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Remember the good old days when you used to travel the world, buying postcards, handwriting lovely messages and mailing them to your loved ones back home?

You used to return home after a long sabbatical, and your grandmother would have all of the postcards you sent stuck to the side of the fridge, becoming a talking point for all her friends that would through the door. “Oh yes, little Jimmy sent that one from Peru! He’s so adventurous, and is having so much fun!”

These days people send a quick Facebook message to say they’re alive, upload a couple of pictures to Instagram and consider their job done.

The faithful postcard is disappearing, and it’s a real shame.

Luckily one company has stepped in and is revolutionising the way postcards are sent.

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Remember the good old days of sitting down and writing postcards for your loved ones?

Introducing MyPostcard – The New Way To Keep In Touch

MyPostcard is a new company that has seen a way to use the same technology that is making postcards fall off the face of the earth, and bring it the art form back to life.

Buying a card, writing on it, paying for postage, waiting weeks (or months) for the postcard to arrive – it’s no wonder youthful travellers see it as a chore when they have a smartphone in their pocket that can send pictures and text instantly, and for free.

So what MyPostcard have done is decided to take away the hassle that might put some people off sending postcards, and do all the hard work for them, all through an app!

It couldn’t be any easier. You download their app, take a photo on your smartphone, choose a style of postcard, upload the picture, write your message and send it off to anyone you want, anywhere in the world.

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes, and the best part is you can do it from the comfort of your hotel room, or at a bar or restaurant on the road. No need to find a post office!

Once you’ve made your design, MyPostcard will print off your card and ship it to your grandma, best mate, high school crush or whoever you feel like dropping a line.

Rather than sending a generic stock photo of a destination, you can really tell your friends and family “Wish you were here!” by using a picture that you actually snapped, rather than a generic stock photo.

With the kinds of places we travel to, we often don’t get around to sending postcards because we just can’t trust the postal service. Now we don’t have to stress.

And it’s cheap! The standard postcard is only USD$1.99 for printing and shipping.

Want to give it a go? Click here to send a card online and make your Nan super happy!

MyPostcard Post

Win A Postcard From Us!

Because we love the idea of My Postcard, and we love photography, and we love you guys, we’ve decided to send 10x lucky people a postcard of one of our travel photos!

All you have to do to enter is follow us on Instagram and leave a comment on any one of our photos you would like us to send to you, tag @mypostcardapp and tell us what you’d like us to write on your postcard!

We’ll pick 10 people at random and message the winners to get their mailing address.

Don’t delay – Jump on Instagram and you could win your very own NOMADasaurus postcard!

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