5 Best Adventure Activities In St Lucia

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If you’re looking to taking your beach holiday to the next level, don’t miss out on these epic adventure activities in St Lucia!

Sunset Adventure Activities In St Lucia

Ask most folks what they think there is to do in St Lucia, and they will typically say ‘relax on the beach and drink cocktails’.

Not that these activities are not completely worthwhile, but St Lucia has all kinds of adventures to experience.  From climbing the highest peak on the island, to exploring that perfect Caribbean Sea from above and below, St Lucia doesn’t have to be a calm (or boring!) destination.

St Lucia Adventure Activities

No longer a quiet destination for romantic honeymoons, St Lucia’s top adventure activities can save even the most active of visitors from boredom.

Get wet and dirty, in St Lucia that’s half the fun. Appreciate the beauty and life of St Lucia, above the water and below, and no day of your trip will be wasted.

And don’t worry, St Lucia is a small island, so regardless of whatever adventure of the day you chase, cocktails at sunset will never be missed.

1) Climbing The Gros Piton Trail

Not the highest mountain in the world, but it is the highest in St Lucia, the Gros Piton is one half of the country’s internationally recognized landmark, The Pitons.  Two conical peaks rising straight from the ocean, the Pitons are iconic and are the epitome of St Lucia’s symbols, appearing on the national flag and the local beer.

The two Pitons, the Petit Piton and the Gros Piton, are located on the western coast of St Lucia, and are easily accessed from Soufriere. A 25-minutes taxi, or ride in the back of a pick-up truck, will land you at the trailhead, where you pay $30USD for trail entrance and guide.

The trail, while only a few kilometers long, is more or less straight up as it curves around the coastal side of the Gros Piton. Several viewpoints along the way make for perfect rest stops to give your heaving lungs and shaking legs a break.

Near the top, the trail splits: one arm leading to a lookout over the southern most end of the island while the other gives way to a magnificent and humbling view of the neighboring Petit Piton.

Summiting the Gros Piton Trail is high on most active adventurer’s St Lucia Bucket Lists for good reason.  If you make it to the top, you feel like a superhero, the trail gives arguably the best views in the country, and any St Lucian will give you solid kudos.

Gros Piton Adventure Activities In St Lucia
Climbing Gros Piton.

2) Kite Surfing In St Lucia

Of course what brings most folks to St Lucia is the promise of warm sunny weather and pristine Caribbean Seas.  For those seeking some thrills, sunny weather is great, but we also want some wind on those seas, which makes the south of St Lucia perfect for kite surfing.

Kite surfing is the perfect combination of water activity and thrill ride.  Getting air off the rolling waves is unforgettable, as is the experience of appreciating St Lucia from a completely other perspective.

The best kite surfing season in St Lucia is from November to the end of May.  As the sport grows, there are more and more local kite surfing companies that can plan experiences for beginners through to advanced kite surfers, rent out equipment, and provide general guidance.

Kite Surfing Adventure Activities In St Lucia
Kite surfing in St Lucia.

3) Scuba Diving In St Lucia

St Lucia is home to pristine coral reefs, dramatic underwater scenery, diverse life, and even a few wrecks, making scuba diving a no brainer adventure when visiting.  One of the Caribbean’s most protected marine areas, the Soufriere Marine Management Area, is a conservation zone with excellent dive sites and great access.

The Keyhole Pinnacles site is one of the most diverse sites in the region, with four underwater volcanic peaks covered in both soft and hard corals and thousands of marine species. The Piton mountains themselves are continuations of the dive sites at Jalousie, Piton Piton, Supermans Flight, and Malgretoute.  All sites are wall drop offs that serve as homes to local schools but can also host passing whale sharks and humpback whales.

If all of this sounds good, then planning a night dive in St Lucia is a true bonus.  Nocturnal life explodes under the waves in St Lucia, and after dark marine nerds chase the legendary “Thing”, a segmented, purple, glowing worm that can reach up to 15 feet appearing only after dark. Bioluminescence, octopus, diverse lobsters, crabs, and morays are only a few of the cast members of a night dive in St Lucia.

Scuba Diving Adventure Activities In St Lucia
Don’t miss out on the scuba diving in St Lucia.

4) Mountain Biking Through The Jungle

Yes that is right, St Lucia does have land that is not on or in the water, and that land is predominantly mountainous jungle.  The lush interior of the island is practically made for mountain biking, with sprawling trails that are perfect for either beginners or advanced bikers. The Anse Mamin Plantation is a 600-acre estate with over 8 miles of trails that act as a variable roller coaster for thrill seekers.

If you’re a beginner, start with the training course area to feel more comfortable in the saddle before moving onto the trails.  If you are in great shape and an experienced biker, there is Tinker’s Trail, a lung-crushing trail up the side of a mountain that provides a spectacular view of the island while ringing Tinker’s Bell. Clearly it’s all about the bragging rights.  Plus, the winding trail descending from the bell is a blast, but definitely not for the faint of heart.

The best part about mounting a bike for the day in St Lucia is that it really is a great way to explore the island with total freedom. Cruising through the jungle is a nice break from the beach and the sea, and is an experience not too many people get in the Caribbean.

Jungle Adventure Activities In St Lucia
Epic views over the St Lucia jungle.

5) Jetovator Tours

Technology can be a beautiful thing, and a sweet example of technology changing the way we enjoy the ocean are the new fangled Jetovators.  Half personal rocket ship, half self propelled stand up jet ski, the Jetovator tours in St Lucia bring a whole new way to enjoy the water.

A few tries for balance will be needed, but once you get the hang of the Jetovator (think Segways hovering above the sea, but cool), the flying sensation is a huge buzz.  ‘Riding the hose’ is the latest in water activities to hit the island and any hotel can help you set up a tour with the Jetovator Flights folks.

These are the best adventure activities in St Lucia! Have you been before? Comment below with your ideas for St Lucia adventures.


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  1. Dawin Phillip

    Many thanks for featuring St. Lucia on your informative blog. It’s nice to see that you enjoyed the adventure while you were here.

    Many visitors come to St. Lucia to relax on the beach until they find out all the adventurous things that’s there to do. One of the more popular things that guests do when they visit is Zip lining through our many rain forest adventure parks.

    Happy to see that you took on the Piton Climb. That’s one of our more challenging excursions. Apart from kite surfing we also have many spots in the north where you will find a lot of parasailing.

    When you visit us the next time be sure to dive the old ship wreck. Therein lies the most beautiful coral reef and colorful fish you’ve ever seen.

    Thanks you again for blogging about St. Lucia. This goes a long way in spreading the word about our paradise island.

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