Escape Winter

While Summer is ramping up down in the Southern Hemisphere, the mercury is dropping fast in Europe, North America and most of Asia. The sweaters are out, flip flops are traded for boots and the days are getting shorter and shorter.

It’s about now that those bracing for the upcoming winter start to daydream about swaying palms, white sand beaches and blue skies.

Rather than sit by the fire wishing that the weather were better outside, we’ve teamed up with Kanetix to try and inspire you to buy a plane ticket and head to warmer climates.

Typical winter escapes for those in the Northern Hemisphere tend to focus on places like Mexico, Central America, North Africa and Australia. And while these are all incredible places to soak up some sun, in our opinion the best destination to avoid the winter blues is Southeast Asia!

With long stretches of spotless beaches, tropical islands, lush jungle and cheap prices, Southeast Asia is a perfect region to explore at any time of the year. But their winter tends to be drier and milder; meaning from November to March is absolutely delightful in places like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

We’ll be taking over the Kanetix Instagram account for 6 days to give you 6 epic, inspirational photos that will hopefully motivate you to get out and go travelling!

You can expect to see some of our favourite shots from Southeast Asia, and just planning it got us salivating to book a ticket back there.

From November 14th through to the 19th make sure you head over to the Kanetix account to check out what we’ve got planned.

And if you don’t already follow us on Instagram, make sure you drop in and show some love as well! We’ll be throwing out some exciting notes in the lead-up to our takeover.

Happy travels, and maybe we’ll see you in Southeast Asia this winter!

Alesha and Jarryd

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