Budget Travel

There have been times where we have travelled completely broke, living on scraps and doing whatever we can to make it to the next destination. Sleeping in a tent, hitchhiking, pulling all-nighters to avoid expensive accommodation and going hungry in the process. But we’ll be honest – those times where we have experienced the most with next to no money, during our years of budget travel, are the times we have felt the most alive!

Even today we love nothing more than hiking for days, camping in the wilderness, catching local transport and eating only street food to keep our costs down. It’s not because we have to. It’s because backpacking on a budget is awesome! 

You do not need to be rich to travel. You don’t have to have had a six-figure career before you can quit it and see what lies over the horizon. Save your dollars where you can, travel on a budget and see the best the world has to offer!

Here are some of our tips and favourite posts about budget travel to inspire you to get on the road!

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