Travel Writing

Travel writing in its purest form transports the reader into a foreign destination, describing the tastes, smells, sights, sounds and emotions that can be found in places that are unfamiliar.

Photography and video adds visual elements to a destination, but writing utilises imagination and wonder to create the scene. When executed properly a detailed story can be as effective as any image, and will create a sense of wanderlust that burns deep within the soul.

Stripped down to its essentials, that is what travel writing truly is: a story. A story of new cultures and exotic lands, of unknown languages and alien foods, told in a way to educate and inspire. Travel writing is curiosity, set in a global stage.

Hemingway, Theroux, Thomas, Bryson and KerouacĀ became household names through their adventures abroad, while National Geographic influenced generations of future travellers. In all of their various disciplines, travel writers influenced our lives as well.

We have a passion for storytelling, and have made it our goal to document our travels, the places we go and the people we meet in a captivating way. Below are a selection of our favourite travel stories. We hope you enjoy reading them, and that they inspire you to hit the road, pick up a pen and start writing.

  • Trekking To El Mirador And Answering Age-Old Questions
  • Bomb Phong Nha Vietnam War History
    40 Years After The War - Celebrating The Vietnamese New Year With Cluster Bombs
  • Gobi Desert Tour Mongolia Photo Journal Selena Travel
    Life On The Steppe With A Mongolian Nomadic Family
  • Monk I Shat Myself In A Tibetan Monastery
    I Shat Myself In A Tibetan Monastery
  • Tibetan Sky Burial Stones
    Experiencing A Tibetan Sky Burial in China

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