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I believe that the universe was made in the kitchen. On the gigantic stove some pots were placed to make various kind of meal that will be served. Happily the “Chef” with bunch of ideas creates the menus and cook all the food with many kind of taste. And to enriched the taste “The Chef” pour and mix the spices into various delicious food and dare us to pick a taste. The brave one will come forward, taste it and get addicted… the fair one will come forward, taste it and decided to have it once in a while.. and there are some who don’t even dare to try. These spices are life, and the journey we have which is differently from one person to another. The experiences, cultures, places and people are something enriched my soul.. and I decided to travel to discover the taste of each spice served and offered from different side of the world…. J’aime ma vie.. et je vais partager avec vous tous. Follow more on my blog.