Ginski riding a bull in Guatemala.

Ginski riding a bull in Guatemala.

I had a career.
I had an apartment.
I had a car.
I commuted.
I wore shoes.

“When are you going back to Australia?”
It’s a question I get asked on an almost daily basis.
My answer…
Well, that’s the plan anyway. I never truly had the travel bug until I was planning my departure in 2011. Sure, I’d travelled. I’d travelled extensively (or so I thought) up until that point but I was just doing it because all my friends were. We’d been to the States, a big chunk of mainland Europe, Hawaii, Thailand et cetera, et cetera but they were ‘holidays’, 2-6 weeks of visiting towns and cities for maybe one night, maybe 4 nights, before moving on but once the idea to go to South America came up the bug hit me hard. From inception to departure it was 4 weeks exactly and in that time I went from the idea that I could spend a month or two in SA to realising that I may never want to come back. So far, I’ve not.

The Rut is a dangerous place. Problem is that the majority of people live smack bang in the middle of The Rut. I was in The Rut, sort of.
Daily Grind.
Rat Race.
Call it what you will, it’s our day to day living. It’s paying bills. Buying your weekly train ticket. Saving to get those new tyres for the car. Going to your favourite coffee shop.

Ginski Paragliding

I needed a change in my life. I was getting antsy. My feet were itchy. 2 years in a fulltime job after 5 years as a freelancer after 3 years of fulltime and I needed to move on. Get some new feathers in my cap. Find another way to pay the phone bill. Diversify.
I thought they were the answers. Then one morning my best mate Marty and I had a gmail chat. I’ll paraphrase:

Marty “Let’s fly to Buenos Aires, buy a car and drive north until the money runs out.”
Ginski “OK.”

Plans and ideas changed but it was the catalyst that I truly needed. Sure, I was lucky. I had no debts, a bit of cash, nothing tying me down to The Rut. So, 4 weeks later to the day, we were on a flight through Shanghai to LA and thus my life was on a new path.

The infamous divemaster "snorkel test".

The infamous divemaster “snorkel test”.

The faces I’ve met, the places I’ve been, the things I’ve done…all experiences you’ll never find in The Rut. The Daily Grind won’t see you riding a bull in Guatemala. It won’t see you SCUBA diving in the Caribbean. Won’t have you living with a Guatemalan family who only speaks Spanish. Getting sunburnt on a Mexican beach. You get the picture.
Thing is, not everyone can quit their job, sell all their stuff and just jet off for an undetermined and indefinite time but they don’t have to. If you’ve got 2 weeks of Leave/Vacation/Holidays coming up, pick a new and interesting destination and break out of your boundaries.

Escape the comfort zone.
Find new experiences
Lose your shoes.
I assure you, it will change you for the better.

It’s our World. The least we can do is see it.

My name is Ginski and I approve this message.

Marty and Ginski at their official "Chicken Bus World Record" festival.

Marty and Ginski at their official “Chicken Bus World Record” festival.

Ginski (far right) with his scuba diving family in Honduras.

Ginski (far right) with his scuba diving family in Honduras.

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