiane
Royal Embassy of Cambodia

Cambodia Visa In Vientiane

If you are looking to get your Cambodia visa in Vientiane, Laos ahead of time then you are in luck – it is very easy! Here is all the information you need to know to pre-organise your Cambodia visa.

The embassy is located close to the corner of Rue Thadeua and Boulevard Khouvieng

  • It is across the road from the Mai Tee Chit Residence.
  • It is next door to the Rashmi Plaza Hotel. If you are looking at the building, the embassy is to your left.
  • If your accommodation is not centrally-located, you may need to hire a scooter or tuk tuk for the trip. Otherwise it is only 3km from downtown.
  • If the gate is open, walk straight on in.
Aapplication Form And Fees Getting Cambodian Visa In Vietntiane
The application forms and fee.

What You Will Need

  • You will need your passport, a photocopy of the data page (they do this for you), two passport photos, the application fee in cash and two completed application forms (picked up at the embassy).
  • The application fee is US$30.
  • The form requires such information as point of entry and exit, mode of transportation, where you are staying in Cambodia, and the standard employment questions. Don’t stress on these, as it doesn’t really matter what you put down as it is not stamped onto your visa.
  • Drop your application off between 8am and 10am.
  • You need to pick up your passport and visa at 4pm.
  • They give you a receipt and you need this when you return to pick up your passport. Don’t lose this!
Jazza Filling Out The Forms. No Crowds.
Jazza filling out the forms. No crowds.

The staff here were very friendly and happy to help. When we arrived in both the morning and the afternoon, we were the only people there organising visas.

You can also get your Cambodia visa on arrival at the border, however the officials there are notorious for trying to rip tourists off by charging them fake fees. Having your visa ahead of time can help with avoiding these unnecessary bribes.

It really is that simple. Minimal paperwork, no hassle. The entire process in the morning took less than 10 minutes and picking up our visas in the afternoon was done in a matter of seconds.

That’s how you get your Cambodia visa in Vientiane, Laos.

The Corner That The Embassy Is Next Near
The embassy is located close to this street corner.
The Embassy Is Next-Door, On The Left Of The Rashmi Plaza Hotel.
The embassy is next-door, on the left of the Rashmi Plaza Hotel.
Cambodia Visa In Vientiane
Inside the Cambodian embassy.
The Visa Application Form.
The visa application form.
One Day, One Cambodia Visa!
One day, one Cambodia visa!


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14 thoughts on “Getting Your Cambodia Visa In Vientiane”

  1. The 1 day visa is no more We just went to put in our applications but we’re told it’s a 3 day turn around. All the signage says this too. We will have to try our luck at the border now

    • Yesterday I got the visa here and it took full one day. If you submit this morning, will get the visa tomorrow morning, though the sign in embassy indicates that it will take 3 days.

  2. Great information, thank you so much! Did you cross the border from Laos into Cambodia? And where if you don’t mind me asking?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks! We crossed from Laos into Vietnam, then back into Cambodia from the south. 🙂

  3. Hi guys, just wondering if there was a starting date for the Cambodian visas, or was it issued for the day that you picked it up? We are taking bikes south to the border and need some time to do that. Thanks for the awesome info! Using your blog for a lot of good tips on this trip 🙂

  4. Hi Lesh and Jazza

    Thank you for your helpful website. We are right know in Vientiane where we got our Cambodia Visa for $30. We took a picture of an official note at the embassy stating that the fee has risen. If you wanna upload it on your website please let us know and we will send it to you via e-mail.

    By the way, we got our Vietnam Visa in Vientiane as well. The Embassy is on the Thatluang Road close to Patuxay Monument (next to Toyota Dealership). We paid US $65 each on Thursday morning and colleceted it on Monday afternoon.

    Take care and have a safe journey 🙂
    Sven & Miriam

    • Hey Sven and & Miriam, thanks very much for the updates. Enjoy Cambodia and Vietnam 😀

  5. Hello there,

    I just leave this message there as a warning because these informations are not true anymore.

    I have been to the Embassy this morning ( 17/03/2015 ) and they ask 30$ for the visa.
    I tried to tell them that the official price is 20$ and ask them why they ask 30$ but they were really not friendly and told me to leave.

    So I will have to do it at the border and try to escape all the “fees” asked there.

    To anyone who wants to do his visa in Vientiane, just forget about it, they will make you pay 10$ extra, so go directly to border and try to pay the visa as cheap as you can ( avoiding the stamp fee, the bullshit medical checking, and the visa fee )

    Thank you for this article anyway 😉


    • Thanks for the update Eric. Shame to hear that things are becoming more difficult in Vientiane.

    • I believe the Cambodia tourist visa fee has risen to $ 30 US no matter where you obtain it. Some web sites said the increase went into effect in October 2014.

      • Thanks for the update.

  6. I’m having so much fun reading about your adventure and just started something similar with my love! Thanks for all the helpful advice and beautiful photos. We are leaving Pai for the slowboat into Laos tomorrow and hope to buy motorcycles soon, too. Were you able to cross into cambodia and Vietnam with your bikes easily, or did you need any specific paperwork? I’ve heard conflicting stories from backpackers and would love any advice if you have the chance to reply. Happy travels, you two!!!

      • Hi, thank you very much for the great idea! I just got my Cambodia Visa in Vientaine today, 9 Feb 2023!
        Here are the updates to the process as of today:
        1. I was requested to pay 40 USD, but got my visa on the spot, immediately after completing the application form, which is really great and saves you the trouble to go back to the embassy in the afternoon. There was no price list anywhere, so I have no idea if 40 USD is the new official price, or if I was ripped off, but I must say I do not mind, since I got my visa immediately. The whole process took like 10 minutes.
        2. I needed to complete only 1 application form and add only 1 passport photo.

        Good luck to all others requesting the Cambodia Visa in Vientaine. Cheers.

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