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Sometimes you want a touch of luxury and comfort when you travel. You’ve worked hard to head off on a holiday, and you want to feel refreshed and relaxed at the end of it. Or maybe you are like us, and live a life as a fulltime nomad, bouncing from one incredible destination to another. However you feel, you need to put your mind, body and spirit as a priority.

Stay in a beautiful resort. Take part in a health retreat. Try a meditation course. Or create a lifestyle that puts your happiness, curiosity and wellbeing before anything else.

Our travelling lifestyle is very important to us, and even though we love travelling on a budget, sometimes we like to relax in some beautiful accommodation or take time out to do yoga and focus on our health. This isn’t luxury – this is just a wonderful element of travel.

Here are some of our favourite posts from when we took a break from budget backpacking, and tried our hands at lifestyle travel.

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    Detox In Thailand - Cleansing At Atmanjai Wellness Spa
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    Yoga Dreams At The Sanctuary In Koh Phangan

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