The world looks small from the window of a plane. Billions of people go about their daily business beneath you, while you soar past, missing the opportunity for a local interaction, or to cast your eyes on a river or peak that could take your breath away. This is why we love overland travel, and always try to spend as much time on the ground as possible.

There is a real feeling of accomplishment when you connect two destinations by overlanding instead of flying. Looking back on the thousands of kilometres travelled, remembering every person you met and reliving the countless stories that are developed on a journey. Broken down buses, afternoons spent walking in the rain trying to find a hotel in a town you can’t pronounce, the hours of gazing at ever-changing scenery as it passed you by – you might not realise it at the time, but those are the memories you will tell your children about one day.

We have always had a passion for overland travel, and try our best not to fly for the fear of missing out on some amazing experience. Our 1986 Chevy Van took us across Canada (twice), we have travelled from one end of Australia to the other, and spent two years traversing Asia from Thailand to Turkey.

We have ridden motorbikes, hitchhiked in trucks, taken dilapidated (and luxury) trains, survived bus crashes, stowed away on a freight ship, crewed on a yacht, lived in vans and rode horses, camels and reindeer to reach our destinations. All the while planes flew above us, their passengers blissfully unaware of the adventures that are taking place below.

Overlanding is about the journey, not the destination.

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