7 Epic Adventure Activities In Kenya

From rock climbing in Hells Gate to camping in Masai Mara, these are just some of the best adventure activities in Kenya.

View Of The Mt Ololokwe, Adventure Activities In Kenya
Hike The Mt Ololokwe, Adventure Activities In Kenya

With its breath-taking landscape, world-class safaris and wildlife spotting as well as a beautiful coastline, Kenya is an incredible destination with a lot to offer.

While a big part of the tourism industry is focused on luxury and high-end tourists, I had the chance to explore the country together with a friend on a low budget.

Take Your Pick – Adventure Activities In Kenya

I spent about one month backpacking Kenya and had a fantastic time experiencing the country to its fullest. Let me show you all the adventurous activities you can do when traveling around Kenya!

Rock Climbing In Hells Gate National Park

Hells Gate national park is located right next to Lake Naivasha and therefore only a few hours’ drive from Nairobi.

While you can and should go on a game drive around the park (contrary to most big Kenyan national parks, you’re even allowed to leave your car and go for a walk), the main reason to visit Hells Gate is its rock climbing opportunities.

You can hire a guide and all gear just outside of the park, and even beginners (such as me!) can give it a try.

From the top of the rocks you’ll enjoy fantastic views on the African countryside and you can even spot some giraffes and zebras from up there. Incredible experience, give it a try!

Hells Gate, Adventure Activities In Kenya
Go Rock Climbing In Hells Gate, Adventure Activities In Kenya

Camping In The Maasai Mara Triangle

The Maasai Mara Triangle is supposed to be one of the best safari parks of the world and therefore a must-visit when traveling Kenya.

Unfortunately, there are only a few hotels in the triangle, which are high end and therefore very expensive (averaging $700 a night!).

Update from a reader -Regarding the Mara Triangle, actually I believe you visited the greater Masai Mara as camping in not allowed in the Mara triangle. Very few lodges and camps are found there and as you say on high end. The rest of the Masai Mara has several lodges and camps with varying prices from as low as USD 70.

If you want to visit the Maasai Mara while sticking to a lower budget, your best option will be camping.

There are a few camping areas along the river, where you can reserve a spot online.

Don’t expect any proper camping facilities – you’ll be completely in the wilderness! Therefore, it’s required to hire two armed guards which will sit outside of your tent in the night to protect you – just in case.

Camping in the Maasai Mara was an incredible experience and I never felt closer to nature.

While me and my friend were laying in the tent, we heard lions and hyenas roar outside in the night, just a few meters away from us.

One time in the afternoon, when we had a rest from our game drive, we even got surprised by a confused hippo – Africa’s most dangerous animal – in our camp!

Luckily, we could jump quickly into our car. As you can see, camping in a national park in Kenya is certainly full of surprises and a true adventure – much more fun than staying in a luxurious lodge!

Elephant In Maasai Mara
Maasai Mara

Hiking Mt. Ololokwe

Mount Ololokwe in wild Samburu county is a holy mountain for local tribes in northern Kenya and far off the typical tourist path.

The mountain is a few hours north of the town Nanyuki and reachable by shared van or car. Not many tourists actually know about it (we got told that we’d be the only tourists in the last 3 months!).

We had to be accompanied by armed local guards to protect us from wild elephants and hostile tribes while hiking up the mountain. The hike is quite steep and gets tough at times due to the heat and the elevation, but it’s worth it.

The views from the top were incredible!

Since you probably won’t make it back to Nanyuki before it gets dark, you can camp for one night on top of the mountain.

Man On Top Of Mt.ololokwe
Hiking Mt. Ololokwe

Boat Tour On Lake Naivasha

Just a few hours outside of Nairobi, Lake Naivasha is a perfect getaway from the busy capital.

It’s located close to Hells Gate National Park, where you can go for a game drive and for some rock climbing (see above).

While the landscape around the lake is beautiful, a boat tour on Lake Naivasha is especially exciting due to the thousands of hippos lurking in the water, which will watch your boat carefully to make sure you don’t get too close.

At one point, a hippo actually felt threatened by us and started to chase and attack us – luckily, our boat was faster.

Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha

Hiking Mount Kenya

I personally haven’t climbed Mount Kenya on my trip due to time restrictions, but it’s certainly on my bucket list.

The mountain is the second highest mountain on the African continent and according to many people, the experience is supposed to be much better and nicer than the hike to the top of neighboring Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

However, you need to join a guided tour and it will take you a few days to reach the top, giving you enough time go get used to the altitude.

View Of Mt Kenya
Hiking Mt. Kenya

Safari In Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is located in the south of Kenya, right at the border of Tanzania.

Thanks to its picturesque location in front of Mount Kilimanjaro, you’ll enjoy fantastic views on Africa’s highest mountain if the sky is clear.

Amboseli is also known for its huge herds of elephants roaming around the park and you’ll have good chances to actually spot the “Big 5” on your game drive.

For cheaper accommodation, stay a little bit outside of the park, there are some nice but budget-friendly lodges.

Elephants In Amboseli Adventure Activities In Kenya
Safari In Amboseli National Park

Exploring Lamu Island

Lamu Island, located in the north of the country and only a few kilometers away from the Somali border, is far off the typical tourist trail but one of my favorite places in the country.

I spent a few days in the south of the island in the beautiful and cozy resort Kizingo, where I had the beach completely to myself.

Although Lamu was a good place to relax and recover from all the hiking and safaris, there’s more to see and the island has more to offer than only beaches.

I had the chance to go snorkeling in the crystal-clear water and even spotted some rare dolphins.

Make sure to visit Lamu Town – one of the oldest towns in the world!

It’s a journey back in time.

The Muslim influence makes you feel like you’d be in the Middle East rather than in Africa and the traditional town differs completely from your typical East African city.

From relaxing beaches to a unique cultural experience, Lamu Island has it all.

Beach At Lamu Island Adventure Activities In Kenya
Explore The Beautiful Beaches Of Lamu Island
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  1. Nice read your boat ride at Lake Naivasha you can also visit the cresent island which is found on Lake Naivasha on the island you get to walk along side resident animals such as zebras and giraffes

  2. Great piece I liked most about My.Ololokwe,unique place by all standards.Just to add on the information you have provided about Lake Naivasha area.. there’s also a geothermal spa in the area…a notable mention would also be the credent Island at Lake Naivasha..there’s so much exploration at Lake Naivasha..One of the fresh water lakes in Kenya,with abundant of fish hence attracting birds like cormorant,eagles,kingfishers just to mention but a few.

    • Thank you for the information

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  4. Great piece. Thank you for visiting our beautiful country.
    Regarding the Mara Triangle, actually I believe you visited the greater Masai Mara as camping in not allowed in the Mara triangle. Very few lodges and camps are found there and as you say on high end. The rest of the Masai Mara has several lodges and camps with varying prices from as low as USD 70.
    P.S am in the tourism industry thus the sensitivity of information out there 🙂
    Thank you.

    • Glad you liked the article. Thank you so much for the information Kate. Prices change so quickly. We always suggest people contact places directly themselves for update on prices and what not. Appreciate your help.

  5. Awesome pictures! Loved your adventure. Haven’t heard of this MT. OLOLOKWE but seeing the photos and reading your blog make me want to visit it as well. It’s so great that you were able to hit the beach too in just a short time. You have probably made the most of your trip. From mountains to seas, you really made it. What local tribe were you able to visit? I’m dreaming of doing it too one day!

    • Hi Krisan, Patrick wrote a great article for us. He has made us very envious and it is on our list for sure now. Not too sure about the tribe. Sorry about that. We hope you get to do the trip one day soon. Happy travels

    • Welcome guys! There are two distinct ethnic groups living near Mt Kenya namely the kikuyu and meru… the kikuyu live to the north, west, south and east while the meru live on the north east of the mountain, they must have visited either.

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