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I have seen what a career does to a person. It gives them security, a car, a house with a white picket fence and perhaps even a happy family to fill it... That's a nice life for some, but not for me. I am currently in the throngs of a normal life right now. I have a mundane nine to five job with 'potential' and a prospect of a four week holiday at the end of my forty eight weeks work. See, I don't like that ratio, that's almost as insulting as the five working day week that gives you just enough time to wash your clothes and do your shopping over two days so you are fresh and ready to do it all again next week. I'm done with this wash and repeat kinda existence, I want back out in the world! If all this sounds familiar then we are going to get along just fine. The last time left I was away for four years and I found out what it really is to live a life! My next adventure is riding from China to London on a bike. Why? Because the norm sucks!